Thursday, March 30, 2006


All in the name of Charity
AVA's Charity Bazaar
29 Mar 2006

Me & colleagues manning one of the stall

Yours truly & Sumi

Me wif the all-time lovely Miss Norain

Ain & Mark showing off their pet croco

Kamasutra :O

The 3 of us spurned with sarees...

Liana..takde otah2...tangan jah pun jadilah?!!

Us-wif our tired faces!

Monday, March 27, 2006

dozing off

DoZing off?

Its just 8am & i'm feeling super duper sleepy.I think i need some caffeine rite now.
I had wanted to blog over the weekend but i ended up very busy dat i've to forgo the idea.
On Saturday morning i went to RP for my sis's matriculation & the later part of the day was spent @ my aunt's place to attend kenduri arwah of my late grandad.
Sunday morning was spent @ Pergas and again, from afternoon till nite we were abroad.Alah, tak jauh, kat JB je.
Thot of taking either morning or afternoon off but i guess this filming thingy has not completed & i dun wanna feel guilty leaving werk halfway done/undone.Last FRiday i did not give any tuition coz i left office ard 7pm.ParaN, thks for ur advice eh.erhemm.Hope things get done soon. I'm just too tired to wif all these preparations for the Staff seminar.Exhausted.
ok, gotta start werk aldy.

Friday, March 24, 2006

What time is it?

What time is it?

Oh no..i think i can't keep up wif the time now.I stayed in ofis till 8:30pm ysterday & i'm back here, in ofis at 7:30am.Cool huh?I was actually mentally prepared for it since i can't stay back today.Nope, not bcoz i wanted to watch APM but i have my tuition today.
Lemme think..what time did i sleep last nite?2am..3am?Been catching onli a few hrs sleep these days.Not good for my health..*sigh* These video editing thingy is really driving me insane & killing me softly.Looking at the brighter side of thing-it took my mind away from sumeting.hee hee...Alhamdulillah..alhamdulillah...Hopefully, i will get over these things soon.Dun expect me to complain abt my werk too much.I'm paid to werk rite?Like my boss always said-"dun u waste the taxpayers' money" .Tough werking as civil servants eh?
Sweety dear fetched me yesterday.Hilang penat jap.hee hee.Yeah, we took the crazy train together, right dear?sori eh, i was quite switched off yesterday so i was not prepared to talk abt serius things.keep them for err...tomorrow maybe?

Kursiah!!!!!When can we meet again???

Idah aka Cikgu,if ur reading dis..thks for ur well wish eh?Wah, u managed to stumble upon my nonsensical bloggie?Dah lama kita tak meet up..ring me up if u think we shld meet up k?

oppsie..Rosy bos dah dtg!!She looks pretty exhausted too...hmmppphh...
i'm off to werk..bye bye...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Annoyance & ExHaustioN
Due to unforseen circumstances, the 'Fated or simply Coincidence?' will be discontinue.
Dun ask me why but i just feel....
Lillahi taala, i nvr ever intend to brag abt my relationship but i just want u pple to realize that there are beautiful pple out there & sometimes it takes some time for us to realise dat. Dat was what happened to my lovelife.I was always there to thrash men and in the end i ended up loving sumeone whom i nvr bother to 'see'.
Hee hee..maybe i'm too sensitive,i dunch noe.I was too bz wif werk these days-doing my filming, video editing,my slightly overdue administrative paperwerk, i just cldn't think well.
Alhamdulillah, i told myself i won't get pulled down by all these temporary setbacks.Life is always briddled wif problemz huh?
Last nite i managed to get a decent sleep only @ 3am.I forced myself to sleep but i just couldn't do it.Btwl, i am finally satisfied dat i managed to get 2 handphones for my Mom & sis.Its for their advanced b'day prezzies. Earlier on Dear had given me the $65 voucher off on any purchase of a handset.The best thing-the voucher is valid till dis Friday.Since i'll be on a tight schedule for the next few days, i scurried off wif Dear to get the phone @ Clementi. However we can only redeem the voucher @ an M1 shop not its distributor so we ended up buying nothing.When I reached home, to my surprise, my Mom also received the voucher so we set on Plan B, to go to West Mall to get 3 phones (for my parents & lil sis).We waited for 3hrs & we finally walked out of the shop ard 11:15pm.Gosh! I was really exhausted! I din managed to get the phone for my Dad as I've up till dis Aug to qualify for another upgrade.I'm green wif jealousy to see my Mom & sis wif their new phones. Mine was not dat stylo milo.Dear was aldy thinking of giving me his hp.Thks so much but i'm not into hp anymore.=) I got myself an earpiece too,Terima Kasih Cik abg oiii!! well..actually i'm used to steering wif my right hand & holding my hp on the other ..okay, okay,i noe its illegal.I won't do it again.
I'm feeling much better now still...i'm upset. Howver i dun need pple to console me.
Dear, if u r reading dis, thks yah for everything.Jahat awak eh.U nearly made me cry wif ur werds.(touching sgt)
Kursiah, i'm terribly sorry for yesterday.Tak sengajalah. I knew i shld have kept my promise; to met u earlier but bcoz of the hp thingy ..tros tak jadi.I'll be waiting for u ok..
Yippee..Diana naik bawak makanan...confirm leftover from the talk tau ni...Thks Kak Di!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Fated or simply Coincidence?(Part 2)

Fated or simply Coincidence?(Part 2)

Dear,mlm ni jgn lupa datang rumah ye?
Dear,can come over to my place tonite?

heh heh, i always made it a point for my bf to come over on a Friday, hoping that chemistry might sparked between Mr Bluey & my bf.

There was one late nite when i had discreetly asked my Dad to kena kan si Mr Bluey ni. Yeah, i asked him to send my bf home.Lucky him, he was driving dat nite.Kalau naik motor confirm tak dapat hantar anak makcik.heh heh. Back to the story pls.My bf was sent home, wif her on the back seat, windows rolled down & the music blasted thruout the whole journey.He made sure my bf reached her block safely but still they did not talked much.He merely was too shy @ dat time.On the other end, i was hoping & feeling excited abt the whole thing.When my bf reached home, i quickly called her "amacam, jadi??Ok tak??" eheh, my bf was too shy to say anything.Dun give up Jah! i kept telling myself. There must be a way! I tried to squeeze my brain glands, at the same time coming out wif crazy solutions. How to make them date the 2nd time eh?Jahat Jijah! dat was what my bf always say abt me.
I smsed my adik angkat who studied in the same cohort wif Salamat.Dats the onli way for me to get hold of Mr Bluey.I haven't got the chance to thank him for sending my bf home.I remembered Salamat too was excited abt the whole thing...
I was trembling when i messaged Mr Bluey.I kept drafting & editing the sms.I merely thanked him for sending my bf home & told him if by any chances he's interested wif my bf, i can arranged for some follow ups lah.His reply' 'Terima Kasih'. aiyooohh..this guy was driving me nuts! I then made my final effort to ask my Dad to interrogate him on his reasons of not being interested wif my bf.At the same time I wanted to confirm rumours saying dat he never ever had a gerlfren & his shyness to talk to gerls.Iye ke?hee hee.Further to the interrogation proved that the rumours were 80% accurate.The latter made up the 80%lah. Futhermore he told my Dad he has his Mom to look after & its hard to find a woman who can accept him & his Mom.Then i began to see the whole picture. My bf has her Dad to look after while he has his Mom to take care of.*scratching my head*. I finally realised i can't forced things to happen.Alritey, i told myself to back off & just let nature takes it course.

I remembered he was going back to Melaka & me feeling tak-betul' dat nite smsed him "Awak,mak saya nak gula melaka 10." It was meant to be a joke.The next day he came over & passed to my Dad 10 pieces of gula Melaka & some baulu.Gosh! Couldn't he take jokes?My nenek was like staring at him...and exclaimed..... be continued

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fated or simply Coincidence? (part 1)

Fated or simply Coincidence?

**blowing off the dust on my webbie**

It was a Friday & as usual my Dad's students start to come in only after 8pm.I was at the kitchen, manning the chores when i heard a soft salam.Suara mcm semut, i was complaining to myself & i went outside to unlatch the keylock.A group of 4 new students came & i came to realise i onli knew one of them (Abg Rizal) as he was my Dad's fren's son.The other 3-din noe their names, din noe their faces thou they came every Friday.But 1 thing i noticed, there was this guy who always put on his blue shirt, dark blue pants, knitted blue songkok haji & always placed his bag on his lap.Dats all. Really.I was super anti-lelaki @ that time.Oppss, jgn marah.
I remembered it was Saturday noon, rite before my sister's solemnisation, again i saw these 4 guyz @ my home, at the same trying to recall their faces.The same bluey man gave me a quick glance, smiled & before i can smile back,whoosshh, he was downstairs.The best thing, he was washing the dishes all day long from noon till nite.Rajin benar budak ni.I was approaching him wif a dirty cloth on my hand when i heard sumeone called me from behind.

Him: Kenal tak?
Me: err, sape, eh (thinking hard)...kenal, kenal...from JI kan? (he was 1yr my junior & was in JI for 3-mths course)
Him: Iye..Salamat lah..
Me: Oh,, how come you are here? (stupid question! He was actually one of the 4 guyz whom i saw earlier)
Him: Saya kan selalu dtg belajar...& saya noticed awak..
Me: Really, alamak, kenapa tak tegur?Isshh...what a small world.oklah, pegi continue rewang.*chuckle chuckle*

Then I passed the dirty cloth to this i-do-not-know-ur-name guy and "tolong bilaskan eh?" he somehow took the cloth without looking up & all i knew the cloth was rinsed & passed back to me."Thank you". He nodded.Somehow or rather, his calmed & composed face drew me to wanting to noe him better....

This i-do-not-know-ur-name guy became more & more mysterious.I seldom hear him talked.And his singlehood was always teased by the rest of my dad's students.My brain started werking.Ni kalau aku rekomen to my gerlfren pun molek jugak..Yeap, i was thinking to matchmake him wif my bf.A nice guy to shld go wif a nice gerl....tap camne eh???
((to be continued...))

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Its Coming & I wanna keep it Going...

Its Coming & I wanna keep it Going...

Harlowww everyone!

Goody morning.

Have been MIA but not too long coz i knew some of u are waiting anxiously for me to post sumething in here.hee hee...perasaan aje si Jijah ni.Neverthelessly, i lurve to keep the anticipation on..

Alhamdulillah, things around me are pretty much in order.I've been spending much time wif my parents & myself these days.I just do hope my Dad's health will get better each day. Thanks to dear who tend to calm me down these days..& thks for asking neway.Huh, now u noe how i can be very secretive @ times but if you keep probing me, for sure i'm gonna tell ya.Just gimme some time yah.

I'm missing my bestfren oredi.I guess i'm not in ur top list now.Kiss Nabil for me will ya?

After the 1st cut of 'meet-the-parents' session that happened between Dear & my MOM last Saturday, heh2, i guess all secrets were out.Once my MOM start talking, she won't stopped, i warned u.At least she saved me the trouble having to tell Dear abt my strengths & weaknesses, likes & dislikes..etc.Thks MOM.

Finally, gearing up his courage, he told my MOM dat he very much wanted to propose her daughter...just waiting for my green light.Hmmphh, very farnie hor.I'll just keep the light at amber then..biar awak tunggu selama2nya.Oppsie, i'm not so cruel lah.Remember, u've to go thru KING first before we can decide on anything.Good luck for the 2nd cut of 'meet the parents' session that will happen this Sunday.Err..pls dun 4get to put on ur best Hang Tuah baju kurung plus tanjak plus keris...

my Boss got stuck in a traffic jam @ Pickering street.Its nearly 8 yet the office is still very quiet.

ok. gotta go..hey, bf messaged.She wanna meet me!!! Yeh!!!Can't wait to c her, to scold her, to pinch laugh wif her..=)