Monday, October 23, 2006

FeeLing Raya?

Ceria di Pagi Last Ramadhan

When i came to office just now...i was greeted by...

JaY-ball (Kak Wati's daughter)

very cina-look

guess what she's trying to draw?

these 4 monkeys lah!

final pic- wif my cat

dunch u think my cubby hole looks like a mini zoo? *heh*

to my fellow multipliers, if u reading this, as for now, my company has blocked my access to the too sure of the reason.but for sure i won't be able to log in too frequent anymore.I'll have to depend solely on my sis's laptop @ home.

oklah...since today is half day, i want to start werking off ALL



Friday, October 20, 2006

my b'day

Moments to remember!

What more can i describe? After the so much laughter & cam-whoring, the fun & enjoyment did not stop there! *heh* Reached home just to find him waiting for me wif his kuih rose & makmur.

I wish to thank all of u for ur well wishes & gifts.

Ain, Marina, Sumi & Twins- we nvr got tired taking pixs eh??
Its not the gifts I'm looking forward to..its the frenship & love that i indeed appreciate very-very much.really.

now, let the pixs do the talking lah..=B

ladies in red

me wif e pretty mak buyung

u guyz rawk!

ehh..apa si Ain buat ni?

kesian my monkey

say cheese!

cheese 2

cheese 3 monkey bcome the victim again

wif my fave boss!

same face at the same spot..

twins wif my monkeys

happily reading the cards

candid shot
prezzies, prezzies & more prezzies...

from Ain,Marina, Sumi & Twins

Seiko watch from Dealova

Handbag from my sis

huggable cushion from my sis too!

merci chocs from ladies in red
ok guyz..back to werk lah!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy 61st B'day ya Ustaz!!

17 Oct 1945, lahirlah seorang insan yg bernama Pasuni Maulan

I noe i won't be the 1st person to give u a b'day wish, but i'm forever thankful dat i've met u & worked for ya.

Even thou we can't meet as often like b4, the once-in-a-while call from u wld never fail to cheer me up.

K.P-dats your nick! To the rest it would simply mean Kadi Pasuni but to me it would mean everything- Kadi Penyayang, Kadi Penyabar...

miss the sheepish look u always wear on ur face..

the squints, when u r curious..
the smile dats always there..
the silence dat u displayed when something goes wrong..
the lunch outings that we had with the rest..
the hadiths & Quran verses u've always drilled to me when i'm down with HER..
selagi jah tak kahwin u cannot retire 100% from ROMM tau. i've yet to send him 2 u for scanning..=D
Semoga Ustaz dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezki & saya ameenkan segala doa2 Ustaz..
insyaAllah kita bertemu di Lebaran nanti..

Thursday, October 12, 2006

i'm missing!!

Don't Try To find me...

...Coz i'm not in the pics at all..heh2 (ni kira tumpang publicity je)

Venue: Lau Pa Sat Food Ctr

JiJaH on DreaMLaND

Men @ WORK

First & foremost, i would like to extend my apologies to my dear frenz; Ain, Marina, Sumi & Twins for not able to join u galz for the dinner outing.I felt bad abt it, really.But at the same go i hope u all can understand my situation eh.InsyaAllah, we'll do the Raya outing together-gether eh.

I thot i would spent some dying hours just to make the cookies wif my Mom but unknown to me my parents had oredi made plans to paint the house last nite.By rite our supply of labour only consist of Dealova, bro in law & Dad (he's e supervsior of course!) Panic jap coz i've not informed Dealova beforehand of this mission.But to my relief, he appeared out of the blue..all ready to bring the house down!!Half an hour later, 3 of my Dad's students appeared; Cik Mus,Cik Man & Cik Mohd.Cuma abg Salamat kita je takde.*grinz*.So all the painters got to work & e living room is now 90% done! hmmpphh, tonite, insyaAllah, i'll get Dealova to paint my room..yippeee!!
Now i'm feelin' all sleepy.ape ke tidak, all the men went home almost 2am & i was awake till sahur.I managed to doze a while only at 5am..
now i'm @ DreamLand hor..*smilez*

before (orange shade)

after (pink shade)

p/s now, i can't wait till 5pm coz today my bestfren is breaking fast @ my place.Yippeeee!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006



I’m neither a die-hard fan nor a fanatic of nasyid groups coz over the time the genuinety of nasyid songs have kind of ‘missing’ somehow. These days you not only have fusion food but fusion songs too.For this matter, Nasyid with slips of raps in between are the in-thing now or should i say its on par wif world music? You preach while you rap! However, come to think of it, if this method can indirectly send its message to the people out there..why not?As long as things don’t go overboard..that’s the beauty of Islam.

Next..have you all heard the latest ramadhan theme song by Ustaz Sofyan feat i-do-not-know-his-name rapper? Cool kan? My distant-relative ni very the talented & humble.I’m trying to get his video from you-tube.Btw, he’s also active in this Nasyid group who called themselves Al: Masaar.

A short synopsis of Al:Masaar.

Al:Masaar, a nasyid group featuring 6 young talents who share the same passion; music. 1st established in 1996, Al:Masaar was said to informally form as early as in1994. Thou Al:Masaar has not produced any debut album, all its members never expect the Group to stay this long. Al-Amin (26), Hamzah (27), Aziz (29), Mu'adz (27), Effendi (27) dan Sofyan (25)ever studied at the renowned UIA (International University of Islam) in Malaysia.

6 men on the go!

Young but talented

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What's wrong with U

A sOUL who MaDe my DaY
I was on my way back home when...
I sensed something was not right..
I felt as thou I was followed...
I was trailed...
I was appalled...
and when i turned around...

Cute kan?

This gatal cat followed me from one block to another & when i tried to touch him he ran away(but not so far lah!)

And finally when he knew i'm a one friendly soul..he started to sniff at my shoes & rolled on the ground.So cute!! Photogenic lagi..see how he looked @ my hp?

Ingat nak bawak balik, but he's too big to fit in my bag. Hope to see him around again today.Well, i guess ya all knew that just by patting cats/dogs can de-stress urself.Takpelah, kalau takde kucing, anything fury also can rite? Like what eh?? heh2.waahh..u guys better not wander too much..its fasting month hor!

i better take a rest first.I just recovered from a serious system breakdown..rite Kursiah?

ooh,and before i forget, i didn't know that some of my frens, unknowingly have been reading my blog.Marliana, Ida aka Cikgu, Hasmiza, Rossiana..if u r reading this..HI!!!

And to Ustaz Pasuni ..pls make urself free on 10 Dec ok.Oooh, & pls stop dat mysterious call jokes..kasi confused saya je tau!Btw, i will consider ur June package ok. For the time being just doakan yg terbaik for ur anakanda okie?

opppss..i'll make my exit now.