Sunday, February 27, 2005


Hi....good afternoon to all of u
Yeah!!!Finally i'm a whizzer which meant..i can drive a rented car under my own name.All along my bro in law has been the scapegoat for all my drivings.hee hee...thanks bro!!!
For today,i had a wet & yet relaxed driving lesson wif my bro in law & sis.Ape ke tak,halfway thru there was a heavy downpour.Panic jap but since the car was an auto car..hee hee,me had no prob coordinating the gear.
Later,we'll gonna go to Sepang for a car race...gotcha!!!I've booked for a 2100-0600 slot..(kes takde keje by my bro in law & sis)We intend to go East Coast, real onli.Nanti halfway semua lepak.Okie,if i take any interesting pics,I'll upload them in the photo album okie?
dad,dunch wori,I can drive in the rain.hee hee.

Say cheese

= =Orientation= =

Good morning to all my dear frenz.
I'm trying my very best to upload the photo album here patient yah...

Click below for an album of fun & excitement!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Tiring Day..

** Just not my day**

Hi everyone!!
First of all,wanna apologize to those who have fail to reach me today.Sorry guys.For the last 2 days we have enjoyed enuff so now its time to get back to werk.hee hee.Actuali i was prepared to werk full blast today1st part of the day was spent calling the suppliers to submit their their quotations for AVA corporate polo t-shirt.It was 'fun' initially until i had this particular conversation wif one goes sumeting like dis:
Me: Hello,can i speak wif Mr Chua plse...
Lady: whaaat?elloo,ello...
Me(a bit frustrated aldy):Hi,can put me to Mr Chua plse,its regarding the invitation to quote for our corporate polo t-shirts...(b4 i could continue..)
Lady:Wait hor...(shoutin' aloud)Mang..MAnnnng....@##$%%%(its in Chinese...but i giess she's calling himlah)
Mr Chua: Hello...
Me: (sweetly..)Mr Chua..its regarding the invitation to quote,we did mentioned in our specification dat u have to prpose 3 designs and submit to us together wif ur proposed material & colour.But i understand that u did not attach any designs....(again b4 i coukd continue..)
Mr Chua:Miss...u nvr gimme the 'theme' can i design..u think so cheap for me to call designer issit??Then if u dun like my design just throw in the dustbin issit?
Me:Err,Mr Chua,what i meant...
Mr Chua: Tell me,where do i 'stand' if i give u the designs...Are u going to award me the job if i give u designs.Tell me lah,whats ur 'theme'.U want me to put AVA phone number on the shirt issit?
Me:Mr Chua.....(still didn't stand any chance to explain myself)
Mr Chua:U dun waste my time n talk nonsense ok,anything can email me!(n he put down the phone)
ok,dats it.Alhamdulliah,to my uttermost surprise,i didn't argue wif the man.Too bad,he didn't want to hear my part.Mr Chua,u lost in the first place.U've lost a potential customer!!
its been quite sometimes since i last met wif a nasty customer.During my banking years,nasty customers is a challenge for me.well,customers are always u can't slam the word "wrong' at their face.U have to handle them tactfully..
pheww,felt better after letting it out.really looking forward for tml,at least can have a good rest...but of course the household chores are awaiting me.
:think i'm getting darker after the suntanning at St John Island
to my bestfren out there: I miss ya!!!

The water waves made by our ferry,makin' the trip to St John Island!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2005



Morning everyone!!!

ok,be fore i actuali sets off for my another half day of orientation,maybe i can blog for a while huh
Yesterday wewent to MFRD,APHC & VPHL @ Lim Chu Kang.Waah,very tiring but to be frank me & the twins were having much fun.We were hyper & errr..responsive.But unfortunately,our legs didn't give way by 5pm so we just lingered ard the lobby area & took some fotoslah(as usual)
ok,b4 i forget....
to someone out there(u noe who u are)--wish u all the best in ur lovelife ok.C'mmon dear,nvr afraid to open up urself to relationships.N nvr afraid to be hurt.These are all part & parcels of our life.we learnt from our mistakes so dat the nxt time round we'll be much stornger yah!!!I love u so much my dear!!n i promise I'll b ur bridesmaid(tukang kipas) on ur wedding day.Hee hee
to another one out there(u noe who u r too)--thanks for wanting to b my fren.If i seem to be ignorant,sorrylah..but u'll always be remembered!!
ok guys..gotta log out...c ya!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

**A smile for my dear frenz,who never fail to make me smile...eeeeee**

^^Taken recently @ Golden landmark^^Psstt,do we look alike??

My Elder sis & Bro in law-Mahmud Ahmad.They too,never fail to make me happy always!!!

at a loss......

**at a loss**

ok,i'm feelin supper funny & loss now.
~~I've forgotten to bring back my hp so u pple out there..if u r still waiting for my sorry,will respond to ur messages tml okie.
~~My dad asked me to reconsider my decision to take up dat part time dip.Why?maybe bcoz my mom 'make noise'lah.i purposely did not tell her my decision coz i taknak dia riuh sekampung.Guess i'm being sandwiched in between to go ahead wif my decision or otherwise.If the latter, i'll just sign up for short-short courseslah.My dad even advise to use my Pergas cert/dip to teach part time in a mosque.ok Dad,will consider..if u let me go to Syria.hee hee
.tml will b my orientation and dis will go on for one & a half farnie.After nearly a yr joining AVA, we've yet to go 4 our orientation.Goodbye werk...welcome 'enjoy-enjoy' time.
These few days i'm a bit restless n moodless.y eh?Frenz,do u notice anything farnie?hee hee,of course the twins gonna say NO(paham2 jelah) but.....dunch wori,i'm as cheerful as ever...=)

ok,gotta go & iron my clothes....

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


---(@ Floatin'@)--

hait..i'm back..but wif not much of actions.
its my lunchtime,decide not goin' out since I'm fasting todae.So kind of my boss,Rossiyah,to offer me coffee,sori bos..nxt time ok?
guess today alot of updating & data entries to be done.Cool jijah..alhamdulillah today my tummy did not grumble.hee hee..

oklah,wanna do my Zuhur prayer...

Monday, February 21, 2005


=may dreams come true=
well,i've managed to update my blog template so dat for every entry i made,u'll be able to leave ur comments there n then.
actuali there's nothing much to blog todae.There was a small 'commotion' in class just now,well..u c,Pergas Coop is organising a 12 days study trip to Damascus Syria wif a price of $1500.Dis amount will include accomodation & free meals.On top of dat we'll have the chance to visit several maqams of the prophets & para2 tabain.As i read on the programme sheet...i felt my heart beatin' faster & faster.Further to dat we'll indulge ourselves in a purely arabic environment which mean..all the talkin' will be done in arabic.waahh..isn't dat great.We'll also have some lessons conducted in some some of the uni there. Most of my clssmates are goin.They will have 3 slots;one in dis coming March,the 2nd in June and insyaAllah if the response is overwhelming they will have another trip in ard Sep.My Ustaz told us dat the best time to go there will be in Mar since the weather will be just nice while in June it will be summertime.Autumn will turn up in Sept then.While they were busy discussing when to go...a few of them turned ard asked me if i wanna go or not.Of course i wanna golah...can't u tell???hee hee,but of course i dun tell them datlah,i told them dat i'll have to ask my dad's permission ferstlah.$$ is not a concern.I noe my Dad...even to cross the causeway is a pain for him,ni kan pulak nak g jauh.Wanna bet the outcome??
When i reached home,immediately i went to c him....beat ard the bush ferst...then ask himlah.As usual,its my elder sister yg excited...but of courselah,as expected,my dad gave a firm NO.actually he was smilimg when he told me his decision..n i accepted it wif a broken heart...**sob sob** he told me...its war everywherelah..its too far for a single to travel lah...bla bla.bla.But of course...i dun maind actuali,its ok.A father noes best for his daughter.Cayang Bapak!!!
As i was massaging his legs...we proceed to discuss where to go for our next holi...he wanted to go Melaka..(oh pleasseee)while my sis wanted to go Sabah/Sarawak,while my bro in law wanna go Kelantan.Well,i told them all i wanna go Damascus lah, i told them we just lepak2 kat JB sudah.okie,when we've decide to go anywhere,i'll keep u all informed.
oklah,gotta go...
++ my dad changes his mind..n i'll be on my way to Syria
++ i'll have a nice day tml...
goodnite everyone..luve u all..muaccckkkssss

Sunday, February 20, 2005

(In anti-clockwise direction) Myself,Noorain,Nur Diana,Sumiathi,Nur Liana~taken during our D&D @ Marina Mandarin Hotel organised by AVA
nur pic

My bestfren-KURSIAH OSMAN,thks 4 bein' there 4 me all the time!!!!!
nur pic

Chillin' @home

hait..I'm back!!
thanks to my dear frenz who were concerned of my health..hee fever is mildlah..dunch worry ok.
Today,i was home all day.In the morning-cleaned my room.Guess has to do it on a weekly basis otherwise u'll c the dust accumulatelah,which is not so healthy rite??
now,while waitin' 4 to iron my clothes i blog a bitlah....
tml will be another day 4 me.I'll b goin 4 my Sunday class @ Pergas,afterdat maybe drop by @ Geylang to buy some clothes,c howlah.
>>still figuring out how to upload the photoalbum and create a link to my blogspot...
to all...goodnite...

Saturday, February 19, 2005

My younger sis,Noraisah & elder sis,Noraini.U r not seeing double lah...pple say they realli look alike!!!

While waiting...

for the Maghrib prayer,thot of bloggin' a bit.2day was supposed to be a sick day 4 me yet i ended up lookin' hyper & healthy.
to start off..actually i was feelin' a bit groggy early in the morning but i forced myself to go to werk as I've some tasks to be cleared(since i didn't do it yesterday as i was rushin' to go back home) I mean i can simply take mc but i guess it won't be nice since i've promised my officer to complete the task 4 her. i reached office ard 0725..still quite dark thoug.Immediately i started werk,made 25 copies of the presentation slides,flagged them out,put them in brown folders.quite kanchong a it lah..furthermore my brown folders onli left 20.Had to quickly ran down to Admin to replenish my stock.Further to that i ran out of the 'slim' post it notes so i ended up cutting the big ones into halves.phewww...but i managed to get everything done by 0835..all ready for the meetin' @0900..ya lah,i noe..a bit slow..but do bear in mind..i was the working pace reducelah.,Ain & the twins decided to have our lunch @ IP BK...while we were happily munching our lunch suddenly Ain cringed in pain.She told us her stomach was in pain.Gosh..panic jap!!We rushed to watson to get her Tiger Balm.then,i shld thank dis Malay Lady aka security woman ( ireali shld find out her name);she helped to bring us to the clinic which was at the **th storey.However the clinic was still closed since we were there during lunch hour.Dah sampai atas si Ain decided not to go in since she was not familiar wif the doc. We went down again..wif Ain aldy in tears.While she & Liana waited outside IP me & Diana went back to office to take her things & to inform our bosses dat we'll gonna be MIA again.Thank God,my dear boss,Rossiyah allow me to MIA without asking too many questions.THANKS BOSS!!then we accompanied ain to Chan-Gwee medical...yup,u got it rite,the 3 of us accompanied that beautiful Ain to clinic.Wat frenz r for rite?The doc then told us..naah,its nothing..just some 'wind' in the stomach n advised Ain not to eat sumeting spicy..oily..she got her medicines n a half day mc.Then dis Ain maseh nak g keje...who cares,we forced her to go back home.
pheww..what a day.Like i'm tellin' u..i'm the end...hee hee...not to worry,after taking panadols,i shld b fine.
ok,i've to go.Malam ada APM,hopefulli CT Nurhaliza wins...
to the twins~ponteng aje eh...
to Ain~take care dear....
to Agnes & Wee Ling~thks 4 ur 'lobang'
to Kursiah~hope u r fine dear.Drop me comments if u r readin' dis!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

just b4 i knock off..

hait,i'm back.
well,enjoying the photos I've managed to upload?there're more to come,once i sit down & really figure out how to host the pic in an album.
i had a good dinner wif my goodfren, usual,we laughed and talked.i mean,its been quite some time since we last chatted..maklumlah kita semua bz ngan hal masing2.dis Rohaidah is a primary sch teacher but one glance she doesn't look like a teacherlah.mcm badot adelah!!(no offence Idah!!!hee hee)
she gave me a keychain. wif my name and its meaning to it.It goes something like dis:
Azizah~Beerti dihormati atau disayangi.Tetap pendirian dan seorang yg tegas tetapi boleh bertolak ansur.Berwibawa dan memiliki ciri ketua/pemimpin yg baik.Bersifat pengasih dan penyayang.Disegani oleh teman2.guess onli some part of it are true though.**grin grin**
actually i miss my bestfren,KURSIAH.hope she's dun wanna disturb her too much since she's on 24/7 watch over her grandma.Pple out there do give out ur fateha n well wish to my fren's grandma plse?
ok,gotta go..luv u guys out there.

Aren't they lovely??These are my parents,Hjh Salmiah & Hj Riski

Hi,it's me!!4 those who have yet to getta noe me...erhemm...dis is just a simple pic of mine=))

Bz as a bee??

hi everyone.. presently
>>to think dat i can still blog when i'm damn bz?
>>to think dat i can still smile when i'm angry at someone?
>>to think dat i'm loved by someone when actually i'm hated to the core?
>>to think dat i can own a car but i couldn't actually afford it?
>>to think of changing my hp but i'm still under contract?

yup...i feel better after shoutin' it out..
k,i better get back to werk....

ps lookin' forward to meet my dear fren tonite,Rohaidah Wahid

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

trapped wif decisions...!!!

....trapped on whether to own a car or not(unlike 'someone' who aldy made up her mind to get a KIA picanto..hee hee)
....trapped on whether to proceed wif my part time dip or not
....trapped on whether to attend his wedding or not
....trapped on whether to continue wif my volunteer thingy or not
....trapped on whether to go for AVA Family day or not...
so..who can help me to make a decison...??=))

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

nite time

well..for u pple out there..wish u goodnite.thot i wanna blog more but my usual,she wanna use the phonelah...
me feeling quite feverish though..wish me well okie

and the Final Finally...

its time to pack my bag & go home....


-I managed to change my blogskin
-I managed to get a feel of a car showroom
-I met up wif my best fren-KURSIAH OSMAN(last Friday nite)
-I found out that "he's" getting married
-its my 2 buddies' birthdays-Hasmiza Ibrahim & Syuhadah Hamzah...