Thursday, December 27, 2007

The short Getaway

My stay in Malacca for 3 days & 2 nights was definitely not enuff for me! Thou most of the time we spent driving on the 1-way roads in circles, we never lose our way.Unfortunately,my cravings for Peranakan food was not met.Traffic was horrible but the drivers there were willing to give way.All you need to do is to wave & smile.Besides making our rounds to the places of Interests, this I've to admit was not to my liking.I didn't take History during my sec school days therefore historical dates, landmarks, pple seems to be aliens to me.Ironically, we didn't pay much attention to hotspots such as the Mahkota Parade, Jonkers Walk but we merely set our targets on places where we can park conveniently.And have i told you that one of our cars was fined?Of course I admitted that we didn't park where it should be, but im furious that the parking attendant nvr pay much attention to a Malaysian-registered car which had even broke the law before us & was parked right in front of us.Whether its prejudice or a case of overlook,that, i wont comment! Well, i don't know for sure how fines are dealt there but i heaved a relief when we were given a 50% discount on the amount.Great isnt't it? Dah mcm shopping voucher.

As for now, lets just enjoy the slideshow?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SaLam AidiLadHa

Early in the morning Sumi & I set off to Kampung Senang for our volunteer work. We were there for a Christmas Party with e residents there.Besides interacting with the elderly, the children there also nvr failed to cheer us up.And today too, i learnt fishing.Dun believe me?

Last Mon, Syafiqah accompanied me to the service ctr to collect NUNU.While we were in the car....

Iqah : (Glancing at the auto gear box) Kak Jijah, what does L stands for?

Me : Guess lah..

Iqah : hmmpphh...i noe! I noe! L stands for Landing!

Me : ??!!! Of course not! Ape ingat aeroplane ke? L stands for Low speed.So, what do u think N stands for?

Iqah : Nothing.

Me : ??!!!! (I give up!)

Till then, to all my fellow Muslims, Salam Aidiladha!

Monday, December 17, 2007


Today I'm on leave again...and while waiting for NUNU to be serviced, here i am, at the library doing some research & browsing some books.Relax babe! When i thot im enjoying the serenity & peace, my Mom called.Hissh...ada je.

By the way,I can't wait for 22 Dec...really! Me & bro in law have sat down & planned our trip well.Yeah, for some this Melaka trip is no big deal but for me & family its something worth it since its been quite some time since we last travelled..till then..TUngguuuu...=D

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Sleeping late is a norm to me.Sometimes i do find difficulties to put my eyelids together.But when im struck with sleepiness, i will even lie anywhere, just name it..even if its on my sejadah, just to get a 5 mins quick nap.
And now, i think, im like a zombie.Well, i was still at the airport after midnite! I was there to send off my aunt & uncle who will be performing their Haj dis yr.
Looking at them bring me back to the days when me & sisters sent off our parents to Haj.At that point of time i then realised that i'll miss them & had nvr spend enuff time wif them.I was always waiting for their phonecalls & just hearing to their voices will sadden me.
2 of my lady bosses are on leave hee hee...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Feeling Wonderful is indeed a Wonder

I couldn't help feeling uneasy since morning & i dunch noe why till dat alarm @ 0900 finally ticked off.I've forgotten to set the alarm off to mark one yr of dat date.Ouch!Why am i still feeling the pinch?

Spent my weekend at my cuzin's wedding.She looked wonderful & pretty even in her late thirties.Thou it was rainiing non-stop yesterday, dat nvr lessen the crowd at the reception.Even the Saturday crowd was superb!

Finally, the relatives' weddings were over but still i've not been stripped from my weekend driver title.This cuming weekend, i'll be gg over to my uncle's house for kenduri arwah and Sun will be filled will 3 wedding receptions.....Belum kahwin dah bnyk jemputan!

And finally, some pics to add color to ur bluey mon..(c'mmon guys..another few more hrs & it will be end of the day!)

Me, Aaliyah, Adilah (Aishah's adorable gerlz)

The driver's pose

Sisters' act

Friday, December 07, 2007

Just Relax
the theme for dis yr yr end party was 'Just Relax'. I must say dat the org comm were very creative to have such decos.Soothing to the eyes yah? Our group, the Happy Family, really enjoyed ourselves.We din care if we win or lose, the more impt thing, we enjoyed ourselves, rite gerls? Our grp won the 1st prize.Not much photos taken but let's make do of what we have okie?

At a campsite?!!

Tak cycling kat east coast, kat sini pun jadilah!

Yeah, lets get drunk!

Sumi, pulling e cork out of the bottle

Ain, feeling high oredi

Too much sorrow since i didn't win any of the lucky draw gifts

Disclaimer: Of course the drink was what u call...Sparkling Grape Juice. =))

In case anyone got panic to see us's a cute pic with a cute boy & girl in it.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Melukut di tepi gantang~Aisyah
Di malam nan sunyi
Duduk ku termenung seorang diri
Di jendela sepi
Hingga dini hari
Ku menantikan kepulanganmu
Namun kata hanya sekadar
Tinggal kata-kata

Bagaikan melukut di tepi gantang
Begitulah aku di dalam hidupmu
Ada tiada tak memberi kesan
Hanya aku menanggung

Dulu pernah kau katakan sayang
Ingin mendengar ku berlagu riang
Menawar duka laraku
Lupakan saja
Derita yang berlalu
Tapi mengapa dirimu kasih
Ibarat lalang ditiup angin
Kasihmu diracun oleh kata fitnah
Penuh hina hingga kini

Kau biarkan saja
Diriku menanggung sepi
Dengan irama dukaku yang tak
Bermakna bagimu

And I'm finally Back??!
Assalamualaikum wr wb...
Ni hao?
hey,hey, i'm back! believe it or not?
Pple have been complaining dat i've not been updating my 3'mmon, dun blame it on me.Its either my workplace has blocked my access or its just me, plain lazy to update it at home.
What has been happening to me lately? Fasting has been good.Gawd, i miss Ramadhan soo much.Will i walk through it again?Yeah, hopefully, with Allah's permission & grants, i'll meet Ramadhan again nxy yr.
My Grandma passed away too last Ramadhan.It was unpredictable.She was not diagnosed with any chronic illness yet she slipped into a coma before she passed away peacefully on 21 Sep 2007.Semoga Allah swt mencucuri rohnya ..ameen.Too much emotions swirled the atmosphere that day.Even she who deemed has extinct turned up dat day..and got the cheek to pull some stunt & created a scene?! I dun think she even deserved to be there.
Syawal dis yr has been different in one way or another.Besides not having my sis & bro in law in the same house anymore, the absence of my late Grandma did make a difference.
too much things to summarize eh?
Come december, too many wedding bells are ringing.Har har, not mine definitely.Its either i bcome the chaffeur or its my wedding invitation afterall.At least 2 wedding receptions per wkend.Its fun to oggle on those luxuriuos wedding decos & food.erhem.I nvr dream to have such gloried, burn-a-hole kind of wedding reception.Very subjective so lets not dwell on this.When my time comes, u'll see for myself.
I've been happy with my life.Alhamdulillah.Family has been great.Friends have been crazy & colleagues have been good.What more can i ask for?I've been getting the hugs & assurance of the odds that i've faced. Thanks to all.I couldn't have been better.
Relationships with the opposites have all always been a question mark.I dare not even smell the ground.Its too sudden for me.If i ever offended anyone & if u happen to stumble upon my blog, pls forgive me.Its not the matter of not forgetting the past but its the present & reality dat i cld not face.Trust me.Its still swelling inside, onli dat the emotions din show & the reality is hidden.
Ok, ok, im getting a bit draggy here.If u r still reading..then good.hee hee.Caught a movie last Sat wif my bestie & lil sis.Adik, whats dat show called.All i knew its like cannibalism.30 days...sumeting like datlah.Gruesome show but i like! Its been soo long since i last met her & gawd i miss her soo much.But i knew things have changed & we wont be like before.But trust me bestine, im always the same.Thats for sure..
ok, ok, its 0824..i better get gg.i'll update for more later!