Friday, August 10, 2007

One in a Million

One day, insyaAllah, we'll be like them too.I'm looking forward to another outing with them.=)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Place where I call my HOME
Waahh, i guess some of u out there are either wearing white or red rite now.Or even if its not, it shld be in lighter shade of red, pink...the s'pore flag color! But not for me.I'm in PURPLE! but,dat does not mean i dun love my country hor!
I was @ Kampung Senang Day Care Centre earlier part of the day to spend some time with the old folks there.Thou i cldn't communicate much (since most of them were non-English speaking) but i did enjoy myself just now! We had orchid painting contest & to see that some of them were actually puting heart & soul on their artwork touched my heart.Most of the time i was taking pictures of everyone & everything.I promised to put up the pixs here once i got them from my colleague.
I'm proud to be a CEO (Community & Environment Outreacher)
To all- Happy National Day okie?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Rights?!

Now, now, now, for those who have visited my grapevine webbie,some of u may have liked it but some of u may just have thrashed it aside.Please,please,please..for those who terribbly hate gossips or latest updates of whats in town,please (again!) I beg u to leave now.Especially to my frenz & contacts in i do welcome your comments but pls dun condemn me without further checking.This is my space so its up to me to post whatever i desire.By the way, all these pics & news were received by me either from my frenz or easier say-junk mail.Besides posting them in here, hopefully they are well kept & archived.
And you, who kept leaving me comment-i won't waste my time replying to u.In the first place, i dun intend to add spice to the hot soup so stop wasting your time leaving me demoralizing comments..and by the way, if you dislike my postings so much, why do u even care to look @ them?Yeah, i have no MAIN objective when i create this grapevine thingy; as I've mentioned earlier,its MY SPACE so please respect this fact.Thanks.
And for those who are scratching their heads, wondering whats going on-dun bother.Some pple are merely attention seeker.
Till then~

Thursday, August 02, 2007

On its WaY..

Let me be your Ears,

Let me be your Eyes..

Lets Squeeze the Juices OUT!

The Grapevine


Aku rela hidup dengan mu
Demi bahagia...
Hanya Tuhan bisa memisahkan kita
( korus )
Di jaga dan lena kukuntum kerinduanku
Untuk mempersembah sayang padamu
Keharuman bunga tak seharumnya cintaku
Istimewa untuk sunting jiwamu
Bermula pandang pertama
Kau utuskan senyum mesra
Aku ingin seribu tahun lagi
( 1 )
Kubinakan mu istana
Aku rendakan bahagia
Dengan niat suci
Kaulah permaisuri
( ulang korus )
( 2 )
Sambutlah cinta abadi
Genggam dan semat di hati
Manisnya asmara
Kekal selamanya

Jiwang lagi si Jijah ni.I still remember this song-very well.Well, lets not dwell abt the past, the best thing~ do enjoy the song.