Tuesday, January 09, 2007

blowing some kisses

Yeah..u see it correctly, i am updating my dusty blog..but i hate to disappoint u dat my entry will be a short one.

first & foremost- i wanna blow my frenship kiss to my pretty fren, Babynora, who nowadays seems to be quite down.Just wanna tell her dat u r nvr a bother to me okie? Thou i can't be physicall there fer u, my prayers will always be there 4 u.take care of urself & esp the lil one inside u.

my i-miss-u kiss goes to my bestie who seems to be round-e-clock bz these days.i dunno when we can meet but soon..i promise u, we'll meet up. lots of stories & gossips to do.

my take-care kisses go to all of u out there..who are troubled with relationships; be it with your parentz, boyfrenz, spouses.(u noe who u r)

Can't wait to see my goodfren, Marina wif her newborn.

Can't wait to see my sis & hubby at her new home.

Lastly, if u noticed i've changed my blog layout... still under construction thou.

err...another one last one..a pic taken @ my boss's open hse.Big, well furnished terrace house.

clockwise direction: Rossiyah (the hostess),Joyce,Yen Ping (joyce's hubby), Samuel (serena's hubby), Serena & urs truly