Tuesday, November 28, 2006

UsaH LePaSKan

I still think Taufik rawks more than Hady..*heh*

Monday, November 27, 2006



Finally..yours truly is back to the blogging world. Sorry to have disappoint those who have anxiously & seriously waiting for updates from me.chek sengaja nak kasi suspenselah. heh2.

For the past 2 weeks I've been bogged down with work due to the annual Excel Awards Ceremony.Alhamdulillah, our event went smoothly as planned only that I was not present on the actual day as I need to send my Dad for his eye laser surgery on that same day. Till the day before the event there was still much touch-ups to be done so Rossiyah,Serena & I ended up staying back till nearly 10pm to finish up everything.Very nice of my boss to offer to send me back home but Dealova was there to fetch me home.Kesian member kena tunggu kat Red Dot for almost half an hour.But I think after seeing me looking very tired & shagged he dared not to complain!

Some 'funny' incidents have also happened to our relationship for the past 2 weeks.As usual, my tukang penasihat aka bestfren was there to calm me down.Thks Kursiah! Hope to date i didn't drive you crazy hor!

And thanks to my preggie fren, Marina, for listening to my rantings 'that day'.Just by listening to me really really helped me to feel better tau.

ohh..to my gila2 partner in crime >> Mr SaLamaT >.ConGrats on ur engagement with the lovely Ms Mariati.Aduhh!!! Langkah bendul nampak? And thanks to ur crude jokes, always pull me out from my solemn mood.Lets see who will enter the marital affair first lah.Again, semoga tabah menghadapi alam pertunangan!!

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, after this weekend, my exams will be over & i can enjoy to the fullest already.MasyaAllah, i've been with Pergas almost 8 yrs & I thank God for giving me the chance to deepen my knowledge on Islam.Thou thruout these 8 yrs,much knowledge has been gained, I personally feel that i've yet to make myself a better person.InsyaAllah, ada kemampuan & kelapangan I would try to improve on my Arab language before I proceed to continue with the Degree programme.

The next few weekends would be filled with lots of wedding invitations.Aiyah, even thou I was not invited I still need to chaffeur my parents around rite?

Btw, here are some delayed & belated pics on me-n-colleagues hari raya gathering.Kudos to the organisers- Sumi, Marina, Ain & myself for making this gathering a successful one!!

Preparations for 10 Dec are almost completed.Till then...Jijah signing off feeling blissful..=)

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

I begin to realise

I begin to ReaLise...
....that i've not been updating!!!!
besides the countless hari raya outings, my house has been always swamped by guests..which i'm happy to receive them of course!
well, dun think i've finished to do my roundings hor! i still need to go to my best fren, Ustaz, colleagues, jiran...eh, eh, eh, will the list stop??
actually i've loads & loads of things to share wif u..but for now lets just feast ur eyes on some pixs? =)
p/s can't wait for lunch time today..as we'll be having our AVA Hari Raya gathering.

see that cute lil boy?? He's NabiL!

selamat hari raya & peace no war. =B

the organising committee for dis yr Raya gathering.gerlz!! u rawk!!