Friday, June 23, 2006



Dunch feel like werking today.Not bcoz it is raining but kept thinking of my Dad who will be doing his medical check-up @ the Polyclinic.I'm reserving my leaves for him in any case he needs to go for multiple laser surgeries.I'm just soo so worried.May the strength be wif me.Suddenly i felt so upset & frustrated.At anytime now i can breakdown, tsk tsk.Ntahlah, these days i very sentimental & emotional.Stop being pessimistic will ya Jijah?Well, at times to cover for my distraught acts i wld either call my bestfren, go to the loo or just walk around(aimlessly) the office to say 'hi' to my frenz.
In the midst of feeling down, i crave for...funny funny food at funny funny hour.Since Monday i've been craving for Nasi ambeng.Mana ada nasi ambeng kat daerah Tg Pagar?And by the time i reached home, dah malam..and which place can i head to for Nasi ambeng?Ishh, kalah ibu mengandung.Kursiah, i noe u r trying ur very best to attend to my cravings, forgive me yah.In case u forgot, if ever i crave for foods again (when i'm pregnant of courselah!) i'll look for Dear first then u ok?Standby jelah u...Ok, ok, before u pple out there draw any conclusions on my unwanted & unplanned cravings, i'm not pregnant eh.Aiikk, nikah pon belum.=)

Had a good time yesterday nite.Had a good dinner wif Dear, Ibu, my parentz & sis.The dinner was totally unplanned.I was oredi planning to go to the library after werk when Dear asked me & family out for dinner,konon nak cari nasi ambeng.Then when i called him back to give my reply, he told me Ibu will tag along.My mom dah gabra & get all excited.Guess she has to mellow down in front of Ibu.For me, neutral lah since i've been all along talking to Ibu.Oklah, sekali sekala nak date kenalah ajak parents.hmmpphh...Then we headed to Tg Pagar railway to have a good sumptous dinner.Oh yeah, while the pple have the delight to enjoy the World Cup, my group were in our own world, eating.ahakz.

see, see..when i start blabbering i'll forget abt my sadness.People always commented that i looked calm & composed but who jolly well knew the thots & worriness that are tsunaming in me?For me, at times even when i have problems, i'll just let them boil inside me.Dah kasi mendidih, mengeledak baru gua kasi keluar..heh2.Thks to my loved ones who have been rendering support & most of all-LOVE especially when I'm down.I'm begining to see who my real friends are..really..i can see oredi.Some pple wld just stay away from you when u r not ur usual self but it does make a difference if u cld just lend me ur shoulder even if you can't offer the best advise.I need a fren who can be wif me when i'm hitting the downhill.Of courselah, u can't let others to be affected wif ur personal problemz but..hmmpphh..ntahlah, i'm just sooo confused.But i'm just lucky to have a bestfren like Kursiah.Ok,ok, i noe i've mentioned her names a zillion times in my blog, who cares.At least she deserves to hold that 'bestfren' title.By the way, i do believe that best of frenz won't exist overnite.If u want to noe if that someone is ur bestfren u wld have to do a lot of things together-eat, cry, laugh, sleep on one bed, travel etc.And most impt of all, doesn't mean u spend a lot of time together, he/she is ur bestfren, rite?Its the thot that counts, really.Quality over quantity.Aikk, how come i'm talking abt bestfren?Coz jah tak paham why some pple can attain the bestfren title senang2 je.Harlooww, pls don't demote the standardlah.

InsyaAllah, i'll be meeting my bestfren later.yippeee...miss u dear
ok, need to continue werking...daaa

Thursday, June 15, 2006

All in one DaY!

All in One DaY

Me & wif Vera (guess the baby Vera is admiring me..hee hee)

advertising a hp?

me wif Sumi-Manis?

Me again??!

Kursiah, dis is the gerl who always molest our monkey!!

Another proof

Bukan setakat molest, dia abuse lagi hor!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Short Tag

A Simple Tag

What was the 1st thing you do when you woke up in the morning? Grab my alarm clock to see if i'm late for work!

What was the last thing you do before you go to sleep? Angan2

Who do you wish to meet right now? My best friend,Kursiah Osman

What do you need to do right now? To keep myself awake

3 people you miss most of the time? My Dad, bestfriend & Dear

3 people you will hate till your last breath: Nazirah..Nazirah..Nazirah (I'll never ever forgive you)

When was the first time you kissed a person of the opposite sex? =D

When was the last time you've been kissed by the opposite sex? Just this my Dad of course

Have you ever dumped anyone? Yes

Have you been dumped by anyone? Yes

3 of your best characters: Cheerful, kind & gila2

3 wishes you hope will come true: To have a loving husband & MIL,wealthier & slimmer
3 persons you wish to tag?: PuTeRy,ParaN & NasNur

Friday, June 09, 2006

SeroJa From CT & MAWI


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A quick one

A quick one

I'll be on a short hiatus.I apologised to those who i've been harsh to & giving dat cold treatment.I dun meant it.If u r my frenz, u'll understand it..sooner or later.

A big THANK YOU to my bestfren for being here & there wif me..all the times.Its ur b'day today yet i seem to upset u. Loking forward to meeting u later..
Hope the storm will go away soon..please, please...