Friday, February 23, 2007

Love Of a LifetiMe

gong xi fa cai..hang bao lai!

hope its not too late to wish my dear chinese bloggers a happy cny.what did i do over e long stretch of holidays?

Saturday- Attended my guyfren's wedding which was held at Lagun Sari Restaurant @ Bt Timah .Selamat Pengantin Baru bagi pasangan ideal Salamat & Mariati.oucchh, sakit tau kena langkah bendul.All i can say, i'm hepi 4 u guyz.Salamat: if u r reading this- jgn lupa dtg belajar eh.hee hee.Mariati:u looked sooo diabetically sweet that day. i loike!

then at nite all except my dad went to Mustaffa Centre to grab some stuffs 4 my sis's new house. I got her a set of dining utensils.Sister: Make sure when we come to ur house u serve us with those plates, bowls & glasses tau.

Sunday-after doing my routine chaffeuring job, we lepak at sister's house with Cik Mus & wife.Soo happy that the painting was completed finally.Nxt in the queue will be the furnitures to be moved in.

Monday- We went ecp beach wif Cik Mus's family.We pitched tent & had nasi ayam (cooked by my mom) for breakfast & lunch.We didn't get to enjoy much since it rained dat day.But hey, after soo long of not getting drenched under e rain, its so much fun to be wet again.Then ard noon, we had some of my Dad's students to join us.Thou their wives were makciks i still had fun talking to them.same wavelength kot? Finally we made our way back home after 8.30pm.mcm nak overnite gitu. =))

Tuesday-Stayed home till late afternoon and then we helped sis to move some things over to her new hse.I think i can work in a mover's co as sideline aldy.Then my sis treated us dinner at Al-Amin.I ordered mee bandung but inded up eating the egg only.The mee kuning irked me actually.

and now..i'm back in office.Did i tell you that i got totally no mood & feeling quite lethargic lately?Sometimes its hard to force urself to be chirpy & cheerful when u r not.I just hope things will be better soon?

I'm grateful to those who have showed their genuine concern to me. i love u guyz.

till then..some lovely pixs to end my blabbering..8)

Salamat & Mariati

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

BirthDay ShoutOUTs

~singing the birthday song~

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to YOU!

2 ladies, born on the day when love is on the air i.e on Valentine Day lah..duuh..

my dear adik, Syuhadah

aww..isn't dat sexy?

...and my Chipsmore fren (kes sekejap ada..sekejap takde), Miza

Did i miss anyone? Ok, to those whom i've missed out (unintentionally ok!)..happy birthday to u guyz too! Wish u loads & loads of happiness & good health.muaacckks! (whats e kiss all abt?)

On this Valentine Day, speacial date or anything, coz I've to give tuition today.Now, I need to spend my time wisely coz nxt week onwards my Tues, Wed, Fri evenings & Sat morning will be spent on tutoring P4 kidz.Yeah, i'm back on my feet again to teach.Missed my ex-tuitee actually.Right b4 his PSLE both our schedules clashed & e nxt thing i knew, we went on our separate ways.Hopefully he has done well in his PSLE & go to his dreamt sec sch.

Met my bestie yesterday. Gosshh! How i missed her!We were like catching up with each other and at e same time rushing fer time.She decided to meet me at the West usual, she wanted to make it easy fer me. thks dear. We scouted for Valentine gifts (to be given to our colleagues) and I managed to get a birthday gift 4 my dear sis.Hope she likes it coz its specially chosen by both me & bestie.Hopefully i can give my sis her gift today as i am only free after 9 while she..hmmpphh, maybe got a date later?hee hee..gurau je Adah! =B

my nxt mission is to get 2 rice cookers, 1 airpot, 1 kettle, 1 blender...for both my sis & Dear's mom.Rumah baru barang pun mesti baru babe!

now, dat i had my lunch...i want to do some quick reading.A malay novel; Ayat2 cinta from Habiburrahman El Shirazy.Was told by my bestie this novel is a must-read & I'm supposed to be inspriated after reading it.

till then...

hepi valentine!

Friday, February 02, 2007


As are some of my engagement fotos.Now dat i dun owe u pple anything i can go 4 my short hiatus. =))

i still can't thank enuff to this sweet bezfren of mine who has been 'pushing' & motivating me.thks dear!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

heloooooo to everyone. Guess now u'll see less & less of my blogging aldy.Like durian mah.I blog seasonally. naahh.Too many updates but not much time given.manyak susah hor.Plus werk in office is piling...dah mcm Pertonas Twin tower.But hey!! i'm not complaining ok.I love werk! At least can keep me occupied & made me 4get my problems. *hee*
some pple were complaining that i' ve not been blogging religiously.ok lah, oklah...rather then i crab here might as well i dun pen anything down here rite? nak kena chop 'blogger takde keje' ke? i dun get satisfaction even if my blog is the most-read blog.I blog bcoz i want to de-stress myself or senang ckp i dun have anyone at dat poin of time to talk i ended up talking to myself lor.
things at home ar quite chaotic.Sis & bro in law are moving out soon.The good news- i think i will have my own room. the bad news- the house will be lah, who else can i bully?i'll miss my sis-definitely but her flat is pretty close to mine thou.say abt 15mins walk from my home; if u walk fast enuff.actually, she wanted to stay close to my parents..real close so that she can share our food.nah, just kidding.e fact that she's very close to my Mom was the real reason why she wanted to stay close to us.Anak mak katakan.On e more impt issue, what shld i get for her eh? kalau belikan kitchen appliances dia bukan minat memasak sgt.(sshhh) till i can think of sumeting to get for her, i won't divulge it here.
nxt week i'll be away on a 2 days course at Tekka Mall...confirm hari2 makan prata.A short getaway but wrong timing.Time keje kat ofis banyak i want to attend course.ape saje si Jijah ni.Maybe tml i just stay back awahile to finish my werk?maybe..
b4 i forget, i noe some of u out there were offended dat i din invite u guys to my engagement. all i can say- everyone has their own personal affair.insyaAllah, i'll invite u guys to my big day which wil fall in Dec.I dun think i'm hiding anything coz if i were..i wldn't blog abt it on my previous post.
pheww..there..i had my say.i'm still uploading my long overdue engagement fotos..but to my lovely frenz & relatives who had offered their prayers for me...i my nxt post i'll put the pixs up okie..
till then..pls take care peeps!!