Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Till death do US apart

At times its tough to be the centre of attraction..hee hee.Being the middle child is not easy thou.To my 2 dear sisters-I love u both!

Stay Tune!

With much anticipation, let me present snippets of the AVA Groovalicious mtV

If you can't view it directly, pls click here

Me, Melin & Rossiyah-all geared up for Groovalicious 2007

Panca Sitara?

Monday, July 30, 2007

Just this ONCE

And finally jijah is updating!

I've always wanted to post my entries with some pictures on it but i will ended up with plain, boring posts since i've kept forgetting to transfer the pics from my hp to my thumbdrive.Naahh..call it a lame excuse, i'll accept it.But trust me, its not bcoz of any memory failure but its the HIKMAH vcds which stole my already insufficient sleeping hours.Now, i'm at my final leg; another 1 more box of VCDs to go.The best thing is i will get both my parents to watch the sinetron with me but too bad yours truly will ended up lying down on one corner while the the happy duo (my parents lah!) lied comfortably on my bed.Hopefully my bed won't squeak itself to death lah. hee hee.

I'm told that i'm a person who likes to listen to one's problems.Sad enough, how i wish, when i lend my shoulder to others, i cld go a step further to wipe away the tears in your eyes too but at times some people prefer to build up a wall around them & cringe in pain-all alone.This is when i felt frustrated.Call myself a friend when I know some of my friends out there are stuck with some sticky stuffs etc & I'm not doing anything to help them??But hey, who am I for you to trust me with your problems & situations rite? To my friends out there, no matter how distant we are, i'm always the old azizah that you've all always known.Trust me.=)

To someone out there, i thank you for the effort made in trying to matchmake me with him yet my heart is still not prepared to accept anyone at the moment.Even if he has the qualities that i’ve desired all these while..i’m prepared to give it a pass.The heart is still aching & i doubt it will heal soon.

On a happier note… i wld like to wish a Happy 31st Birthday to my cekik darah, degil gila & helpful buddy, Sumi ManisMentel.Sorry lah, me & frenz can’t fulfil your wish i.e to masuk meminang for u.Well, well,well,hopefully you’ve found your MAN ok?Make sure u scan betul2 si Maidin tu.

OOohh..remember abt the MTV thingy dat i've told u earlier? I was part of the production & hopefully i'll be able to see myself when they blitz the mtv in our upcoming D&D.Urrgghh, i'm still unsure whether to go or not coz the following day is a working day for me.My frenz have been tugging & forcing me to go....what say u?

can spot me?

Rahim, the person behind all these.Indeed, he's a funny man!

Till then..Happy National Day…in advanced! Anyone want any Satay for lunch? (thks Bestie for the pics you've sent me early this morning! Yucccckkss!!!)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I had fun today & it won't end now coz later i'm meeting the sweetie of my heart!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gone were the days......

Yeah!! No more staying back & late nites.Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah...our sqc renewal exercise was finally over!I was glad i was part of the team for this renewal coz i'm not sure if i'll still be ard in 3yrs time when we need to go thru another renewal exercise.Thou everyone was racing againts time, we tried not to be a pain in anybody's $%#$. Now, i've my Excel Award to look forward too!Oohh,and to Marina, Ain & Sumi..hey, u guyz shld be priviledged for getting the chance to be part of this too..unlike some pple who kept on thrashing & complaining.*sigh*

Before I forget, my deepest symphaty goes to my bestie who had lost her dear grandma on 10 Jul 07.Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat.I knew u r strong enuff to face all these & I'm glad u did.I won't complain if i can't meet u these days..but hope it won't be too long till we meet again eh.

Met Marliana (si kecik) a few days back when i was going shopping for my quiz prizes.Thks so much for being my model that day.This gerl..still the same.Cute & playful.Don't believe me??See below

And Saturday, a date wif my girlfren- Dhiya Umairah...hee hee..salah2, with the Ramli's family.We went shopping @ IKEA & finally dinner @ where else...West Coast food ctr lah!! =)

Maira, tengok mana tuuu??

I love her eyes!!

till then..

ta ta

Monday, July 09, 2007


Hey, its me!! Yes!! Finally Jijah is updating.

Was super busy the whole of last week.I even skipped tuition to stay back in office that 1 night.Usually he wld be the one waiting for me & fetching me home but its different now.But no worries, my boss aldy promised me a half day off & i'm thinking of using it for my parents' medical appointments.I'm grateful that i got to work with wonderful & fun people...esp Sumi.Yeah...YOU lah, sape lagi! When it comes to work, i can tolerate her nonsense.heh2.Amacam, nxt yr nak jadi presenter lagi??

Despite the busi-ness @ work, i'm quite disturbed.How cld someone nice like my Dad be hurt?I can tolerate everything else in the world but i despise those who hurt my Dad.He was so calm when that thing happened & I salute him for that, Dad.Not even a bad word came out from his mouth.He even told us; the whole family, to set aside our sentiments & just accept things as what they are.You can Dad, but i cldn't & i supposed all your 3 angels couldn't.I feel like crying.

oppss, i'm getting emotional here but i'm just a plain human being.i wanted a simple life yet at times life is full of briddles & obstacles.But i truly believe i can overcome them-its just a matter of time.

Now i just need a rest.

till then, lets get busy again.=)