Thursday, April 27, 2006

JusT 4 FUN

JusT 4 FUN
For viewing pleasure...
some of my recently-taken fotos (courtesy from my sis's hplah!)

Rain, rain..go away..

=Rainy Day's entry=

My CD division closed shop today.
Director-still on MC
Lady Boss 1-on course
Lady Boss 2-on urgent leave
CDD Angel 1-on MC
What's left- 2 CDD angels.Oredi planning to play hide & seek wif my other half.

thot i would let my bloggie collect some dusts before i would do any update but not-so-frequent update is due to my sekejap-ada-sekejap-takde feverlah.Really! But alhamdulillah, after the vacci last Tues, i felt much much better.By the way, the jab was supposed to be part of my vacci before we can actually go for our bird culling exercise.Ok, enuff of my sickness...should we shift our attention to the election that we'll gonna have soon?Chet! I thought i can have the chance to vote but heard mine is going to be a walkover.Alah, tak shiok ah! Neway, i'm not into all these political stufflah..sensitive u!

I'm supposed to upload Marina's wedding pic but i've trouble uploading the foto here..isshh..gerammmnye!!

To Kursiah..jahat eh...suruh org cabut je! ok, ok, i see what can be done ok?*thinking hard* I love u my fren...more than anything.Thou we'll be far apart soon (bingit seh!), nothing can break off this frenship that we've had ok.We've grown up together rite?How about sitting on the wedding dais together?Me & Dear while u &....kwang kwang kwang.I'm a girl full of determination..u shld noe that by now so...i'll make sure something good pops up real soon..maybe before ur upcoming birthday?Hee hee..padan muka..dah panic kan?

Ohh...did i forget to my continue my story which I've promised earlier?Abt Dear proposing to me? Bole tahan kpo kawan2 aku ni! Actually the pic that u guyz seen earlier was a gold locket which my Dear has bought from Mecca.The gold locket which embedded the Kaabah marked the beginning of everything.I remembered, just after 2 days he came back from Mecca, he came & fetched me from school.While he was driving, he suddenly stopped at one of the petrol kiosk,quickly took out a box from his backpack and gave it to me.Hmmpphh, suspense jap.While i'm curious to know whats inside the box, i heard him saying,'If u accept it u have to accept me.." dah kira blackmail tau.But at that very moment i knew, he was the man that i wanted to be with all my life, insyaAllah.I just hope that i won't have to change my mind..hee hee.Haiii..sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit inikan pula si Chip & Dale duaorg ni.But after each day we realised we have to learn to compromise & trust.Its not easy tau.But like i said, i'm trying.Thanks to my bf, Kursiah,who never failed to make me look at the brighter side of my relationship with Dear.
Daahh..sudaahh...what are you pple thinking of? Me getting married soon?hmmmpphhh...*rolling my eyes*

Noorain oh Noorain....u r a brave gerl!! I aspire to be a brave gerl like u.*wink wink*

Coming up soon..
Attending my CDD Angel's wedding dinner on 7th May @ Grand Hyatt..
Organising a Mothers' Day dinner to be held on 12 May @ Furama Hotel..

ok ok....eehh...y r u still reading my blog! Go & do ur werklah!!

Salam alaik..

Thursday, April 20, 2006

2nd thot

Be a teacher?

Click on them to enlarge...

I had a good laugh!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

a quick one

=A quick one!=

Seems quite sometimes since i've done my last update.Loads of things to update but i'm just plain lazy to type.Is there any way i can update using my mind onli?sumeting like telephathylah. i wld just need to do some thinking & words would appear across the screen.Kan, kan, kan..jah dah merepek lagik.For the sake of some pple who have came up to me & asked me to update, i will just update lor.I will keep to 5 mins thou.hee hee

My Gooody Friday was spent in JB.Actually we intend to go Malacca, howeve since my Dad cld not get his leave on Sat all plans changed.We set off @ 0830 & reached Kotaraya onli @ 1130.Yeah, u guessed correctly. We were stuck in a traffic jam! While waiting for my Dad & bro in law performed their FRiday prayers, my Mom, sisters & tawaf the whole Kotaraya.To be frank-i couldn't actually recall how many rounds we made.Think i made some frenz along the way ah; wif the salesgerls.Kena plak ngan my Mom yg over peramah, dgn semua org yg dia strike conversation.Then we headed off to Giant @ Pelentong for a shopping, correction, to do our grocery shoppinglah.Yg ni mmg my Mom punye fave! Finally we zoomed to X-tra supermarket to perform our Maghrib & complete off the tour of the day.Again we were stuck in a traffic jam for abt 2hrs plus. I slept & woke up & slept again..& we reached home ard 2330hrs.Cool eh?

Saturday was supposed to be another family day minus my Dad but at the last min, a lot of changes were made! My Mom ended up kai-kai alone, my 2 sisters & bro in law went to National Library (step Bookworms!) while me & Dear went scouting for my Bag.Since my Bro in law used the car that day, me & Dear ended up taking the crazy train & cab.Again we changed our plans along the way.We ended up @ Geylang instead of Beach Rd.Dear bought 3 baju kurungs for himself.But since i nearly need a bag badly & he wanted to eat @ Beach Rd equally badly, we headed to Beach Rd.I came across a Kappa leather bag & my heart & soul quickly set on it but to my dismay when i wanted the salesman to bring down the bag ,since its hung a bit too high up, he told me "U want to buy or not? Otherwise i cannot take it down!" Siao! Dear quickly grabbed my arm & pulled me away.Of course iif he hadn't pulled me away i wld have argued wif the man.You think i'm hard up for your stuff eh? However, my anger jap je.I was then greeted by this middle-aged man, thou he looked quite uneducated, he treated us like his customers. That shld be the way. Thou i dun really aim for that bag, Dear finally bought it for me coz we found the salesman really nice & above all, very friendly.Steadylah uncle!!
After we had our dinner, as we were hurrying off, we saw NUNU & we saw my 2 sisters & bro in law.We waited till they finished their meals & we went to Boat Quay to do enjoy the cool breeze there....I'll try to upload the pics we've taken, if i can get them out from my sis's hp.

This teeny weeny portion is for Dear.Thou i didn't get to spent much time wif u, u'll make sure i feel guilty of it by giving me surprises.At times u wld just popped up during my lunchtime just to make sure i have my lunch, be at my void deck just pass me chewing gums etc etc.And you have the habit to 'misplace' my shoes nicely everytime we perform our prayers together at a mosque.(i have the habit to shove my shoes to one side & the minute i'm gone u wld pick them up & put them nicely on the rack)Naik manja & mengada2lah say!.Above all i thank u for being such a caring person.Thou u never present me wif flowers or ever proposed me on your bended knee(s) i still think u r romantique in one way or another.Y am i being soo mushy-mushy?Its just so not like me!Oh, by the way,how did he proposed me eh?hee hee...i think i'll just tell ya all in my next entrylah k..For a hint, see the pic below...

To moi dear Boss, hmmpphh, thks for the lunch treat @ Warung Lele yesterday k.And nice hp u got there!

I do hope i can finish my hwk on time.I spent 2hrs @ the Library & i couldn't find much reference to complete my hwk.Stress jap.. all, have a lovely Tuesday!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Let the Secrets Remain...

Siti Nurhaliza - Biarlah Rahsia
Lagu: Melly Goeslow
Lirik: Siti Nurhaliza

Pernahkah kau bermimpi seketika
berada di tempat ku
membayangkan pahit manis
berlaku tiada siapa yang tahu

mungkin nanti kau jua merasakan
berdepan dengan kata menyesatkan
tak kan ku
tiada pertimbangan

keheningan malam membalutkan
kepayahan jiwa meluahkan
andai kau jujur memahami
tiadaku menjauhi

dan kisahku yang masih panjang
menambahkan berat yang memandang
lantasku pendam ku putuskan
biarlah rahsia

semakin aku hitung dalam cinta
tiada kuasa mampu menghalangnya
hentikan kata-kata bertulangkan dusta

keheningan malam membalutkan
kepayahan jiwa meluahkan
andai kau jujur memahami
tiada ku menjauhi

***dan kisahku yang masih panjang
menambahkan berat yang memandang
lantas ku pendam ku putuskan
biarlah rahsia
***dan kisah ku yang masih panjang
menambahkan berat yang memandang
lantas ku pendam ku putuskan
biarlah rahsia


Yeshhh!!!! I'm left all to myself in ofis.My 4 CDD angels are @ IPAM to attend the 1st half of the staff conference.I opted to go the 2nd half since there's nobody to man e CDD fort.But i'm not going to enjoy myself since i've loads & loads of werk to complete.But how??i dunno where & what to start. Neway, i'm really really glad dat dis staff conference thingy has finally happened & dat wld literally meant I've stepped down from my title- as a post production crew. It had not been easy.Me & e rest werked like crazy u noe! Thk goodness i've great pple to werk wif esp my Rosy Boss & my all time fave neighbour-Melvin.:O
I also need to make some apologies here. Thruout my busy schedule i tend to 'ignore' my loved best fren & Dear. Guys-i'll still be busy tau..but i'll make it up to both of u.hee hee.
To Dear-masih merajuk ngan saya ye? *wink wink*
oklah...there's a little surprise awaiting u pple-who have been religiously reading my blog.eemm..see if i'm in a good mood..i'll pen them down here..otherwise...