Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Past

The Present &....

The Future

Lets await for the good news. =))

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What the Eyes couldn't See & the Heart couldn't Feel...

Let the tongues wag, let the rumours spread.I care less of what others might presume & assume but i care much for what God promises to those who react wisely & patiently when put under excrutiating circumstances & obstacles.

I know my actions could have hurt someone, in one way or another, but the ordeal was set unintentionally coz much pain was felt before.Im always being sumoene who warrior frenship/relationship over everything but over times i realised its not even worth the try.

Some may have realised a change in me.
Only my dear ones would understand me.
Those who understand would be closer to me.(thks)
Those who chose not to understand , i respect ur decisions.

Please dun use your eyes to judge me.Let your hearts feel me instead.

And please, dun ever try to gain symphaty frm me coz urs truly will be able to differentiate between genuine & fake gems.

And please, please, please dun let me hate u further.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Sick Bay

These days, i tend to be a bit inactive due to my fever (which comes to visit me every nite) and my cough which worsened when im in air conditioned places.I wnet to the doc twice but still things have not improved.Im not even a bit frustrated that im put thru this 'test' but its unbearable to leave my students with their exam preparations.But what to do rite?I do hope the MCs that doc given me will somehow put me to some rest & i do hope i will sleep well tonite.
Btw, tml, me & e Volunteer gank will be attending a talk + hands on to some mobility aids used my the oldies.I hope to bring home some knowldege on e maintenance + use of such gadgets in case someone dear to me need to use them.
Actually, something is bothering me these days & i do hope that i will be able to shed some light to this matter soon.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I can Hear u...

ok, ok, its been a while since i've last blogged.Missshh me? hee hee
I dunch noe why these days i've problem sleeping at nite.Maybe im staring too hard & too long at the pc in office.hmmpphh.Work has reduced since then and im trying to take this time to clear any unfinished business.ehh..why am i talking abt work here??!!

Back to the title of my post..

Last Sat, I had to bring myself to Geylang..just bcoz my Mom needed to het a pair of pants.After much hesitation, i dragged myself there!But my trip was worth it lah, I managed to get myself some clothes.I think i've bought them on impulse.But nvm lah, whats done cannot be undone.Back to e Geylang story, i then went for some ear candling to remove 'toxic waste' in my ears.Shiokkk i tell u.I dozed off even in that 10minutes procedure.Well, since its onli for 10 bucks, why not give it a try rite?

Wanna know more abt this ear candling...can pm me okie?

My family & I went jb just now.Hey!! Lucky thing the jam was not soo bad.Finally i've sent my cloth for tailoring.RM70 for 2 blouses.This is the first time i've decided to custom made my blouse.Futhermore the owner was very sweet&frenly.And what matter most was, she got 2 adorable kids.Dun believe me.Take a look at one of them

i kept on kissing him until he cldn't breathe.hee hee.

dats my weekend..and 5 more mins will be Monday.

Hope me & frenz will have a good day tomorrow.

By the way, i shall upload some pixs of masquerade chicks soon...