Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Baby Talk

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Very cute isn't it??

I hanged dis big poster on one of my cubicle wall.'When I'm down,I'll look at it. When I'm angry,I'll also look at it!

How i wish I've a baby to play wif every now & then-not my baby of courselah..just a baby,sumeone's baby.

To all-have a nice day!

p/s Sorry,have not been blogging-quite occupied these days.(preparing something special 4 my special sumeone...**wink wink**)

To dat special sumeone-special surprise awaits u on 6th June..hee hee

Friday, May 27, 2005

Weekend- Here I come!!

Yeah!!!In another 45mins or so I'll be out from dis building!!And I plan to have a good rest dis weekend. But of course I can't coz I'll be having my Arabic exam dis Sunday which meant I can onli enjoy myself after dis Sunday.**Booo**

I'm a bit in a no-mood-to-werk coz just now, me n my colleagues went to HDB for a short debrief session on the 360 Degree Feedback dat we've provided earlier. It's a 1hr thingy-more to a close the loop process to summarize the respondents on what have been done n what can be expected.Such a waste of time!! But I'm looking forward to any drastic change in my boss..hee hee.Hey,its not easy to ask a right hander to write to write wif his left hand right? It requires a lot of practice n effort to adapt oneself to the change. So,I nvr expect any drastic change from my boss coz to date she seems to be a good boss.I meant it.

After the de-brief session me,Rossiyah & Izzah went to have our lunch @ Fork & Spoon nearby.Well,the concept its more like the Banquet where all stalls sell Halal food. I had a bowl of Ban Mian but dis one was different from the Jurong Point style-dis nvr come with mushroom but with slices of fried chicken instead.

Before I log off..to my best fren- Kursiah, I miss ya ok.Wads bothering u?? Seems a bit quiet lately?

To all,Happy weekend!!

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My Ban Mian @ Fork & Spoon Food Court

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cute Little Thing..

The pics below were taken by colleague-Deborah.Gave dis to her for her birthday..cute ey??

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Happy werking!!!And have a nice day ahead!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Sweet Little Things

All the cupcakes below were created & made my Mamafai.Aren't they lovely,sweety little things???
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Nice piece of artwork!!

oppss..get me hungry early in the morning. neway,Happy werking to all!!!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Love is in the Air

Love Is in the Air...

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The cupcakes made my Mamafai..symbolize love & purity..=)

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Boat of Loves..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Huzaimah & Roslan

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4-in-one n All for One

21 May 2005 mark the date where 6 hearts were entwined. Rozaini & Marfirah, Rozana & Ridwan, Huzaimah & Roslan.Whaoo..had a hectic time rushin' here & there to attend their solemnisations.(erhem!)

I've nothing to give them besides my doas-prays for their happiness n wish they stay happily ever after..(dah mcm fairy tale plak)Har,har...welcome to the mina kahwin2 club then.They realli looked great in their wedding suits.The heavy downpour nvr dampen the aldy chaotic atmosphere.Keep a lookout 4 more fotos at the side bar ok.

Till then...to 'sumeone' out there-"hey,dun wori abt me ok.When the time comes,u'll c my man.**wink wink**As for now- i'll hid him in my little heart..He will be the one who has successfully captured my heart.He will be the one who has won my heart".=)


Friday, May 20, 2005

The Hospital Waiting Game

Is there a better way of doing things? My answer is: "Yes. How do we do it better? Let's find the way."
I think it is a tragedy to say: "No way. It is impossible. That's the way we have been doing it. We can't help it if you find it inconvenient."
It is equally bad to say: "Yes, but it will cost a lot. Ultimately, you have to bear the cost."
The latter two responses mean that nothing can be done and you have to live with it. And they seem to be the favourite answers to any suggestions for improvements to some of the current practices.
This negative mindset has to change. I believe something can be done to further reduce unnecessary inconveniences to the public. Let's look at the hospital which is my second home.
I have to go there every two months for an infusion to strengthen my bones.
On a recent visit, the admissions clerk suggested I come for treatment on another day as there were no beds available. What's more, my case was not one of "life and death".
My mother refused as she felt it was not fair.
The last time we had a similar experience, we returned on another day after having to make a lot of schedule adjustments and some sacrifices.
Moreover, in this case the appointment was fixed two months ahead of time.
The clerk said: "I am sorry. There is nothing I can do. If you want you have to wait but I do not know how long it will take."
I can understand there was nothing she could do at that moment. However, that should not have stopped her from raising the issue with someone who could.
I do not think mine was an isolated case as there was someone else in a similar predicament that day. There are two things they could have done.
First, as the appointment had been made well ahead of time, they could have called us before we left home to change the date. They didn't have to wait for us to arrive at the hospital to do so.
Second, they could have arranged to discharge patients more quickly to free up the beds.
It takes a long time — once more than three hours — for the hospital to let me leave after the doctor has given the clearance for me to be discharged. The long wait is for the staff to do the paperwork and get the medicine for me to take home.
Surely, all that could be done earlier so that I could vacate the bed for the next patient.
For regular "customers" whose appointments are confirmed and treatment known, the process could be smoother.
Everything, including the bed and the medicine, could be arranged in advance. When a patient arrives, he could go straight to the ward for treatment.
For now, I have to wait two to three hours after admission for the medicine to come from the pharmacy and the infusion to start. That's not the way to treat a regular patient who does not have much patience.
Waiting also seems to be common at the hospital clinic. With or without an appointment, it is not unusual to wait one to two hours to see the doctor for, sometimes, about five minutes.
Can the waiting time be cut? Yes, I believe it could be done at little or no additional cost if the "experts" put their minds to it. After all, we have seen a lot of improvements at hospitals.
Some action could also be taken to make waiting more comfortable
When waiting is pleasant, one hour is like five minutes. However, when it causes anxiety, five minutes seems like an eternity.
I may not have all the solutions, but I am sure there are many ways to make life better for the public.
The writer, 14, is the Young Ambassador for the National Kidney Foundation's Children's Medical Fund

I still remember the time when my sis was at the A&E @ NUH. It’s A& E (mind you) but my sis waited almost 4 hrs to settle in & be transferred comfortably to one of the ward. The misery didn’t end there, she had to suffer some days in excruciating pain and at times when she’ll need the doc to tend her the nurse will tell her ‘Girl, the doc is tending to other important patients” What do you mean by dat? Duuuhh…wasn’t my sis equally important at dat time? Her appendix has burst & yet the docs & nurses couldn’t detect dat EARLY??Luckily my sis was a survivorlah…(steady ah kak!) A week after my sis was discharged one Malay boy passed away due to the delay in detecting his appendix which has burst & it was at the same hospital yah…Thank God..Alhamdulillah..my sis is well & round then…
Then it was my mom’s turn,again we encounter the same problem with the same hospital. If u r wondering y we nvr change hospital-NUH was nearer to our place so we want to avoid the hassle of traveling all the way to GH or some other hospitals. My mom had some stones near to her kidneys & they HAVE to remove them of course. However its not easy to get them to do it, we have to make & change appointments & went thru some unnecessary procedures such as the ‘knocking’ process to try to break the stones so that they could be passed thru the faeces.My mom not onli felt terrible but she felt more pain. Then after abt a few mths she finally went under the surgeon’s hands.
Gosh..me got carried away yah..
From the hospital waiting time to hospital delays & setbacks. I’m not saying any particular hospital’s service are no good, however some bad experiences have taught me to be more selective n speak up if necessary. We pay so we demand good service. . Agree???
Ok enuff Jijah..well..im just blogging-no hard feelings!

Morning Breakfast

Food For thot...

Hee, hee..just as my tummy is grumbling for food..yeah..came dis Ain n gave me my all time fave-her home made(by her Mom eh) custard pudding,with bits of corns in it nicely wrapped with plastic.Without wasting anymore time,I quickly gobbled everything down.But,before it was gone I managed to capture the ¼ eaten piece.She also gave me 3 mangosteens...THANKS ain.

Later,for lunchtime my Dept will be going to Taj Cusine to have our WITs Lunch there-we'll have an array of North Indian food.Well,I will definitely enjoy my food but on one condition dat "stupid" man won't bother me.I hate his racist joke!!

Ok,I better get going..

I can't wait to get hold of the cupcakes tml..yeah..I've make a deal with MamaFai to do them for me. Thanks MamaFai.**wink wink**

Ok bloggers I'm back to werk!!

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The Corn Custard..(is dat what we realli call it?)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Amazing Race

Amazing Race-Of the Mind

Hi to everyone.
Well,me not in a good mood rite now. First of all,yeap,I was hurt becoz of "sumeone's" remark.However,after seeing her condition just now,again,i bcame the soft hearted lady(as I've always be) n i forgot totally abt what has happened.I dun mean to hate "her" but y when the love has started to bloom, she started to spill beads of hatred ard it.??Is she senile??Why must she acted dis way??If she wants dat special attention,dis is just not the way!
Then secondly, i got no mood to study for the coming exams.(any werds of motivation folks??)I've started my revision since last week tapi dis time round mcm lengit skit nak blajar.Too many distractions!Tips dah dapat tapi mcm tak semangat nak blajar.Y eh?Maybe bcoz there's a lot of weddings dis weekend kot?heee hee..Jijah & her reasons.
I had my lunch wif Oscar n Otter..hee hee..oppss..No-lah,I went to have a good sumptuous lunch wif Wee Ling & Yen Ling-esp Yen Ling,she's blur like sotong.I'm grateful I've all the Lings ard me(but not dat 'particular' Ling of course!)At least i enjoyed myself n forgot abt my troubles at home.
I can't blog much either...my mind is like the cobweb..
ok..goodnite everyone!!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Bukan Cinta Biasa..

Bukan Cinta Biasa...

Not trying to jiwang-jiwang here..but..just enjoy the lyrics pal..

Begitu banyak cerita
Ada suka ada duka
Cinta yang inginku tulis
Bukanlah cinta biasa
Dua keyakinan beza
Masalah pun tak sama
Ku tak ingin dia ragu
Mengapa mereka selalu bertanya
( korus )Cintaku bukan diatas kertas
Cintaku getaran yang sama
Tak perlu dipaksa, Tak perlu dicari
Kerna kuyakin ada jawabnya oh...
Andai ku bisa merubah semua
Hingga tiada orang terluka
Tapi tak mungkin
Ku tak berdaya.Hanya yakin menunggu jawapnya

Janji terikat setiaMasa merubah segala
Mungkin dia kan berlalu
Ku tak mahu mereka tertawa
Diriku hanya insan biasa
Miliki naluri yang samaTak ingin berpaling
Tak ingin berganti
Jiwa ku sering saja berkata
Andai ku mampu ulang semula
Ku pasti tiada yang curiga
Kasih kan hadir
tiada terduga
Hanya yakin menunggu jawapan

Sweet Innocence..

I'm feelin a bit upset actualli,however,after talking to my best fren,i'm feeling much much better. Thanks KURSIAH for being there yah.I just need dose consoling werds at the moment. Thanks again.

Suddenly i was thinkin' of my adik-Nur Raihan.She's pretty occupied these days-teaching n studying. May she be a good Asatizah in the future-dats her dream yah.Ok,me gotta go continue werking...

Take care everyone!

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Nur Raihan

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Fully packed

On your Mark,Get Set, GO!!
Pheww...had a 'great' day at werk. I nearly went crossed eyes doing the I-score thingy. These days me helping Joyce a lot. I've yet to draft out the SOPs for our operational duties.maybe later I'll just sit down quietly n craft out something b4 Friday's meeting.
Oh..regarding the Wits Management Presentation, alhamdulillah,everything went on well.The turn up was good.I think all the guests enjoyed themselves especially when he started to gel in some jokes in between-just to be doubly sure dat the event nvr go dry.
I'm havin dat stomach cramp again...
When i reached home i saw my grandma smiling to herself n keep on lookin' at her dress.yeah,its her 'new dress'.My mom actuali sew it for her.Of course she doesn't noe how to make long gown but she just made a long baju kurong for her.Then she asked me if her dress was nice.Of course i wld say yes lah.Dis grandma of mine-its hard for me to either hate or like her.When i started to be furious at her the other side of me wld cool me off-tellin' me she just need our attention.
But things wld have been different if .....nvr mind,whats past was the past.
ok,i think i need to go off now...
I need to call my best fren,just in case I forgot yah..
goodnite everyone!!
p/s Uncle Hoi-stay cheerful ok.
pp/s Check out my pics at the Zoo --]Down Memory lane- The Zoo

Monday, May 09, 2005

De-stress day

De-stress Day

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Yeah,u c it..these are onli some of the pics taken last Sat! Me,my mom,bro in law n 2 sisters went to visit our distant relatives..hee hee,no lah...we went to the Zoo. The last time I went there..i think i wa still in secondary school.Waahh, how I've enjoyed myself there. I took nearly 150 pics,but of course i dun think i can upload all the fotos here since my PC lagged lah. Even though we reched there at ard 1030 in the morning ( n went back ard 4 in the afternoon) i guess i've still not completed my roundinglah.While the rest of my family members have complained of their tired legs, I was still happily snapping the fotos. The animal i loved best-the penguins.Gosh they were so cute n adorable.err,i even talked to them.hee hee...

ok,..enuff of dis zoo thingy...im quite exhausted actualli coz i'm busy preparing for the last min werk for our upcoming Wits Management Presentation,which is actuali tml lah.Well, what an 'active' organising committee we had; the onli pple realli werking hard are my boss n myself.In the end we took over everything- from the post of a floor manager-refreshment manager-registration-sound-visual....But i guess i took it easy since i was very much involved the last time round. So,tml u'll c me be the receptionist,usher,refreshment,time keeper,vote collector..Some pple just feel happy to shake legs hor..

At home- i dunno what else to say.What would u feel if u've to step on human's faeces most of the time?What would u feel if u have to bear the stinking smell of the human's pee? I'm trying very hard to bear it but....

See,sometimes i just couldn't open moi mouth,dats it,i'll start to complain.Bear wif me yah,dear blog readers..

ok,goodnite to everyone.I'll need to study for my exams aldy.

Chao aloha..


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Spare some thots...

Spare some thots...

Ok,I managed to upload some fotos of my younger sis's birthday celebration
Check dis out!!Happy 16th Birthday,Noraisah Riski!!
& also..as i was rummaging the old newspapers which i was abt to give to the Karang guniMan i came across dis article and let us sedekahkan fatehahs to these 2 men who have lost their lives recently.. (these 2 men were akhi Salleh's bros)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It wasn't easy...

It wasn't easy...

Goodnite everyone!!
Finally,I managed to blog from home.Well,I'm taking a break after doing some revision.My Pergas exams are nearing so I decided to study from afar.My exams are falling on days which they dun supposed to fall on.hee hee.Ape tidak on dat day 3 of my cuzins are getting married n of course my best fren's sister is getting married to.Fuuhoo...kena rewang babe!Kursiah,dun wori,i'll keep my promise.InsyaAllah I'll attend both the solemnisation & sanding.Tumpang gembira.(pause,my grandma has started to tell her stories again..emm..)
Not easy to menyelam sambil minum air uuh..ni lah my sis bukak topik psal umrah...then my grandma starts to bukak cerita jugak.
I'm feelin' better now..after talking to my best fren.Even if the talk nvr aim to resolve my problem,just by listening to her werds-soothing one,mind u,it just brought joy to my mind.THANKS Kursiah..for everything.I treasure ur frenship ok.Whateva happens,dunia akhirat u will always be my best fren.Remember dat ok.
Werk @ office was ok.Well,me, Rossiyah n Melin were trying to locate 500+ suggestions the Secretariat has yet to pay.It seems dat the mthly statistic didn't tally with my mthly payment.I did some investigative werk( dah mcm spy plak) n forward my report to my bosseslah.My intention of writing a report so as to improve on the processes n cover all the loopholes so dat we won't encounter such problems anymore.
ok,enuff of my office werk.
Wanna wish good luck to my sister who is having her mid yr exams rite now.
Still not to late for me to wish Yuhainis Djohan Khoo-Happy engagement! Dis gerl very jambulah,like pelakon Nisdawati.Selamat menempuh alam pertunangan.Its not easy i tell u but as long as you are patient with each other,insyaAllah,everything can be taken care of.
Leave u wif part of the lyrics of a Malay Song (suddenly mcm terasa gitu..hee hee):
Jika kau selam hati ini,pastinya engkau kan mengerti..
Betapa sucinya kasih ku,jgn diragu..
Jika kau rasa getarnya,debaran kasih cinta yg melara..