Monday, May 19, 2008

The Right Decision

And finally i dropped the 'bombshell' on my big boss.I tried to hide the 'letter' underneath a stack of invoices for her approval but she was quick to notice itTo my upmost surprise she was not 'angry' that i gave her the last minute notice to leave the department.She was positive & gave me the assurance that i deserved better & will strive better elsewhere.Phewww..i was relieved.After gg to HR to confirm on my leave matter, i went to c my director before the 'letter' came to his pigeon hole.Though i never really work directly under him, i think it wld be nice to inform him beforehand of my resignation.He gave me some words of advice & gave me his 'blessings'.

At one hand im looking forward to my new workplace but on the other hand im not too sure if i can be as 'playful' as before.The line that i'll be in will be much hated by some out there but due to my special likings on numbers & investigative matters i decided to give it a shot.

I will be left with less than a month to clear my work so that whoever who take over my place will get to start on a clean slate.

Definitely i will miss my colleagues, frenz & my work.

I dunch noe how to put my gratitute & heartfelt thanks to those who have helped to build my career in AVA.

And specially to my frrenz out there...i shall miss u peeps.

Please wish me luck pple.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Its time to move on

Receiving a call at 9.45pm from *** was no joke! I was apparently excited & loss for words and 'she' called me & told me that negotiations have been made & offer was made to me.
Thou a part of me was filled with excitement, im lying if i said that i wld not miss 'my gank'.

In e meantime....wish me luck. =))