Sunday, September 21, 2008

Broken Pieces

And finally im making a grand entrance to the blogging world again.

Alhamdulillah, after 2months plus working in a new environment i finally began to adapt. Besides the work itself, pple there are pose a challenge. I have "colleagues" who wld give me a 1000 watts smile and behind me, they would slander me like nobody business. Cool huh?

Excuse me pple, just becoz im an auditor, dat does not translate to spying on other pple's work.And why do you, YOU,you and YOU even care about my lunchtime frenz, toilet break kakiz, tea-break pals and going home buddies? Since when its stated in the IM that Finance staff cant mingle with Audit Staff? U quote me gerlz. Enuff of the 8 hrs we spent on office matters, we cldnt bypass the chances that we'll have to talk abt other issues. Harloww!! Im very professional in my work!

I know its the fasting month and I shld tolerate all these nonsense, no worries, since im new, i didnt even retaliate to the slightest accusations. But dun test my patience pls.I seldom get angry but when i do, its hard to please me.

Ok, enuff of the above.

Again i was pricked with another test. As much as im making the relationship works, she was cold to me. Telling me that your daily schedule is packed and u need a breather didnt even convinced me that u've wanted us to be like before. In the past no matter how bad the days were for the both of us, we knew deep down in our heart, we love each other and would be there for each other.Well, things changed for a reason and I respect ur decisions.And me too, when I start to walk away, I dun even turn back. Either to you or the decisions that I've made.

If u, my fellow readers are not making sense to what i've written so far, pls dun seek explanation and clarifications from yours truly. I've had enuff.

I knew too i need a breather and so yesterday, me, Marina, Sumi & Ain broke our fast together at Bali Thai @ IMM.(for the pics, have to wait for our Putery then) Ohh, on a side-note, we met Sook Fong and family too! We had so much fun. Right from the eating session to the shopping session. I was soo talkative yesterday but at least my frenz bother to hear me out. (err...i do hope so)

Marina - Maira, I love the both u. Thanks to ur hubby for the award winning photo sessions.

Sumi - Make sure in our next meet up session, ur hair is soft like a baby's. And pls dun spread ur mentelness to our lil Maira. Urs is a handful to handle already. hee hee

Ain - Still blur like ever. Stay sweet fren.

And my dear lovelies were as lovely as ever yesterday. Even if im not working under the same office with them, we still exchanged news, still share the birthday gifts and still go for our outings. And...thats what i call a FRIENDSHIP.

Thanks gerls for the beautiful frenship.