Thursday, January 29, 2009

And I simply can't get enuff of her!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Celebration by the Beach

For this year's cny, we decided to keep it simple.what else kalau tak pegi picnic. As usual ecp was swamped wif the Malays & Indians.We went there on on Monday just to see the place all covered wif tents and tents of humans.When we reached there, I caught sight of Dr Maliki Osman and family.Ok, no bodyguards with him thou. heh2.We had a hard time pitching the tent but luckily there was this guy who helped us out.Buat muka kesianlah babe! We left the place after Maghrib.
On another note..i just feel like telling someone off...these pple are just stepping on my nerve.*bleeerrgg*

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gelagat si ComeL

17 Jan : It was supposed to be a group outing wif my dear frenz.However due to unforseen circumstances the outing was cancelled last minute.Since I 'm missing my dear god-daughter, Umairah, so much, me & Marina decided to meet up anyway. Our first stop was the Charles & Keith warehouse sale at Leng Kee Road.However, the sale turned to out to be disastrous wif not many 'low-heels' shoes on sale. even after 50% discount, the marie claire bags were pretty expensive.Dahlah, we need to climb up the hill to find a parking slot, we eneded up buying nothing! Since our tummies were aldy growling in hunger, apalagi, kita pegilah cekik kat Jurong East! Eating seafood in pairs needs lots of effort. After sometine, Marina was seen trying to push her food to me while i ended up forcing the food down my throat.But the food was nice anyway! After the dinner, I sprang a mini advanced bday celebration for my 2 lovelies. Bukan apa, takot tak dpt berjumpa on the birthday itself.There were many pics taken on that day but since im running out of time now, i'll just combine the pics into a few pages only. p/s Noticed the blooms on my first pic? They were the plants that I bought at Far East Flora previously (the ones dat i mentioned in my previous entry)

Monday, January 12, 2009

N.E.W Love

My last weekend was well-spent.And finally on that weekend, did i find true love.Read on to find out...

At 6am i the morning, i began my morning jog. My initial plan to run around the basketball court was dampened when i saw many aunties gathered around there, all set to do their morning tai-chis. And guess where did i run then? I went to the uppermost deck of the multi storey carpark just behind my flat, and i began running. Of course my Mum 'accompanied' me by making wolves' calls from the kitchen window.

On Sat, I accompanied my sis to Far East Flora to get some green plants (read: pandan leaves, curry leaves, aloe vera) for her to 'decorate' her corridor. Ask me abt green plants, i like them but won't dedicate myself to water them regularly.However, i was totally amazed on their floral collections and above all, the range of Chinese New Year blooms.While i was busy admiring nature's beauty, my younger sis was busy snapping away pics of the plants.And suddenly my eyes were fixed on dis little plant which has shades of red hues on its leaves.I quickly grabbed it and put it in 'our' trolley.Then I saw another plant which had soo many red flowers on it.While elder sis chose the one where the flowers has sprung open, I chose mine which was still budding, hoping to watch the petals slowly open.Actually I intend to put one of mynewfound love in my office cubicle so that I can turn to it when my stress level gets out of control. However, further to my Mom's advice, she will need to transfer my new plant to a bigger pot so that it will grow well.till then, my love will stay at troublesome lah! And now i've start to water the plants at my corridor...i mean only my plants eh.

After dropping my Mum off at Lavender, we then went to Beach Road to fill our empty stomachs.Besides the main dish, all of us decided to eat sup tulang.Apalagi, all the 'clink clank' semua kluar! Me, being the least expert in eating tulang, was using the satay stick, straw and fork to dig out the sum sum. I think all my ladylike moves were gone upon eating the lah! On a sidenote, Beach Road makan place brought back a 1000 memories of .....(tulangsok Jijah, move on please.)

Well, our Saturday did not end then.We made our way to Mustaffa Centre, well, my sis fave place.As usual, the place was super crowded with people.My sister got her music cds (didnt know she love dance musics!) while i grabbed some Murukus for my nite snacks.It was already 12midnight when we reached home.

When I thot i could rest the following day, early in the morning ard 9,my Uncle called to ask my parents out to Simpang Renggam. My Mum quickly asked me to tag along.My tiredness was compensated after lunch @ Singgah Selalu. Too engrossed on eating until no pictures taken for the day lah.After our tummies were filled in, we made our way to Simpang Renggam. The journey took us almost an hour.The other 2 cars which went with us reached there 15 minutes earlier.(ni kes terbang kat road). Spent almost RM200 on the kerepeks & tarts.geraammmm!! Thou it jammed on our way back, we did not realised it was already 8pm since all of us in the car were talking nad yaking all the way.

See, i told ya. My weekend was well-spent and not forgetting, i found my true love last Sat. now..what shall i name my plant eh?