Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Karang Guni

**Old Giveaway**

Opps,the pic not so clearlah.Me in blue,Umi- e one standing, while the most fotogenic 'model' in e foto-Noorain. We have much fun just now. *pat everyone's shoulder who has done their part in this drive*
ok,its lunchtime...chao!

End of the Month

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How time flies!!err,talking abt time,a snapshot of my conversation wif my tuitee

Me: Can u pls do ur werk fast? Time is flying ok!

Aidiet: Kak Jijah,time can fly? How?

Me:: aiyah, time flies mcm perumpamaan gitu...

Aidiet: Kak Jijah-cannot speak broken english.Nxt time u must say 'Time passes very fast'.

Me: emm..yelah tu..can we proceed??

My tuitee managed to make me smile.=D

And also, thanks Ain for your string of advices yesterday. At least those werds managed to calm me down. At least i noe dat my decision was right.Thanks Ain.

Ok,me gotta go start werk.Later @ 10am i'm gonna be Mina Karang Guni..hee hee.U c, AVA is having this donation drive where they are collecting old clothers to be donated to the pple @ Pekan Baru Indonesia. Me & Ain will help out in the sorting & we'll be models of the day @ the same time..nak pose for magazine gaknye.Its gonna be fun-not the foto takinglah but at least nari dapat pahala tolong2..


Monday, August 29, 2005

No words to Describe......

My Happiness!! Alhamdulillah,Alhamdulillah,Alhamdulillah.Remember what i've blogged earlier? Yeah!! Presenting to u my new 'boyfren'- Baby Su(named by me) aka Nunu(named by my elder sis) aka Lipas(named by younger sis). Whateva names were given-i'm overjoyed.Thanks Dad for this LoveLy gift. Well,not many pics taken yet coz most of the time me kena drive & the rest insists of not taking any pics of me! hee hee! ok,gotta start engine aldy. Have a lovely Monday everyone!!

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Our Baby Su

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My Dad & Bro in Law

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Kakak seems very-very Happy!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Waahh..i'm feelin' soo tired..& best of all i've not prepared any assignments yet for my tuitee tonite.When there's no assignment dat wld mean i've to do a lot of talkings & explainations.Nvm-at least dat will keep me awake.Maybe i'll prepare some assignments during lunchtime later...insyaAllah.

Yesterday me & Yati went to Geylang to get some baju kurongs for our dear Ustaz for the upcoming Teachers Day. We got a blue one for Ustaz Mustazah, brown one for Ustaz Syed Ahmad, grey one for Ustaz Ramzi & a white jubah for Ustaz Hasbi.Pheww, not an easy task u noe! Mana nak kejarkan masa..

I'll upload the baju kurongs' pics wher i've nicely wrapped them yah...hee hee

ok,gotta start werking...

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A quick snapshot of me

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Pose manja Yati

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Senyum ada makna!

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Messaging 'erhem'!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Rain Rain


Salam alaik...good afternoon to all!!
Hey,i'm blogging from home!Alamak,baru nak "feeling" my Dad dah dok sblah.*pause*
emm..ok,he aldy went off.
I intend to go IMM Daiso just now but the heavy rain stopped me. I thot of preparing 4 my cuzin's gubahan for his upcoming wedding which is on 4 Sept.My 2 sis & bro in law r now @ JP to catch the "The Maid". They asked me to tag along but i was just too..emm..lemme find the rite werd.. maybe i got no mood to enjoy any movie @ the moment.
*sigh* I wish i have some fotos in btween my entries coz personally i rather read blogs which features lots of fotos. As u noe-a pic paints a 1000 werds so entries without fotos may sometimes be quite dull..oppss!
maybe i shld take a quick nap afterwards. Since my weekdays were aldy occupied with tuitions i may have been deprived of my sleeping hours. Howeva i'm contented if my tuitees can strive well in their studies. It just brought pleasure to me which i can't describe. Like i said b4, u must teach wif passion.
A mini conversation wif my Dad just now set my mind thinking. Again he posed me 'dat question' on when i'm getting married or whether i've someone in mind..etc. U must be joking Dad! To those who have yet to noe me-I'm a very laid back person.Frens who noe me can tell dat i'm those categorised as unfashionable lady. I dun go for brands but i do go 4 quality things. U can c me come to werk wearing a pair of worn out shoes & the same pair of shirts & pants every week.And i never put on jeans even if it meant i've to go tracking @ Bukit Timah. Dats me & those who can accept me as wad i am will stay to be my fren to the last breath of mine.If i'm not out to werk or classes u can jolly well find me at home.Maybe..correct me if i'm wrong..some may thot i'm very choosy & selective when it comes to choosing a life partner.Just look ahead,look just in front of u,ask urself dis-'Is it easy to find a decent guy?' I'm not materialistic but i need to find someone who is fairly financially stable who can support me & our family later on. If now u can't even manage ur own how on earth u gonna feed ur wife & children? Being pious alone is not enuff,trust me-rezeki takkan dtg bergolek dgn hanya berdoa sahaja. Faith,Hardwek & Wealth shld complement one other.Dats the fact.Trust me-i've tasted it all.I felt blessed dat Allah gave me the chance to xperience the ups & downs of relationships coz it then taught me to be stronger & smarter. Being in a boy-gerl relationship isn't easy task. if u just wanna companion- just hook urself in a chatline & u'll find someone. But to be in this BGR thingy is to teach u wads commitments all about , making improvement to urself to better prepare u for a 'new lease of life' with a whole new set of family & the most important thing is to allow u manage urself well. if u can't do all these i suggest u r just not ready to enter the wed's lyfe.
ok,i guess i gotta go now.If in any way my entry hurts ur ego, i'm sorry.These r just my personal rantings & ventings..:D

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Lunch Time

Quick Bite

Emm..the weather is so syiok rite now-just nice for a short nap.But since i've just finished my lunch mana bole tdo rite?Dah mcm ular sawa plak!

How we do get tongues wagging?Was it the waggers' faults or its the waggee who simply does things dat can itch our tongues to wag? Maybe i shld do a quick survey on this..maybe...

I dunno if anyone is avoiding me or not. If u r avoiding me coz u r guilty of something i'll respect dat. Otherwise u owe me an explaination.

Its getting Fazilah pon dah abis makan.Dis lovely gal, she can sing very well.The rest of us are training her up for nxt yr Anugerah.Jgn tak jadi eh.....Kite train u up kat toilet ke... wanna rest a while....

Tuesday, August 16, 2005



Everybody needs a change coz without change things will b'come stagnant & uncreative. Dats when innovationlah,WITS & all the changing tools come in.
I lyke changes coz it can sometines vibrant things up...but at times i do question myself quietly..y do pple change? If they change for the better then alhamdulillah but if otherwise? Or maybe they are oblivious of the change itself?**me staring into space**
err..actually i'm unsure wad i'm getting on but i guess i'm aint angel to stop anyone from doing anything. Sometimes its best to shut myself up.
These days i'm pretty occupied with my tuition assignments.Yeap,my old fren has even came up to me to ask me to teach her sis.Howeva, i perfer to teach Math.Me onli average in other subjects & that dint quite gimme the confidence to teach those subjects.Actauli i love teaching-its been my passion back then but since i can't go in wif my A-level grades i just let my dreams died there.hee hee.But then i was into kindergarten teaching for a few mths.I just lurve the sight of these small & young kidz.
ok..back to the 'change' matter-i guess sometimes pple change coz they need to adapt to the change ard them.Howeva sometimes i do believe dat sometimes dat change isn't necessary @ all.
**on a serious note** I appreciate my affliates', frenz' & colleagues' concerns dat i'm still single to dis point in time & not in search for my prince charming. I think i've blogged this b4 but lemme xplain again just in case u pple out there got me wrong earlier. There's 2 main reasons y i'm still single todate coz firstly- i have not found the rite candidate yet or i just couldn't be bothered to find one.I nvr ever placed high expectations but when i thot i've found my Mr Right he will just turned out to be out of the list. I just need someone who can make me forget my problems when we r together,one who always insure me from the vicious ugly pple out there & one who always renew my faith to God.I wanna lurve someone who lurves me more. Ok for the ring dat i'm putting on i guess it can be my saviour @ times.hee hee.Esp those who just met me will surely asked-"u dah engaged ke?..." err u mean single unmarried girls cannot put on rings eh? duuuhh!
ok guyz, i wanna continue to do my werk.Sometimes i just need to vent things out coz then will i've a peaceful mind...

i miss my Ustaz
i miss my bestfren (ok,i'm letting u off 4 u to sort things out ok)
i miss my....

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Quiet moment

Quiet Moment

Yesterday I cancelled my appointment wif my gerlfren (sorry Ina!) & I just spent an hour of quiet moments @ the Library. Yeah, since i went to Jurong East Library last 2 wks i've fallen in love wif the place.I wish i can own the place to myself, indulge myself in the undescricable serenity...coz i just need dat @ the moment. Usually i'll just scout my books @ the Library @ JP but it has not much of a choice so since i've known dis place i guess it will be my nxt 'playground' (bsides IMM as my 1st 'playground'). My sis & bro in law also joined me shortly afterwhich my quiet moment changed to be a chaotic one.*hee hee*.

I'm missing my bestfren dearly.Everytime we decided to meet there're bound to be last min hiccups. I'm sorry dear..we'll meet up soon.I promise.

Last nite i kept waking up every 2hrs or so...y eyy?Not onli dat i kept nudging my sis to ask her to quickly take a bath coz i thot it was aldy 545am.Sorry dik for irritating u.Something is just not rite wif kakak...

ok,gotta start werk...Salam...

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Org sibuk baca buku,dia sibuk amik gambar...

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Sungguh2 si kakak cari buku!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

National Day

LYfe starts @ 40?

I guess S'pore has made its way even when she is in her 20s,30s...neway its still not too late to wish SinGapore a Heppy 40th B'day!! No special reservations made so far.i was @ home the whole day.My tuitee wanted me to come over in the morning so i was quite free in the evening then. Too bad, couldn't join Ain @ the Padang. Yeap,we got 3 free tickets from Das.I was soo excited to go till i forgotten dat i've a tuition in the evening.When i told my fren i couldn't make it then my tuitee decided to change the schedule.Grrrr...but i dun mind actually.I rather spent some quality time then yelling @ the top of my voice @ the padang.Dun get me wrong.Since i'll be werking the following day i rather have a good jolly rest @ home.
emm..tonite AVA will commemorate our CEO's retirement & b'day.Some of my colleagues will be performing for our dear CEO (hee hee..Ain...pls brush up ur Dikir barat eh..)I won't be joining them for the dinner since..since....i've something on tonitelah..=) gonna start werk....chaO!!

Monday, August 08, 2005

simple things

SimPLe Things on a SimPLe WeeKenD

Me,my Mom & younger sis headed to IMM Jurong east last Sat to do our mini marketing (wad else??!) Then we had our lunch @ Bagus.Food was nice but a bit xpensive lah.Then i dropped by my aunt's place to help her out wif the distribution of my cuzin's invitation cards.Can't wait for my cuzin's wedding on 4 Sept..

ok,just some snapshots for your views...=)

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Food sponsored by Bagus..hee hee

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Adik ingat sape eh??

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My mom wif her tired face

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My fave @ Bagus-Bee Hoon Tom Yam..oppss..left the soup onli!

p/s Today my sis & bro in law will be back from KL..their 2nd honeyMoon..-)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005



Burrrpp..alhamdulillah,i've just finished my food.Ayam masak asam pedas.All along i thot it was asam pedas ikan pari.err..sori Ain,sent u the wrong mesej.Today me lunched alone.Ain went for her time off (jalan ngan sape eh?**wink wink**) I guess the twins had their heavy breakfast earlier so dat can spare them for their lunch.
Oppss..before i forget, many pple have been askin me wads the gift dat i got from my Dad..err..since it has been all along been in my wishlist..i guess its the most wonderful gift i ever had.Again,alhamdulillah,alhamdulillah,alhamdulillah....
emmm,when i thot i was stuck in the midst of problems ,i found some ways out. Dats the greatness of the Almighty Allah. No pain,no gain
ok, i wanna perform my solat Zuhur...

Monday, August 01, 2005

Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True

I thank Allah for giving me a loving Father who in turn gave me a wonderful Gift. MasyaAllah...=)
Just keep reading my blog to find out whats the Gift.**smiling from ear to ear**