Thursday, January 26, 2006

lirik 1

Azlina Aziz
~Mencari Mimpi~
Sepanjang perjalanan..meniti kehidupan,
Kucari mimpi-mimpi..tak pernah kutemui,
Umpama pengembara kuhadapi segalanya,
Walau sering terkecewa.
Sekali ku melangkah..aku kan terus melangkah
Biarpun kusedari..Ku meniti pelangi,
Kerana keindahan,warnanya mempesona,
Kelabu pandangan mata
Lingkungan warna-warna indah..Biar seketika
Pelangi di langit yang muram,mengasyikkan...
Sejenak kubiarkan diri,melayani hati
Mencari mimpi-mimpi indah..Sia-sia..Seumpama...Pengembara...Terpedaya...
Kerana mimpi... hanya mimpi...

jan babies

OtheR JanuaRy BaBieS...

UstaZ Nor RazaK turned 40 on 23 Jan 2006

Marliana who will turn 23 on 30 Jan 2006

& Siti Nurhizah aka JenaB who will turn 28 on 29 Jan 2006

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Marina's Birthday

Happy 25th BirthdaY!!!

A simple birthday bash for a sweet & pretty lady, MARiNa MuLoD

More fotos coming up....=)'

Thursday, January 19, 2006



My MalaY boss, Rossiyah Mohd Ali, will be on 1 mth medical leave starting from 19 Jan to 19 Feb. First & foremost i sincerely hope everything will go well for her surgery,insyaAllah.
And of course i'll miss her presence. This supervisor of mine,though she's a MALAY, i really look her up as a boss. Y?Despite her being a Malay, she nvr ever was selfish to share her knowledge.Never. I'm not thrashing e Malay supervisors/bosses out there but dats e fact.I've worked wif 2 Malay supervisors, in 2 different companies b4, but nothing much i gained back then from them.Further to dat their educational background pon so-so aje.However, when i came here, to AVA, first of all she gave me the freedom to work on my strengths
& overcome my weaknesses. She always told me not to be inferior of my designation. Thou i've expressed my concern at times ; dat werking wif the so-called senior officers have never been easy but she kept rallying me, equipped me wif some tools to slowly blend in.As much as I appreciated her, she too, always drop my at my cubicle, just to pour out her worries.U noelah me & my endless string of advices, kalau bab consel org, number 1.But even we are close to each other, sharing bits of secrets here & there, i nvr cross dat limit; she being the boss & me being her plain employee.
I am just not looking forward to werk.Not that i dun like the rest of my colleagues (there are only 5 of us in dis division).Its just dat...ntah.. legs seemed to ache..dun tell me its the rippling effect of yesterday's workout.Me & Ain had bit of fun yesterday @ e gyM.Cuma, yelah, tak biasalah ada instructor who eyed on our movements. Lagi2 instructor Melayu.According to my fren, he's an ex-bodybuilder. Who cares neway?!
ok, enuff of my ranting...c ya!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


SpeciaLLy DedicateD to...

my best Fren, KURSIAH OSMAN

thks for understanding me.


=feeL like taLking=

*30 more minutes to lunchtime*
Guess y i'm blogging @ dis hr? hmmpp...i'm feeling super duper sleepy..hee hee.Wake up Jijah! Its office hr.I believed i've been looking too hard at my monitor these days & when i look elsewhere, i seem to have these black spots distracting my view.Hope nothing abnormal abt this.
Yesterday, as usual, after performing my solat Asar, i zoomed to my tuitee's place.
We started off by having some lazy conversation. I told him to ask or talk about anything for 5 mins. He began:

Aidiet : Kak Jijah, i need to do some situational writing ah

Me : Hmmpphh, buatlah! What you need to write?

Aidiet : *staring at me blankly* I need to write an email to my fren & recommend him 1 novel that I've read. Then I need to tell him abt 1 fictious-character that I like.

Me : ok...*thinking hard* so, what novel have you read b4?

Aidiet : *gave me that funny look* what novel have you read?

Me : Eh, ur assignment ke mine?

Aidiet :*taking out a VCD from his drawer* Ahh, i think i want to recommend him this this 'novel'..

Me : * grabbing the VCD from his hand* eh,ni kan cerita Cina (titled "The Park")

Aidiet : Can-lah Kak Jijah.Bukannya teacher tahu. I will just need to write the movie sinopsis...

Me : Malas eh!

Aidiet : ok,ok,can I write abt Preter Prank then?

Me : Beg ur pardon? Wads Preter Prank??

Aidiet : U dunno?? Preter Prank who can fly...*smirking @ me*

Me : Peter Pan u meant?

Aidiet : heh heh...ah ah...

In the end...
Aidiet : Alah, since i've watched Harry Potter, can I write about it?

Me : Yes...ur 5mins up.Can we pls start writing?

He took 1/2 hr to come up with his 1st drafted writing. While he's on that i was bz teaching his younger sis, who's in K2, to count.

Nak ketawa pun ada, nak marah pun ada.

And i dunno why on earth i couldn't do my vertical parking properly & perfectly yesterday.There were no cars on my sides & yet i took abt 3 mins to reverse my car into the parking slot.My mind was elsewhere....

My mom has switched on her 'Chinese New Year mood'. Yeah!! She's doing pineapple tarts not for the family but for our lovely neigbours (5 doors).Thats us. Since we are the only Malays staying at that floor, we were close to 5 out of 7 neighbours there.Alhamdulillah. esp during the festive season, we would exchange food & hang baos.Besides giving cookies, my Mom intends to cook nasi minyak for them. Best kan tu??

today me & ain will start to do our workouts again @ the new MND gym.Finally! The last time we workout was when we enrolled ourselves in kickboxing lessons.Bukan malas but due to time constraint we ended up wif this unhealthy lifestyle...hopefully i'll have the stamina to workout later..insyaAllah...

Yesterday, i called Ummi to have a quick chit chat wif her.We ended talking about my dear.I guess Ummi missed him soo much.She kept asking me to come over to accompany her but as I've told her before, I'll come when the time is right.

A lot of stuff for me to blabber but i can't find the right words to spit them out.

ok, gotta go to the washroom..i'm freezing in here -@ my cubby...

Friday, January 06, 2006


At least 20 dead as new tragedy hits Mecca pilgrimage

MECCA, Saudi Arabia : At least 20 Muslim pilgrims were killed and dozens hurt in the Saudi holy city of Mecca when an aging hostel collapsed in the latest tragedy to hit the annual hajj, an official said. Witnesses spoke of 23 fatalities and scores of injured, but the health ministry spokesman Khaled al-Mirghalani said "at least 20 were killed and 59 wounded." Major General Alwani Jedawi, head of civil defence for the pilgrimage, had told AFP the hostel, known as Luluat Al-Kheir (Pearl of Grace) was old. The deputy governor of Mecca, Dawoud al-Fayez, said after inspecting the scene that it was too early to provide a final death toll. "Give us a chance. We are still looking for survivors," he told reporters at the site of the tragedy in Gazzah Street, some 200 metres (yards) north of the Great Mosque -- Islam's holiest shrine. Rescue teams using earthmovers and heavy lifting equipment were frantically searching for survivors among the rubble of the multi-storey building, an AFP correspondent on the scene reported. Workers in blue jumpsuits were seen moving around with sound-detecting devices in search for buried survivors. Medics were seen pulling out one bloodied survivor with a respirator over his face while a huge yellow crane lifted off slabs of concrete threatening to entomb other people. A dead woman was later pulled from under the rubble with her body covered in a white sheet. Anguished survivors pleaded with the emergency services to rescue missing loved ones trapped beneath the hostel, which toppled like house of cards. "My two brothers are inside," Tunisian pilgrim Aiysha bin Jaber, 66, begged the security personnel pushing her back from the tight cordon set up around the collapsed building. Jalal Abdelrahim, a Bangladeshi porter at the neighbouring Al-Zaydi hotel, said six of his Bengali friends who worked in shops at the bottom of the collapsed building were still missing. Witnesses spoke of their horror at the speed with which the block collapsed after a fire. "It looked like a scene from September 11," said Talhah al-Mazi, 40, referring to the 2001 terror attacks in the United States. "I saw people rushing out, crying and screaming for help," he told AFP, adding that the cave-in happened just as pilgrims were finishing midday prayers in the square outside. French pilgrim Abderrahmane Ghoul said a firefighting helicopter was already tackling the initial blaze when the tower collapsed. "It started with a fire in the building. A helicopter started to sprinkle water to put out the fire. Afterwards, the building collapsed," Ghoul told AFP, adding that most of the hostel's residents were from India or the United Arab Emirates. Some Pakistani and Libyan pilgrims were also reportedly staying there. Despite the tragedy, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims carried on with the rituals of their faith, flocking to the nearby Great Mosque for sunset prayers just hours after the collapse. Surveyors were checking the structural safety of adjacent buildings and had already ordered two evacuated, said regional civil defence director General Adel Zamzami. He described the tragedy as "a small incident and not a disaster," claiming it was "Allah's will and this might happen any time". There was no immediate word on what might have started the fire. In previous years, camp fires have sparked infernos in pilgrim encampments but the kingdom has also been battling deadly unrest blamed on Al-Qaeda sympathizers since 2003. With more than 2.5 million pilgrims expected to converge on Mecca for the hajj, the Saudi authorities had set a midnight Wednesday deadline for the last pilgrims to arrive in the oil-rich kingdom. They had also deployed some 60,000 security, firefighting and civil defence personnel to try to prevent any repetitions of the deadly stampedes and structural failures that have marred previous pilgrimages. Stampedes killed 251 people in 2003 and 1,426 in 1990. The hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and Muslims are required to make it at least once in their lifetime if they have the means to do so. - AFP
I do hope my dear is ok out there.I'm really hoping...

Thursday, January 05, 2006



InsyaAllah, in less than 5 mins & I'll be away from my desk,pc & ...home sweet home here I'll come.
I managed to finish up my Work Review-just nice for my Boss to vet tml-must give her some werk to do after taking a loong break (just kidding boss!)
I just couldn't understand y pple cannot keep to deadlines.Because of this I couldn't complete my Reports.And its just not me to go around chasing pple for inputs.I believed when we work, we work in-action not aksyen je.
I'm supposed to draft a time table for my tuitee but not in a mood to do that.Jijah oh Jijah, whats strong wif u?
Now i'm indulging myself with the teddy biscuits.Yum Yum.I remembered i was craving for the Panda choc-filled biscuits & my dear quickly got 2 big packets for me the minute i reached Boon Lay mrt station.(ni lah advantage org ada motor) Sweeeet eyy.But oppss..he got the wrong oneslah.These are nicer.These biscuits dah travel to Terengganu still i couldn't finish them.Maybe sampai my dear balik S'pore pon the biscuits will still be there.
ok, gotta pack up & go..
till then....Salam alaik

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Gone were the days.....

When u would sent me home rite at my doorstep;
When u would just listen to my blabbering & chattering;
When u insisted dat meals shld always be on u;
When u insisted on attending to my cravings;
When u would advise me to listen to my Mom;
When u insisted of not driving u back home;
Seeing the "blur" u taking public transport;
When i would see u in blue, sitting @ one corner of my house,listening attentively to my Dad's kuliah.

Thks dear for gaining dat trust on men for me...thks.

I'm counting the days without u, ya akhi.Seeing u off ached my heart.I do hope i'm strong & i look forward to seeing u again on 3 Feb 2006,insyaAllah.

To my dear frenz,who have dropped by at Multiply site-thks for ur well wishes.InsyaAllah, if me & him are meant for each other we'll be together, otherwise...=D

till then...Salam alaik

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

great weekend

A greaT WeeKend

A rundown of what happened over the loong weekend.Thot i can have a goody rest @ home yet...*wondering* but its ok,at least i spent quality time wif my loved ones....

on Friday, me & Family had a sumptuous dinner @ KTM Tanjong Pagar.I guess the seafood spread there is worth the $$.My sister kept telling us dat we'll come back for more...

1st half of e Saturday was spent @ home,doing some household chores.Biasalah,nak jadi Cinderella mesti jadi maid dulu.After Zuhur my bestfren came & we spent some time catching up wif each other.Emm,she's getting prettier & prettier...emm...alah,kalau cantik pon kawan sape kan??

Then his family came..& both families met for the first time.My dear kena 'buli' habis2..but we did enjoyed ourselveslah.As usual,my Dad became Joker of e day..

Then we headed to a wedding reception of one of my good fren,Mardiana Omar.Pleased to see her finally settling down wif someone.Good,good.

The last part of the day, which was at nite, was spent @ Harbour Front.Hait..ape lagi kalau tak tengok bunga api.Ok,lemme reiterate here-we were not there to countdown but we were there to enjoy that 'bunga api moments'.Ard 11pm we reached there,found a strategic place & managed to have short nap.Immediately when the firework ended, we zoomed off,yelah,takot kena caught in e traffic jam!

On Sunday morning, me & dear went to Tentera Mosque to collect our Bryani Rice afterwhich he helped to clean our dear NUNU.In the afternoon we went to 2 jemputans together.Quite tiring day for the both of us...

Then yesterday,early in the morning my Mom announced dat she wanted us to go to East Coast Beach.Dgn mata yg ngantuk, we set off @ ard 9am.We fetched dear & Obek then bought some food @ West Coast Food Centre.We left East Coast abt 5pm.

See...i told u..i didn't get to 'rest' yah...but again at least there was some tension released & stress relieved.

Gotta start to do my werk...c ya in my next entry!!