Tuesday, May 30, 2006

U've made my DAY!

Thanks Dear!!

Cute kan???

Close to 12noon, i received a phonecall from my receptionist telling me to collect a parcel.I was wondering, wondering what i was expecting since my colleagues never left me any errands to do.Well, to my upmost surprise, a cute lil golden monkey was quietly hidden in dat parcel.Thanks Kursiah...thks sooo much.U really knew how to make my day.Harlooww, its ur bday which is nearing sooon...but how come i'm given a surprise??sungguh tak adil!

Neway, if i missed u, of course i'll hug dat lil monkey of urs..hmmphh, what should i name him?eh, apasal plak 'him' eh? I nak 'her' plak?! ahakz..why not we name it KUJAH? (a combi of Kursiah & Jijah) Cool eh? oklah....i'm gonna perform my Zuhur prayer...


Thursday, May 25, 2006


==When will my TURN be?==

Cute eyy? I was oggling,staring..(so chi-ko-pek of me) at NaBiL (my bezfren's nephew).Isn't he a darling?I onli managed to carry him when he's onli a few weeks old & see how fast & big he has grown to.hee hee.No wonder my bf neglect me..no wonder.

Well, i've desperately wanted a niece or nephew too..tapi blum rezki my sister..ape bole buat.Nak buat anak sendiri belum legal..hee hee..

Ohh..in any case u are wondering why the lack of updates..well..errr..i'm juz plain lazy.Of course i've sumeting to blog but again, i'm just plain lazy.Actually, i was just wondering why do pple blog when they got nothing to blog?These pple will scrutinised on teeny weeny details which proved to be unnecessary. Really, reading blogs like these can be quite irritating.ehh, if irritated shouldn't i just leave e blog.?Why bother to read then rite?And sumetimes u noe that if that sumeone is blogging cum bragging cum exaggerating cum....harloww..really, if u got nothing better to do can u just please go to sleep?Ok, now it seems i've sidetrack a bit..sorry guys, me just ranting out my frustration.Feel the pinch?Please leave immediately.=)

I'm skipping my lunch again..coz i'm too full & filled up wif water.Futhermore, later, i'll be having my rehearsal for tml's event & so I will see what other last minute administrative werk that i need to finish off.Talking abt werk, i'm pissed off wif sume of the pple.Really. If u r appointed to be the Floor Manager, can u pls werk to that title?Even if dat post is new to u, can't u just ask me what u need to do?U call urself a Senior officer but u lack of all the qualities.Well, i shldn't just accuse pple lyke dat..but again..i can't werk wif such pple.And when u are given tasks to do & if u have been doing it say..3 times, wouldn't u be quite a pro in it?Gosh, i'm always attacked by 2 extremists-> the really-act-blur & really blur-but heckcare.

I can't wait for 3rd jun.jeng, jeng,jeng.....sorrylah Kursiah...i noe u won't be angry at me, kan, kan,kan??Love u dear!

Yesterday, sumeone tried his very best to make up for me.hmmpph...awak ingat saya boleh terpedaya ke?hee hee...love u 2 dear!

ok..gotta go...

to Ain,thks for the food..oppss salah..thks to ur dear MOM..


Thursday, May 11, 2006

HoLiday agaiN?

HoLidaY mOOd
What can i say? Tml is friday & its a holiday! While some are looking forward to the short break, the opposite goes for me? Why? Coz i still need to do lots & lots of reading for my exams!*frowning*
Ooohh..before i forget, i had loads & loads of fun yesterday coz i got to meet my bestfren.Jumpa boyfren tak feeling cam gini.hee hee.Kursiah-u noe what made u special? Coz i can be myself (read: crazy) when i'm wif u!!Tapi kan..si cik adik sorang ni ada pemalu sikit.Take one pose makan beberapa shots.U guyz dun believe me? Wait till i upload the fotos that we've taken! Sorry Kursiah, i had to upload our fotos here, no pun intended.Click here

for more of our gila-gila fotos

hee hee..
To Gusti Adipati: hmmpphh..gimme some updates will ya? hee hee
My mom kept calling from just now...nak ajak makan luar mlm nanti.Aiyoyo..when can i go 4 a diet?Whennnn????My cheeks are really really growing..i looked chubbier...ehh, tapi cute kan?
ok, gotta go..nak kena solve my statistic problemz...

Monday, May 08, 2006

In my Mind


I'm skipping lunch again..
I hate it when i got to chase my dear Reps for inputs.If they've crossed the deadline by 2 or 3 days i can just ring-ring them to gently remind them for the inputs.But what if they themselves gave a deadline which is 2-3 weeks away?*crossed*

And i just slammed down the phone on someone coz she's just so rude (as usual).I called her to confirm her attendance for tomorrow's meeting and her answer? "Ohh, i dunno, i dunno..i busy!" Isn't she a mangkuk?U called urself a veteran staff? Simple basic courtesy of the human being pon tak boleh ikot?!

I will be busy for the next 2 weeks since i'll be having my exam then.*shook my head in dismay* I hope i can make it this time round.Too much to absorb but little time given.

What did i do last weekend? Besides spending quality time wif my dear family, yeap, i attended my colleague's wedding @ Grand Hyatt yesterday. Cool! Its been quite sometimes since i've last attended one (abt 5 yrs back).I got to sit wif the fun-fun people. Most were my colleagues who have left AVA.Though the Muslim guests were only 4 of us i did enjoyed myself.I think i was not in a mood to take pics, however i'll see what i can upload later yah?
I was actually looking forward to the Mothers' Day dinner @ Furama Hotel this Friday when...*sigh* I really hope adults will behave like adults.Dats all i cam say rite now.I hope i won't force myself to enjoy myself.

Till then...
take care...
and some pics to end it off. *smile*

Me wif my 2 lovely sisters @ Golden Landmark last Saturday.Who's the fairest of all?hee hee...

Wif adik (pic taken from my not-so-good hp)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006



Seldom would i post nasty comments in my blog coz i dun wanna offend people. I hate to do it.
Hey Mr Desparado!!..pls behave legally will you. Dun make crude jokes coz i dun feel the slightest humour at all & i do hate ur body language coz it just made wanna puke.If you think i'm stupid..i guess you are singing a better tune than me.Dun just stay anonymous will u?Another stunt from you will seriously land u in big trouble.Dun try me will ya?
And to another bz-body out there, i'm not werking 4 u so why the hell would u care if i'm reading blogs or doing my werk?Excuse me, i dun need ur permission to surf the net.All i noe, i finish my werk on time & to de-stress myself i'll surf the net.U too, dun just stay underneath the blanket will ya?Come out & confront me.