Wednesday, March 30, 2005


(( Blur ))

Hi everyone!
First & foremost I apologise if my previous blog didn't drill any sense to u or u couldn't make out what i'm tryin' to tell ya-as u can c,some of the sentences shrinked its size(though i've tried umpteen times to enlarged them) & turned them all into one thin line.aiyah,this bloggin' thingy sometimes screwed up also...hee hee
actualli there's quite a workload of tasks to be cleared @ office.Its end of FY 2004,so a bit of kelam kabotlah.I hate the fact dat we've to do last min werk;onli when the deadline has bold itself on everyone' eyes then everyone starts to 'kelam kabot' .But i'm just taking one step @ a time.No stress,insyaAllah.
For the past few days I've dis feelin of uneasiness..worries etc..all i can do-seek solace from Him,hopefuli some things will get better for me.I can be touchy for the next few days so dear frens out there,I apologise again if I'm not so hyperactive these days.Gimme a few more days-i should be ok.
Sometimes I'm unsure whether the decisons I've made were the rite ones.I'm following my basic instincts rite now.What i've thot were the best for me I'm willing to undertake them;facing all obstacles along the way.I dunno what I'm tryin to prove to anyone(??!!) Like i said-I just need a good rest,i'm just tired of thinkin' too hard( real hard i meant)
ok guys,i'm logging off soon...
Need ur everyone's doas rite now.Hope I can pull thru this ordeal.

Monday, March 28, 2005

A gift

- -A Gift- -

**Wink wink**
Hi everyone..
First& foremost I wanna express my sincerest & heartiest thank to my best fren;Kursiah for giving me dat gift (below)
My new handphone on your left
well, no more excuses to be given for those missed,diverted & unintentionally engaged calls.Not forgotten those late replies for the smses.I felt like crying when i received that hp from her.She kept me in suspense b4 dat by saying she has a surprise for me & indeed I have the greatest surprise last Fri when she nicefully wrapped the gift & yeap,i unwrapped it in the presence of all my family members.To be frank,i dun think my boyfren would go to the extent of pleasing me by buying something which i desperately wanted but at the same time nvr utter it out.Kursiah,thanks again dear.Just by loads of complaints you wld have guess what i've desired.U noe my tastelah.Hee hee...thanks exchange for dat I'll hand over.....***** to u!!(har har...u complete the sentence for me dear)

I was quite bz at ofis just now.Since its nearing to the end of FY2004,there are lots of tasks to be completed.I have payment,statistic,reminders,updating to be done.Nobody would believe me if I'm sayin' dat i'm feelin' quite feverish at the moment.Ok,maybe i've not enuff sleeplah...maybe.n i've been telling my best fren dis:"I'm feelin' quite funny at dis very moment.Feelin' quite uneasy.Why eh?"
I just hate it when someone utter the words "I miss you" without knowing what it realli mean.N it even disgust me when its a man whom i just knew said dat.Funny huh..
At the moment I just dun wanna entangle myself with relationships-with men esp.I dunno,the mention of them just wanna make me P*ke.yeah,yeah..i'm growing olderlah,i noe dat(can stop reminding me??!!!) but are there realli good men around?If you can guarantee me that(with full evidence)I'm not even gonna let him out of my sight.But dat won;t happen of course.Even now when i thot i've found a good & rite man,he is just the opposite...
N also-to all cheaters & liars out there->i just hated to be cheated & lied,and dis applies to both men & women out there.I noe my frens out there can be trusted.( i dun mind small lies neway)But if i caught anyone lying greatly to me,i'm sorry,dun expect me to talk to u anymore.I just hate dat to happen.
ok,me gotta go.I've got loads of fotos to be uploaded but it gonna take me ages to upload them,howver,keep a lookout for them at the sidebars...=)
selamat malam,goodnite

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Long holiday!!

: Resting Time :

Hi everyone!!!
Oppss...somebody is missing me aldy.Sorry hor, I was quite caught up wif my werk & i've been feelin' weak & tired lately.Well,rite now I'm feelin' the same way too but guess what??...I'm on leave tml which meant it will be a long holiday for guys..dunch miss me okie?=)

Goodbye my PC,goodbye my dear pets!!

oh,before I forget..guess its still not too late for me to wish Nur Husnawati "Selamat Pengantin Baru!!".Waah,all my pre u frens are settling down-one by pressure for me lah.i feel happy for them instead.So..who's next in the Q? well,rite now what i realli wanna do....i just want to...SLEEPlah!!(gotch u!!)

My mom just called..she's @ Mustaffa centre...waah,she can reali mrayap while me?I have to be a maid @ home.heh heh...nvm...soon,when I've setel down I'll do what i wanna do signing off aldy..take care everyone!!!!**Muackkssss**

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Always together

** Always Together **

Hi everyone!!!
Well,I've specially dedicate dis blog to my bestfren-Kursiah Osman.For those who think dat this blog gonna be boring..naah..its ur choice.U either read on or u'll stop at once.
Kursiah- I noe for sure dat whatever I've done to u won't b able to reciprocate whatever u've done for me.Like i said b4,U're always there while me??Have I been a best fren of urs?If I didn't,i promised i'll make it up to u..insyaAllah...
U've struggle a lot these while,is it wrong for me & my family,once in a while to pamper u?U understand me & my family real well & I'm glad,real glad dat we r together till now-after 18 years together.Gosh,just imagine dat-we were together for dat long since Primary sch till the time both of us are werking.The fights,squabbles,tears,laughters..u name it,we have experienced dat together.
N y am i telling u pple all thses coz..dis best fren of mine is very afraid dat she'll hurt me.Girl,remember dis: I'm a very direct person when I'm wif u,so if I'm angry or upset wif u I'll tell u off staright on the face.Once done everything shld b ok rite?
**hugging u tightly**
N the relationships that both of us had went thru-it reali taught us a lot of things ey?We are not young anymore has to go on.We have to open up ourselves it a shot n if it works out,it will work out n if it doesn't,it will not.Simple yah.But,its not as simple as ABC.All of us have our expectations.We have been hurt & have hurt others so dis time round we'll b more 'careful' yah.We'll be there for each other,to advise n to motivate. my bestfren-KURSIAH,i love u & nothing can change dat.

Always Together

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


[[ Tiring ]]

Hi everyone!
Today was quite a tiring day for me.I had a briefing @ HDB so i came to office,did some werk & at 0900 i head straight to HDB hub.Well,we sort of have a briefing-360 degree Feedback for which i serve as one of the respondent to my bos.Opppss..revenge time.Hee hee.Since the respondent will be kept anonymous,we can hentam like anything.Aiyah,of course i won't do dat.I'm such a nice person rite?(pls agree wif me) Like what Steve Mooris had told us earlier-its good to critic but not to criticise.And its good to have a blend of positive & negative feedback so that it can better develop one's potential.I tried to be as honest as possible when i do the feedback of course.So far,yup,my big boss has been nice to me...n i like it to stay dat way.

okie,the pic below clearly shows u dat my werk doesn't end @ 1730,but i've to complete the household chores everytime i came back from werk.If its not folding the clothes,I'll end up ironing the clothes,cleaning the kitchen...
But its just me & my lifestyle.I'm used to all the hardwerk & i'm thankful i was brought up dis way.At least i can manage the household chores at the tip of my fingers.

A pile of clothes

Actuali I've been having dis headache since morning & now I can feel some pain near my tummy.Maybe I ate too much chilli during lunch?Hope its nothing seriuslah.

& also I've open a mini zoo at my cubicle...why is this so?Well,both twins & Ain have put their monkeys at my cubicle...& almost all who passed by were like.."err azizah...ur animals gettin' more & more.." To be frank,i love stuff toys.As long as they are cuddly enuff & can be squezzed & hugged,I'm more than happy.

okie,i gotta go..maybe I'll sleep early today.Tml will be another werking day for me.Thot of taking leave dis Friday..c how it goes....


Sunday, March 13, 2005

Lost & Found

!!-A Loss-!!

Hi everyone!!!
Sorry,I've not been blogging for the past few days.Been bz lately.Neway not mych has happened though.
Last Friday,me,twins & Ain went to the IT exhibition @ Suntec City.Pheww,luckily we reached there early coz as we were going back we saw throng of pple just reached there.The exhibition was so packed with pple dat me & Diana just focus our mind & head straight to Creative corner(emm,I aldy had in mind what to buy) Well,i feel like spending a bit more that day & i got myself 2 mp3s at a cost of $218.I bought one for myself & the other was supposed to be my younger sis's advanced birthday gift.Okie adik,dun come after me for ur b'day gift ey.Our models were similar onli dat hers doesn't come wif a voice recorder so a bit cheaplah.Eeehh,feel like buying the laptop..but have to restrain myselflah...

These are my 2 MP3s..sorry,the pic not so clearlah.

Ain also setel her downpayment for her car dat afternoon.Waahh,so happy for her,she's gonna get her car real soon.But this funny gerl takot2 plak nak drive her car.Slowlylah Ain...neway u just passed rite.May nothing happenlah.Must yaqin & tawakkal okie.
Dat Friday also,I gotta noe one sad news also.I dunno if u guys ever read the 2 bros who passed away recently.One passed away 33 days after the younger bro passed away.Onli a lapse of 33 days 2 lives were lost.And the sad part of it,these 2 bros were Salleh's bros.yeap,Salleh lost 2 bros in 33 days.For those who were wondering who is Salleh;he's my dad's student.I nicknamed him :lelaki berbaju biru' coz he will always wear blue when he comes to my place.I was having dis hunch when I read the news of the 2 guys who died in 2 separate bike accidents (they were pro bikers though).I was telling my mum-"Mak,ni mcm muka Salleh aje.." but i was ignored lah.The day b4 Salleh came to ask my dad for holy water since his bro was in a coma (as he was involved in a bike accident).Then last Friday Salleh requested my dad & the rest of his frenz to sedekahkan fatehah for his late bro.dat prompted me to ask my Mom to ask him if his bro ever appeared in the papers recently & i was shocked when he confirmed it.He looked very weak yet he managed to smile at me when he went to the kitchen to ask me to fill up his bottle wif water.He told my dad he couldn't take the pressure & he needs some doas to console his emotions.Before he went off my dad kept telling him to be careful on the roads & not let his mind drift away.
well,me,sis & bro in law have decided to spend a day or two at East Coast Beach during these June Holidays.This was initiated after we saw some camping stuffs @ IMM.So we thot of getting 2 tents & rent 2 cars to facilitate this short holi.Hee hee.InsyaAllah,i'll plan from a dat everything goes well later on.

okie,me gonna log out soon.There are some guests @ my place.Ni kes lelaki nak poligami.*Sigh* Men are just men.Tml will be another werking day...**yawn yawn**hopefuli my big boss will be in a good mood.She's ok but when she got werked up mcm stress gitu.Then there's dis quotation for feedback forms,hopefuli too,Mark nvr get himself into serius trouble lah.....
goodnite everyone!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Look how confused the chicken is....& dats how i'm feelin' rite now.Some pple whom i adore @ werk are gonna leave the AVA HQ soon( u noe who u r)..wish u all the best outside yah.=)
tml till Friday Diana will be attending the 'Mastering Webpage' course(sukalah tu)make sure when she comes back,she will well-versed in creating webpages.Emm,kat course nanti jgn asyik blog aje....
to the twins,do make the rite decision 4 ur studies.Jah bukan ape,I just want both of u to have good career prospects in the futurelah.And even if u all are dropping ur o-levels,do consider to upgrade urselves coz u never noe whats gonna happen to the economy yah.If i can help u guys in any tell me tau.
To uncle Min Fah..dunch be gloomy yah.'She' may not be ard...but we will still receive her beautiful quotes.
To my bestfren-jgn stress-stress,insyaAllah we'll meet up soon...take care dear!!
To Husna,if u reading dis...who (from JI)did u invite to ur wedding dinner?Tak jemput Jenab eh?
okielah...gottta go...
to all of u out there-Be firm when making decisions..& nvr turn back to the decisions that u've made coz if u do,u may change ur mind n make a wrong decision

Sunday, March 06, 2005

just thinkin'...

= =Just Lazing around= =
Hi everyone...
actuali,yesterday & today was not much of activities happened.
Yesterday, me & my my fren went to catch a movie-Assault in precint 13..(think so)Kept forgetting the title coz its my fren who booked the tix the day b4.To that fren-erhem,thks yah.Kalau nak blanja lagi...silakan. I reached home ard 6plus..afterwhich i've a slight fever,maybe becoz i dunch get enuff sleep earlier.I dozed off early though,ard 8 plus...
N today,as usual i sets off to Pergas wif my 2 sis.Nasib nari topik tak boring.Actuali me quite sad...coz 4 of my frens will be going to Syria end of march.Yup,they r going.I actuali consoled myself by reminding myself dat the place now is torn wif war..well,we can't actuali guarantee our safety when we reached there,rite?But of course,i'm prayin for my frens' safety when they are there.To Kak Asiah,Kak Sarimah & Cik Mustainah...selamat jalan.Belum ape2 they've thought of shopping aldy.(hee hee,tak org tak kita..yeah!)Frenz,doakan my dad change his mindlah,who noes,he'll let me go for the June slot???
My adik,Nur Raihan,is bz wif her exam preparations rite now.To her,happy studying yah.I noe its her dream to go to Azhar..n i wish her all the best.Once ur done wif the exams,we'll head to Jurong East Swimming Complex..aka..Wild Wild Wet(hee heee..ahan ni asyik tersasul aje)Okie,insyaAllah we'll go okie...provided u score well in ur exams!!!Miss u Ahan!
n also..i reali MISS my bestfren rite now.Dunno whether her grandma is well.Dear,if u reading leave me a message yah.(u nvr respond to my message earlier)
ok,gotta log off.Tml will b Monday n yup...we;ll be back to werk...
*********to all...goodnite,sleep tight n dun let the bedbugs bite.=)

Friday, March 04, 2005

A male cat trying to make itself attractive in the presence of a female cat. I've managed to upload some of the fotos...find them at the sidebar okie.Just keep a lookout for more fotos yah!!!

When love does not Bloom...

= =Relationship= =

Masaul khair!!!(Goodnite in Arab!)
it has been a few days since i last blog.emmm,surprised dat some pple have started to miss my blogs aldy.Hee hee(dream on...)
Yesterday,Me,Kursiah,the Twins & Ain went to the Career Fair @ Suntec City.Initially the plan was onli to go wif Kursiah..but i guess the more the merrierlah.Overall i think the fair is targetting to those who are pursuing their studies to tertiary level.Further to that they have all those job agencies displaying their job availabilities.The best part,i'm always the one who was approached by the ...jeng jeng..jeng(kasi saspen jap)Insurance agentslah,Financial planners.Okielah,give them face a bitlah,i just listened to their mini lecture & accepting their invitation to their open houses.Sorry guys,I've to play along wif u guys,otherwise i won't be let offlah!(Naughty me!)
Afterdat me & Kursiah went to the mosque to solat Maghrib & isyak..afterwhich we had our dinnner @ Mac Donald.Talk & talk..till we didn't realize dat it was nearly 10pm.Alhamdulillah,dad tak bising sangat but i would truly understand if he did coz yesterday was malam Jumaat.My mom,as usual,black faced aldy.Soory mom..lain kali jah buat lagi!!(hee hee)its onli once in a while i get to meet up wif my best fren so we will need a lot of time to catch up wif each other.But i'm realli glad dat my best fren understands me & my family.I may not have been there for her most of the times but she was always an " A & E" to me.She would be there if i need immediate consultationlah.Again,thks for everything,my dear fren!
after having 'dat' conversation wif my fren,well,i began to do some 'muhasabah' dirilah..all i'm hoping for..may everything goes well for me.I'm just tired of being hurt (& to hurt) its best i just loosen the taut in my tight mind now.
I wanna also thank Uncle Hoi for his endless advices on relationships..thks Uncle.Hee hee.
I'm so glad that the pple ard me are concerned towards me..esp when it comes to relationships.And to those whom i have turned down ur recommendations(u noe who u are),i apologised for dat.:))
okielah,wanna try to upload some of the fotos...
salam manis di angin lalu.....

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Just wondering

**Just wondering..**

Hi everyone...
I'm feelin a bit irritated rite now.Why?Coz my photoalbum is getting on my nerve,there seems to be error apge every time i'm on its website.Actuali,i'm bloggin sambil gosok bajulah.amacam,ok tak?
well,i think i'm going to b super bz tml so I'll post some memos for my dear frenz out there:
KURSIAH: dunch 4get our appointment tml to go to the career fair.Kindly fix the time & place to meet
The TWINS: Kalau nak gula2 naik aje okie.No need to ask.Just help urself(as long as the stock is there!)
NOORAIN: Soory eh if I happenend not to smile @/talk to u,too bz i guess.But lunch sure jumpe rite
WEE LING: i miss u gerl!!come up if u free...(but maybe i'll not be at my desk)
HUSNA: dun pening2 abt ur wedding preparations,insyaAllah,all shld go well for u.
...err...& to those i did not mention earlier..take care yah!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

no mood

==Killing the TIME==
Hi everyone...good afternoon yah!!!
guess where i am??? i'm at IPAM of course..hee hee,while the rest were bz lunching i'm right here wif my fren,MARk,doing our personal stuff.emm,Mark is doin' his hwk,(Diana...nxt time dun Mark to dis type of course,he expert aldylah)while i'm checkin & clearing my hotmail.Well our lunchtime will end at 1330...
i'm wondering what's my frens doing rite now.still werkin' huh guys??Tak pyah keje sudah.=))
if only i can use dis time to upload the fotos..**sob sob**
actuali these courses are more for the those powerpoint dummies,i think..but overall,its someting good for mind relaxationlah.*lol*
okie,i'll blog again later...

Liana,Myself,Diana...@ Coffee Bean CCK..waitin' for our bus to come!

Bz a s bee

zzz...Bz s a bee...zz
Good mornin' to everyone out there.
b4 i stepped out from my house,i'll blog abitlah,jut to keep u guys updated.
First of all,wanna express my thanks to the twins for remindiong me of my courseslah.I nearly forgot my course yesterday and today.Guess i nvr look forward for my courses coz there's a loadful of werk at officelah.And since i've forgotten of my course,i didn't activate my 'out of officelah' so...1000 apologies for those who tried to reach me ok.InsyaAllah,i shld be back by Thurs.
sayin' a bit on the course I attended yesterdae,it was quite a fulfilling & pleasant one(err...Liana,tdo eh?)At least it created an awareness of the importance of having regular savings.One glance it may seems impractical but it'll require the discipline side of ourselves.Hopefulli,when i reach my retirement age,i'll have a lumpsum to splurge on & of then i'll have my dream car n & settled down nicely wif a family.(erhem!)
b4 i forget,for those who tried to view the photos,again,b patient yah.This uploading really takes so much time n i ended up uploading only 1 or 2 photos at one go.Sorry guys,my internet is only a dial-uplah..:)
ok,gotta go.
For those @ werk,hepi werking
For those who are in dilemas,the onli way out is to look out of the problems yah
For those who missed me...hee hee...drop me a comment yah.