Monday, April 30, 2007

cOOL BLuE Mun-DaNe

Office today seems a bit quiet.
Our cdd fort is only managed by M & myself.The other 3 have went for their urgent leave, mc & off day.

Yesterday, the first half of my sunday was spent @ Eunos CC since I need to help out with Sumi to video-cam her majlis haflah (read: something like speech day).Whaoo, the whole event just brought me back to the days when I have to participate actively in haflah besides having to compete for one of the top 3 position in class every year.If by any chance u guys noe me during those days where we attended our religious classes together do drop me an email yah.

Primary education : Madrasah Talabil Falah (Clementi)
Secondary education : Masjid Darussalam, Almas (Madrasah Aljunied)
Tertiary Education : Pergas

And here I am, constantly groomed to become a good Muslimah.Now that my weekend was not occupied with any religous classes, i felt a bit empty.Really.But i'm on a lookout to attend Arabic lesson.My last Arabic lesson was with Perdaus & i guess the class was closed due to poor response.
till then...
a song to depict my emotions rite now

Kerana Terluka (sung by NURUL)

Beratnya rasa hati nak melangkah pergi
Tetapi apakan daya aku terpaksa
Buat kali terakhir inginku mengucapkan
Semoga dirimu berbahagia selalu
Tentang diriku ini...Terserah padaMu Tuhan menentukan
Tak perlu kau bertanya ke mana ku pergi
Pandailah aku menjaga diriku ini
Sekali kumelangkah oh biarlah ku teruskan
Perjalanan ini walaupun sendirian
Hanya Tuhan yang tahu dukalara hidupku ini..Tak terkata, aduhai sayang
Ku masih lagi teringat
Bicaramu yang terakhir
Pedihnya hingga menikam kalbu..bisanya.
Selamat tinggal sayangku
Selamat tinggal kasihku
Aku terpaksa pergi dahulu
Kerana terluka hati ini
Kiranya tempias membasahai jendelamu..Itulah airmata yang jatuh di pipiku
Kiranya sang bayu menyentuhi paras wajahmu..Oh itulah rinduku yang menyebut namamu
Setelah sekian lama tak jumpa

Friday, April 27, 2007


Promotion 1

Malam Citra Tari: Gejolak
by Perkumpulan Seni
Date: 5 May 2007 (Saturday)
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Victoria Theatre
Tix: $15 (first few front rows after the halfway aisle)

It's essentially a malay dance but mostly towards malay contemporary. It's not really the traditional ones you may have watched on tv or back in school. There will be Zynal (M Nasir's bro) and Man Toyak singing onstage as well (the singing is incorporated into the dance). Sarkasi Said will also be painting as the whole performance is ongoing.

sounds good? Hurry hurry!! Email me for more details!


Promotion 2

27 - 29 Apr 2007 (Fri - Sun)
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till then..enjoy ur weekends peeps!
Lets get BEEsy

Yeap, coming May AVA will be up for its SQC renewal. Just a flashback- in Apr 2004 (way before i joined) AVA has been awarded the Singapore Quality Class (SQC).But it did not stopped there thou.For every 3 yrs, assessors from Spring S'pore will come down to AVA to re-certify this SQC status.As my division has been solely put in charge to ensure things get done, that would xplain my bz-ness for now.

How time flies, and its oredi Friday.Can u believe it? My weekend has oredi been well-scheduled.haizzz.

Guyz, a 1000 apologies if u cldn't get me @ my mobile these days.Its either i off it or i divert it.I need to get that 'peace', u see.But i oredi told some of u that if u need to find me, u noe what to do.I'm rehabilitating lah, so paham2 jelah ye.

Ohh, in any case u r wondering & searching for entries in my archives on whats actually happening to my life, then i suppose u r just wasting ur time. i dun divulge my too personal interests here; online. =0

Having said dat,lemme end this post with a cute pic.

5 we come!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

SprinkLe some LoveS pls..

Happy 18th B'day to my dear adik, Noraisah Bte Riski! (phew! siap nama penuh seh!) which falls today, 25 Apr.

Thou we are 10 yrs apart, we still look alike (thou u stand taller than me.hmmph!)

Study hard sis & dun disappoint us, esp Father okie?

oppss..b4 i forget..

to my 2 pink princesses:

Nursyasya Ezza whose 10th b'day fell on 21 Apr


Nursyafiqah who also celebrates her 10th b'day today, 25 Apr!

And to my lovely mom who'll turn 50 this 29 Apr..Happy Advanced B'day yah!I noe i've not been a good daughter to u, but u've been & always be my best Mom.=)

till then...just a pix to end this post.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dr Jekyll or Ms Hyde?

Do u ever ponder if what u see its not what u actually look?
really..look again.just look whats in front of u..can u see it?
see with ur eyes but look with ur heart.
over the time i've seen who were my frens but as i look deeper..
i can then see my true friends.
naah,,i'm not crabbing here lah.Believe me pls.There are better crabs out there.hee pun intended huh.Sometimes i do wonder if blogging serves as a platform for ranting or bragging? i'm confused.Yeah, yeah, i've heard e saying "if u r not happy with e content of the post just stop reading" but..oppss..i better not elaborate then.=)
Marina: 11 or 18 May seems a good date for a good date with si merah-kemerahan?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Menadah Gerimis

Bagaikan terdengarnya suara
Menghakis mengikis naluri
Mengeruhkan jernih suasana
Dan meretak harapan

Tiada erti aku merindu
Jika kau tak ingin bertemu
Apa gunanya bercinta di dalam kepura-puraan
Yang lafaz cinta hanya di bibir
Namun diri tak seringnya hadir
Di saat engkau diperlukan aku hampa

Usah dikelirukan cinta
Yang terkusut jiwa merana
Jangan dengan separuh hati
Diri ini kau cintai

Usahlah renung hanya di mata
Benamkanlah ke dasar hati
Renunganmu telusnya pasti
Berarash ke syurga cinta

Menanti kunjungan hampir pasti
Mengharap titis embun pagi
Dan bagai menadah gerimis
Yang masih pulang pergi

As i stepped into my office just now, i thot my watch was not working.Its onli 0710 & i'm oredi in office?Let me tell u, its still pretty dark then coz the lights will automatically switched on onli @ 0730.Thanks to ED (read: economic drive).blueekk.Whats the big difference of having the power on & when needed, we'll switch it on ourselves?As if we are small kids.=(

For the past few weeks i've been hearing abt broken relationships; ranging from failed marriages & long-term relationships to the on-off relationships.I was devastated yet helpless.As i listened to them, i consoled myself by saying dat afterall-mine didn't looked so bad.Yeap, those who knew my stories (read: genuine, straight from MY mouth) always asked me the same question-"How did u manage to go thru it?u looked so un-disturbed!" Actually its not my nature to be soft most of the times but i kept asking myself-does retaliation leads to anything?Do confrontations solve the problems? If the answers to both questions are "NO" then i rather keep myself quiet.I believe when things dun work, it means blessings.As I mentioned earlier, when pple don't hear ur side of story, they may start making assumptions & wild rumours will start to spread.But who cares rite?I went thru them, not once but twice.Its not the case of once bitten twice shy-but its the case of twice stung so be strongER.

To my dear sweetie Mar kecik-i noe u can go thru this.He's not WORTH ur love dear.Just let him go & shut him totally from ur life.U r still young, be as gila2 as possible will ya?InsyaAllah, if we have the time, we'll visit our dear frenz @ ROMM? Lets tear down the place! opssss! =)

To bestie, still thinking abt 'it'? As we ponder abt 'dat' matter,i noe u will make good decisions for the betterment of u & e pple ard u.Past my remarks, if need be.Save those which u think its worthwhile.I'm not in any better position to advise u, but i just want u to see things from a different perspectives.Till then, keep me updated hor!

Marina, i think we can go for outing in May..will let u noe of the possible dates later.Am very excited to go out with Umairah.Don't u, Auntie Sumi & Auntie Ain? hee hee!

ok, i think i need to start my engine oredi.I need to do some reconciliation on my stats figures.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Yipeee!! Someone is back in the hse!! Sape lagi kalau tak Cik Marina kita.She really have a good time resting at home while of course looking after her adorable sweety daughter.Marina, just bring ur daughter to work lah, i can be her babysitter, Ain the twins.WE can be her GOD-MOMMIES.

what am i blabbering? The office seems quiet.Most of them have went to Ngee Ann Poly for the staff conference rehearsal.Gosh, I've to drag myself there this Sat.Thanks to "someone's" idea dat this conference thingy be held outside working hrs.But am glad that we'll be entitled to half day off. hmmpphh, let me see, when can i take a day off.

I'm lying rite if i say dat i'm not upset over what has happened?Of course, u can see me laughing, smiling, cracking jokes but well..the swell is still there & it may really take its time to heal.=)

okie, my fren is here to disturb me..its GiLa2 time! till then ....byeeeeeeee!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

The CaLm Sea

Alhamdulillah, the storm has stopped & e heart has stopped pondering. All questions have been answered & life has to move on.

Never have I regret over what has happened.Let the good memories stayed on while the bad ones be erased from my life..totally.

Let the bygones be bygones.Period.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The SiLent KiLLeR

I cldn't resist blogging abt this, early in e morning.Bad start. duuuh!
An old chinese man (read: old but chi-ko-pek) sat bside me just now during my journey to werk.After about 5mins, i smelt something bad, really bad.When i turned my head at him, he gave me dat kind of chi-ko-pek look. I quickly stood up & took my position nxt to the train door. Dats it.I won't compromise that kind of smell.I can tolerate those rubbish-chute smell but not your smelly fart.I rather it be heard & no smell but when its silent, i bet u, it may kill u slowly.

Well, its not my first time encountering such thing lah, at least i would face the same situation once a week. Call it a bonus if u want. =(

Today, 2 of my tuitees will be having their Sports Day. Both wanted me to be there.Felt bad that i couldn't fulfill their requests.All i wished to them was 'good luck' & to bring the medals back for me to see.

Yesterday's lesson with Syasya was also great. She has learnt to talk thou.Asked abt her dreams, came the soft yet full of excitement reply- "I want to be an air-stewardess.But if i changed my mind, i be a doctor lah but see first lah,if my Math is good."At least this small lil girl had her dreams in front of her.

Talking abt being good in Math, i do hope e Malay community won't let the stigma of Malay equals to Poor Math sticking to them too long.If other races can do it, u can do it too! I was poor in Math too. Real poor. But when i was in Pre-U, things started to take its change. My interest towards Math climaxed.Not to brag, but i was among the top student in Math (only!).There was something in numbers that thrilled me.When i had my first permanent job, I decided to work in a bank.

My Rosy boss in still on mc & i'll c her onli nxt Mon.I'm not so productive these days.Really.Work is piling up yet...=(

I'm taking things a lil bit better still i fear that i won't be up for it when the time comes.
till then...
bye bye.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Having almost everyone to be concern of me was purely heaven.I am grateful 4 dat.Thou i didn't express my gratitude openly, u noe me rite? May Allah blessed u all! ( u noe who u r)
Having said dat, i just do hope when the time comes, i'll be mentally & physically prepared for 'it'.I noe, a few hearts will be broken & tears will be shed. To top it all,potential accusations are waiting to point at me thou.Redha. Thats e only fallback i've now.
andai ku tahu,from Ungu a beautiful song. deem the lyrics & u'll get what i mean.(well, it does not relate to dis post thou)

click here to go to the link >>