Monday, October 31, 2005

Hari raya-off mode

Hari Raya-'Off' mode

I reached werk quite early just now. As usual, when i reached office, i do a quick flip of my TODAY n started to bz myself. 3 more days to go yet i still couldn't feel it.Yeap, i was hoping it will still be Ramdhan for the nxt 10 days.As my mind was floating, i was awaken by my boss's early entrance.She usually comes in at 0900hrs but today a bot early. As usual she started to ask me on my Raya's preparations bla bla bla. Think i was not at my perky mood so i wa lyke giving her a one-2-one Q & A. (read: Tanya sepatah,jawab sepatah)
Tonite i'll be collecting my cookies from Cik Shidah's house. Ok,now dat y all knew dat all cookies & snacks were not made by urs truly..kalau tak sedap biskut2 tu dun blame me eh. Some of my dad's students gave cartons of soft drinks, kek kukus, kek lapis..*thinking of all these food make me hungry plak..hee hee*

To my best fren..KURSIAH OSMAN..I miss ya like craZy..thot we an have our last Iftar together. gerL-learn to let go ok.* u noe i noelah*

Paran,Paran,Paran..cepat balik S'pore. I miss..miss..ur Murukulah..*chuckle*

My Raya pon cannot be enjoyed to the fullest coz I'll be having my Pergas exams for 2 consecutive Sundays..
ok,i wanna perform my Zuhur prayers dulu...

till then..SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN to all bloggers out there...=D

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Feel it?


Salam. Well, 7 more days & we'll enter SyawaL. To be frank, i'm not feeling its presence.Baju raya pon belum dijahit.Its ok, i still have some brand new ones and insyaAllah my Mom will sew for me one too. My elder sis aldy bought me a bag & i still have 2 pairs pf shoes which i'll wear only on certain special occasions. Yeap,my Raya dis yr will be a plain one but it will still be a joyous one. *wink wink*

Ok,gotta start werk. 4 e past few days i've been reaching my werkplace quite early coz i gotta clear some stuff.Been pretty bz too.
To my frenz who have been asking me out for Iftar, sorry guyz, guess we have to wait for nxt yr lah...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Foto GallerY

Since i have problem uploading e fotos in my multiply a/c, i guess i'll just post them here..=D enjoy....

Free Image Hosting at

Wif e twins

Free Image Hosting at

Receiving e present from Noorain

Free Image Hosting at
FaziLah- e joker

Free Image Hosting at
Wif Marina & Cumi

Free Image Hosting at
I lurve e B'day Card

Free Image Hosting at

Unwrapping my prezzie

Free Image Hosting at
Its a Watch from 25Hr

Free Image Hosting at
Wif my bf

Free Image Hosting at
Belinjau crisps from Bali Thai

Free Image Hosting at
Showing off my food

Free Image Hosting at
Pineapple fried rice (not so nice!)

Free Image Hosting at
Tom Yam in a tiny Pot

Free Image Hosting at

Cumi Bakar

Free Image Hosting at

Kway Teow wif Gravy

Free Image Hosting at
Tom Yam in a bowL

Free Image Hosting at
Waah..makan tak toleh2!

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at
Some of my prezzies. Thks Frenz!

My 26th B'day

Happy 26th B'day to Me

No werds to express my gratitude to those who have roped in to make my 26th B'day a pleasant one. Feeling artist jap!!!

Thou my AVA colleagues made me do e craziest pose-from e bottom of my heart-i did enjoyed them. Liana-tak nak tukar profession??(dis gerl will capture every movement of urs).

I lurve e prezzie..really..thks Ain,Marina,Sumi,Diana,Liana & Fazilah.

Not my best fren, Kursiah..thks 4 e dinner @ Bali Thai. Ok,we did xperienced bad service but we didn't let it spoil our mood. thks dear 4 everything.

For my sis Noraini-berapa kali nak cakap yg i like ur prezzie?thks kak!

My hp pon tak stop vibrating wif Sms & pic messages..thks thks thks...

And to Paran..if u reading dis..u owe me one SRK song...hee hee.

i'm having a bit of prob to upload my fotos here...i'll try to upload em at home...

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Pics Pics Pics
Finally its Lunchtime...
No food..but some pics for your feast..hee hee

Click here

Monday, October 17, 2005

LoveLy MondaY

LoveLy MonDaY

Its Monday again. I thought I have had enuff sleep over e weekend but..err..still not enufflah.Must compensate all those hrs where I was awake..but i realised dat e more sleep u get the sleepier u got. Really. Very clear evidence can be seen just by looking @ my Grandma.She can sleep e whole day but can't stop yawning @ nite.Sori Nek, terngumpat plak bulan2 puasa ni.

Last Friday evening, the whole lot of us - Myself, Noorain, Marina, Sumi, Twins & Fazilah went to Hajjah Maimunah @ Arab street to have our dinner together. It was fun & luckily Ain & Twins brought their camera to capture those happy moments.Make sure u guyz keep a lookout for the fotos.. While some of us were performing Maghrib prayers we have aldy some freelance models to pose @ all angles @ Arab Street. CooL.Semua kira step models ah. Ok, I've to admit it too, after e prayers me joined in the fun too.Mabok jap. Then its time to bid goodbye-while e rest went back me waited for my bro in law to fetch me & then we headed straight to Mustaffa Centre. Ok,ok..i knew dat place was always crowded wif the Bangladesh/ Indian nationals but they are human beings rite? They are entitled to every fun & freedom.No matter how much I dislike the sight of them dashing blindly across e road & appearing from nowhere out of e sudden, i still value them coz without them, there will be less pple doing e 'dirty' job. Singaporeans can be 'high class' when choosing jobs; leaving behind all these jobs to the Bangladeshi, Indians, Thais,Filipinos..*sigh*

*on a serious note* Actually i hate to blog my problem here coz i hate to be figurised as a weakling & dumber.I guess privacy doesn't exist in the blogging werld. Agree?

As much as i wanted to look happy everyday, dat same amount of strength I used to chase away my problems.I kept telling myself dat dear God knew I still have e strength to ovrcome all odds & till e moment i can't take it anymore all these will stop.*pause*

Setting aside my problem, recently i met my gerlfren (who's younger than me).I was supposed to pass her some of e rempeyek samples.Then we started to talk on strained relationships, pre marital sex, abortion...I was a bit shocked when she told me she has an abortion recently; her second one actually. I was upset not becoz she did e abortion but e fact dat she knew it was sinful yet she did it.And to rub salt on my wound, she can even relate to me dat she can't pray coz she's always on hadath besar which mean she has sex wif her boyfren almost most of e time.The best part- the guy's family welcome her presence everywhere in e house at e same time taking advantage of her financial stability since their son is still an NS-man. Even to sleeping together in e same room,on e same bed is nothing to them. I told my gerlfren to breal off wif her boyfren as he's good for nothing & dats obviously proven. Again i'm upset,who is to be blamed? the gerL, e guY , e gerL's parents or e guy's parents?? Aren't they afraid what await them @ the afterlife?? My dear gerlfren, if u happen to read dis, pls dear, as a fren i plead to u, a woman's modesty is everything to a woman.Where's your sensibility?Gone just like dat? I care & dat explained y i still bother to advice u.
While i'm relating all these to u, i prayed to God dat dis won't happen to the pple ard me whom i loved & cherished.
When i checked my email this morning, i received an email from my bestfren- all you need to know on Abortion. Not again....=(

Monday, October 10, 2005



Busy Monday but I managed to find out that I've been tagged.Waah, i thot i wld be spared from this virus...emm,thks to Nursha, kan Mak dahnak kena start e list aldy. Ok,to add in e fun, all answers will be spontaneous. hee hee..*grining*

Seven things that sCare Me
  1. The Almighty Allah swt
  2. My Dad
  3. Creepy Crawlers (but i lurve to kill them)
  4. Death (belum cukup amal!)
  5. Immediate/Sudden termination! (my Nunu will be gone first!)
  6. Chi-ko-pek(perverts)
  7. Liars

Seven things that I Like Most

  1. Praying( dats when I feel so close to God)
  2. My Family (esp my Dad)
  3. NUNU (my car)
  4. Making frenz
  5. Babies (still hoping for my lil niece/nephew to pop out soon!)
  6. Kittens (reminds me of my late Pipin)
  7. Joking

Seven most imPortant things in my Room

  1. My telukung (kalau ade sejadah takkan takde telukung!)
  2. My sejadah
  3. My bed (its time to pamper myself coz i've been sleeping on mattress till i shifted to my new home)
  4. TV & Hi-fi
  5. My Quran
  6. My Bags (coz dats where I dumped my books!)
  7. My hp (dat xplain y i always missed calls)

Seven Random Facts about me

  1. Hyper (unless i'm bogged down wif werk & troubled)
  2. Friendly
  3. Caring
  4. Loving
  5. Curious (dis xplain my k-poness sumetimes)
  6. Hardwerking
  7. Always smiling (mcm kerang busuk)

Seven Things I plan to do before I die

  1. Look after my parents weLL
  2. Perform my haj
  3. Have my own family
  4. Produce one Malay noVeL?(gosh!4 kids maybe?hee hee)
  5. Travelling
  6. Open up a learning centre for kids!
  7. Be Someone useful to the country & community (pweitt!)

Seven things I can Do

  1. Pray (of course)
  2. Recite the Quran (but not much of a melody ah!)
  3. Iron my Dad's clothes
  4. Clean & decorate e house
  5. Cooking (pple say my asam pedas is nice tau)
  6. Can smile even thou nothing to make me smile
  7. Sing (bakat terpendam)

Seven Words I say the Most

  1. Emmm
  2. Mak
  3. Bapak
  4. Aishah (my younger sis)
  5. Kak (my elder sis)
  6. Bang Mamud (bro in law)
  7. Nek (my grandma who is staying wif me)

Seven Celeb Crushes

  1. Amr Diab (dats obvious!)
  2. Mawi AF3
  3. Azhar Noor Lesta (always berangan he'll be my hubby..hee hee)
  4. Syah Ibrahim
  5. Nura J
    (lurve her blogging)
  6. Daud Yusoff (news presenter; putih melepak,I'll watch e news if he's reading it!)
  7. Ako Mustaffa (cool man!)

Seven pple i'll love to see doing this

  1. My best fren (too bad she doesn't blog!)
  2. Yuhainis (since u've not been blogging 4 quite some times)
  3. Nursha (since u spread e virus to me)
  4. Mawi (dis one confirm takde harapan) least i rest my mind.Gonna perform my Zuhur prayers.

Boss, hope u r ok?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Falling & Learning

Image hosted by

My 'secret admiree'-MAWI AF3

Ever since I watched his video CD..I've fallen in lurve wif this chap.Naahh..not dat kind of gila bayang punya caselah..its just dat i tend to find myself getting so excited everytime i hear his name being e way if u have yet to get to noe him-he's Mawi -winner from AF3.Ok,i noe i'm a bit backdatedlah,while my aunties uncles were talking abt him i was lyke-who is dis guy??Then finally when my aunt bought & gave my Mom e CD,accidentally i saw him & when i saw him singing dat 'Seroja' song i was aldy wishing dat he wld appear in at least 1 out of my 7 dreams.Jijah!! Stop it will you.ok-ok,enuff of Mawi.I wish him all e best in his singing carrer.Guess what! He's ever participated in e Tilawah.No wonder he has good voice.Correction.He doesn't actually has a good voice(his voice is a combi of M Nasir,Jamal Abdillah..) but his is on the sengau side a bitlah.But u shld hear him sing nasyid...makhraj hurufnya sungguh dalam & pekat.

I can't stop,takkan nak minum air eh...=D

At least today I accomplished a lot of things.On one hand i have to keep chasing my colleagues for things which they owe me.I feel bad actually.But putting feelings aside..i have to be a bit 'hard'lah.Very unlike me.

During lunch time,i spent some time talking to Paran.3 things i learnt from him today (pls bear in mind dat he's a Malaysian Indian & a Hindu too)-

  1. Baju Kurung & Baju Melayu are 2 different things.Trust me,up till now i still couldn't accept e fact dat they r 2 different subjects.Ok Jijah,admit it.U r poor in ur Malay!

  2. Nasi Empet = Ketupat which can come either in plastic or janur..

  3. I shld read & deepen my knowledge on Islam.I guessed Paran's knowledge on Islam is very very deep.Urs truly felt so small.

Wif regards to Item 3, i guess i read less these days.I tend to read novels & other english books, always telling myself dat i'll read my school books cum Islam books b4 dozing off to sleep. Books from Imam Ghazali,Yusoff Qardawi..& many more books which discussed on contemporary issues which were highly debated these days were displayed tidily in my cupboard. What telah happen Jijah?A good Muslim woman does not onli cover herself up but she has be Muslim as a whole.As a consolation,I have my Dad to guide me but i can't solely depend on him rite?Alhamdulillah & insyaAllah..the fundamentals of Islam are at e back of my head but to really go out & preach abt Islam-i still have no confidence in it.My dad always remind me dat wif the Diploma in Islamic Studies dat i'm getting soon will enable me to teach but still urs truly is afraid. I wld rather keep a low profile of myself...

ok,another few more mins b4 i can go back.

Hope my lil sis won't call me,otherwise like yesterday she called me to accompany her to buy male & female flowers.Yaahh,dun laugh ok.I actually went to 2 shops at JP to ask the sales assistants to give me a female & male flower.Buat malu aje si Aisah ni.She need those flowers for her Bio practical class.I used to be in a pure Bio class,tak pernah kena beli bunga Jantan or bUnga betina.

alritey,i've to make my exit soon...

p/s i thot i saw PM yesterday...but i nvr smilelah..mana tahu salah org

pp/s I'm craving for Mee Bandung

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

meaningful inspirations

MeaningfuL Inspirations

Just some of the golden werds which were forwarded to me by my dear colleague-Marina.Read them..Very motivating!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ramadhan Oh Ramadhan

Ramadhan Oh Ramadhan

Finally..Ramadhan is back & me realli realli looking forward for it.I guess i will make full use of it to do some soul searching & increase my ibadah & doas. I truly believe dats the only way out to my mind which u can call it 'unstable' rite now.hee hee..tapi ni bukan tak stable unsoundlah..its just dat i am not sure whether e decisions that I've made & making r e rite ones.Pheww...ok,lets just hope i'll be a better person afterwards,insyaAllah...

actually rite now i'm in a 'business' mode.I've put up an order list in my multiply a/c offering a range of snacks such as potato chips,tapioca chips etc. Do take a look @ them...if you are interested do email me ur order b4 19 Oct. I guarantee you the price dat i offered is not so highlah... me skipped lunch.Entahlah..mcm takde mood.Its either i've got loads of werk to do (Jijah,stop complaining!!) or its just dat i'm too excited to fast.*chuckle*