Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Its all for YOU

I love my parents; dat goes without saying.Even if I have to take leave to accompany them for their medical appt, its not becoz of obligations but its bcoz i enjoyed doing so.Nothing can beat what they've done for me, all these while.Whether i'm married or not, they will always be my 1st priority.i knew they've always depend on me and for that i feel honoured.I've always been a Daddy's gerl but dat nvr overshadow the fact that i love both my parents. And to top it all, my heart goes to my 2 look-alike sisters whom i wld cherish all my life.Till death do us apart, dear sisters.

till then

i'm all yours, LOVE

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Simplicity Vs Complexity

Being a gd malay sounds simple yet when a colleague of mine asked me for help to translate some malay words into english, i struggled like anything! Sorry Suhaila, u've asked the wrong personlah.Nevertherless, we still managed to come out with our own translations.hee hee.

Those who knew me wld know dat i'm a plain simple gal;from the tip of my head to the corner of my itsy bitsy toenails.i dun believe in showing off my stuffs unless it's worth sharing.i dun indulge in expensive stuffs unless i really really wanna pamper myself.I rather lavish myself with neccessities than luxuries.My Dad has always drilled thse words onto my head-"Jijah, apa yg kita ada kat dunia ini bukan utk ditunjuk2.Jgn sekali2 sombong dgn apa yg kita ada." (read: what u have are not for showing-off.Dun ever be arrogant). Alhamdulillah, with that value that i've carried around everywhere dat i go, i managed to lead a simple yet meaningful life.

Choosing a GOOD fren ain't simple job.Its either u get the good ones or the bad ones.Frankly speaking i'm not a gd fren myself but i've always tried to be one.I can befren with anyone- from a pious religious teacher to a drug addict.Name anyone.I've met them..& even hung around wif them.Fancy the sight of girl wearing her headscarf seeing together with a gal buying 4D.But again, dun judge what u see.Alhamdulillah, that gerl who bought the 4D has become someone whom i considered lagi pious than me. She even wears the purdah now.=)

err...i dun sound emotional didn't i?

sometimes i wonder..if i'm gone for good, will pple out there still remember & cherish me.The clock is ticking & i nvr know how much longer will i stay in this world.Not even the slightest hint.

till then...

Friday, May 18, 2007


Forget the sinetron, but focus more on the lyrics of the song.

click if u can't view the video clip

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Md Rohaizam or fondly known as Zam passed away @ Mount Ophir yesterday's morning.He was sleeping in the tent with 3 other campers when a tree fell on their tent& hit him during a downpour.He was rushed to the hospital there but was pronounced dead.

I knew Zam personally during my pre-u yrs in Jurong Institute.He's one of the guys who wld nvr fail to tease & make me laugh.His words will always contained humour & at times i wld never able to differentiate if he's serious or not.Thou its been quite some time since we last met each other, occasionally we wld message each other via frenster.

Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat.Ameen.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dripping her thots...

If yesterday was a bluey monday fer u, then today i think will be a cool sweet tuesday.blarrggh.
Almost every post dat i read to date has something to do with Mothers' Day.Its either they spent their their weekend wif their own family or in-laws.Its a relief to know that u peeps out there still care fer ur Mom.For dat, I salute u.But dun let MOthers' Day to be the only day that u appreciate ur Mom.They were the ones who brought u out to see this world & for that everyday shd be a Mothers' Day for them.

As for me, my weekend was spent quietly with my loved ones.Since my sis & bro in law cldn't spensd the weekend with us, we chose to have our own mini celebration.After soo long, i finally got to pull my Mom to catch a movie.Well, since its her day, i let her choose the movie that she's dying to watch.So, my Mom,sis & myself made our way to SB @ JE to catch 'Jangan Pandang Belakang'.All i can say, the movie was a total dissapointment.Go watch it if u dun believe me! If I'm to make comparison to Puaka Di Tebing Biru...i think JPB will have to admit a loser.However, still, thumbs up to Pierre Andrea for coming up with good scripts.(huh?!)
And on Sun, i insisted Mom not to cook.Actually, urs sincerely wanted to prepare for her Mom Fried Nestum prawns but since Mom craved to go to Geylang, i finally relented.(save jugak my energy eh!)

For the second time, yesterday, i had my long walk. I alighted at Lakeside & walked back home from there.The distance between Lakeside mrt to Boon Lay mrt is no joke, i tell u! But as I was walking, i managed to release some tension & relieving myself with the fresh air.Dun ask me why i did something silly but only me myself knew the answer.As much as i wanted to burn off the calories, i very much wanted to erase those thots.Yeap, those thots.

To all who loved me & never stop loving, thank u for being with with me yeah?

Friday, May 11, 2007


I hate copycats.

Pls be original, will you?

Monday, May 07, 2007

Outing with Umairah & GanK

Just some pics to tease u out there!
There were some changes to our plan so we ended up walking by the beach & dinner @ Kembangan.Aiyah, just let the pics do the talking lah! =)

My New AddictioN

Dhiya umairah
(all pics are rights reserved!)

To my fellow multipliers, i'm sorry if i didn't managed to reply to your comments.The prob is, i NEVER blog in my multiply account anymore.The setting of my multilply account is such that they will upload whatever entries I have in my blogger account.So pls, pls, pls again i apologised if i've never attend to your replies anymore.Since i cldn't access my multilply a/c in office anymore, surfing the net at home is a no-no for me unless its due to urgency.(too much chores to do while at homelah!)

So if u wanna leave any comments, do leave them at my blogspot instead.Thks muchie!

now, i wanna continue oggling at Umairah..gawd!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Some Questions are bEst left unAnswereD

At times i do wonder if the questions that we are dying to ask someone is worth asking.Or in the first place was the question even deserve an answer? u tell me..

i've been wondering, pondering, wildering my innermost thots..(till they got entagled along e way) yet i've not found the answers to my questions.uuhhh...So, i finally consoled myself by ending all these wild thots there & then.

To be back to singlehood was a simply a blessing in disguise.Nope.Never do i regret e decisons that i've made.Nor am i angry with anyone.Dat explain why i dun intend to rant what has happened/ been happening to my relationship out here, in my blog.But to be back in a relationship-naah, i dunch think its possible at the moment.Call me a love-phobic, hee heee, i dun really care if my age is 2 decades old.Insyallah,the time will come for me...for sure if it does not happen now, it will come later.As for now, lets savour every minute of being solo.hee hee.

On a happier note, yeap, this supper nanny had a blasting time with auntie Ain & Mommy Marina..oppss, & not forgetting baby Umairah.Great things happen when u have great people around you.Ain!!! Dun forget to pass me the 100001 fotos that we took okie? As for now,i'll just seal my mouth shut & lets build up the suspense.Oredi, the 3 of us are planning for another outing.=))

Sometimes i do felt that my frenz were intimidated by me.Undeniably i can be someone who's sharp with her words but seriously i meant no harm.Sekali sekala nak jadi evil lah!

okie, its a monday morning & have a blasting day ahead!!!