Wednesday, September 28, 2005


3 daYs to WeekenD

heh..heh..okie,i guess its still too early to announce the weekend.I'm a bit too early today so b4 i immersed myself into my werk,lemme just blog a bit yah
Yesterday, as i was abt to leave my place to go to my tuitee's place,Aidiet sms me to tell me his grandma 'die'..err...dis is to quote blindly & bluntly from his sms lah.His grandma passed away.Pheww,thot i need not come over since i thot his grandma passed away yesterday but his mom insisted dat i come. (his grandma passed away last Sat)
When i came,there were a lot of pple of course.neway his grandma stayed e same blk as him & for the past few weeks i noticed his grandma has been staying together wif him.
b4 i start my lesson i asked Aidiet if he felt sad or lost...

Me: Aidiet,u ok?
Aidiet: *sigh*not ok lah..
Me:,nxt time dun say ur grandma die..say ur grandma passed away ok?
Aidiet: *Nod nod*
Me: So,u'll miss ur grandma lah?
Aidiet: ok-oklah..boring ah..later Hari Raya no more $10.
Me: *Staring at him* duuuhh..

maybe he's too young to understand wads revolving ard him.Innocent young man...

Dats him..emm..pretendng to be studious!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The perfect me

The PerFecT me

Hi,urs truLy is back! i was super damn bz for the past few days. A lot of thinkings & deadlines to be met.But its ok, i yearn for more knowledge. At least my dear Rosy Boss is not selfish to park me wif uncountless knowledge. She sort of gave me the leeway & space for me to work on my own. I am grateful dat I was blessed wif such good boss & not forgetting good ole colleagues.Of course there're office politics airing here but of course-who cares?! As long as i got my things done-i shut one eye to all these.I've grown to be bolder after my xperience wif.....ok,lets not blabber abt e past.If only i'm stronger back then i won't be at where i am now...

actually i kinda pissed off wif some pple..i dunno...i'm just pissed off.If i tend to flare at teeny weeny minor things-i'm sorry.And i hate to be alone coz my mind will begin to wonder & ponder..& i'll kind of feel gloomy.God.I just need to feel appreciated.I'm longing for dat.I hate to say dis-but my 'bochapness' is coming back.Well,its hard to xplain...emmm....*staring into space*
my sis's bday is coming.Lets c..wad can i buy 4 her?Any ideas?She's on 2days mc coz she has been having dis backache since last week.Me & lil sis called her Liang Po-Po since she will walk very slowly(@5km/hr) and she slouch when she walked. I do hope its nothing serius. Tulah Kak..u rest too muchlah.....

My bf is back from her KL trip. Me so jealous dat she managed to have a short vacation & i'm more more jealous coz she's heading to Bangkok dis coming Friday for another short getaway. Not fairlah Kursiah!!You promised to go JB wif me...just e 2 of us.Dats it.I'm not talking wif u for e nxt 24hrs...hee hee.Too much lurve to hate u.

Ok,insyaAllah, we'll be having a pre-Ramadhan lunch wif e AVA Malay staff this coming Thurs.Not all can attend but its ok.At least dun who can't attend need not complain..oohh...oppss,neway,wads there to complain duuuh???If u can't come then dun come but dun go around tale tellinglah.Excuse moi-if u pple kept saying dat all these things are for the youngster..i guess u pple r too old to celebrate Hari Rayalah...*bluekkk*
And insyaAllah too, me & my ex colleagues from ROMM will be having a mini gathering to celebrate Ustaz Pasuni's retirement. Ok Ustaz-i guess its time 4 u to take a loong rest.Ok,kita chit chat panjang2 bile jumpe nanti k?
alritey,wanna continue wif my werk....

Thursday, September 22, 2005

going bonkers

Going Bonkers

Salam alaik.
I return but not wif much actions.
My throat is still struck wif pain.Its very hard for me to swallow things without having dat tinge of pain.Naah,i shldn't complain.As a consolation-sakit ni kan nak cuci dosa so dun ever complain.And when nite fell my temp will shoot up.Emm,thks to urs truly now my lil sis is feeling unwell.I hope dis won't affect her exam results.Today is her Math paper.Can feel dat she is struggling hard.High expectations do pressure huh?*sigh* Adik-do what u can k.Dun strain urself.
I have a list of things to do.Budget analysis,statistic,payment reconciliation,clear e outstanding invoices....& e list goes on...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fever Fever

Finally..i can breathe.I thot of resting during lunch time but with the 'case' still unsolved me has to sacrifice my remaining half an hour.Nevertherless me & bos managed to sit down & sort some things out.ok,will stop yapping abt my werk.oh,by the way,wish me good health yah..i hate to be down wif fever.hee hee

Yesterday i was supposed to bring my mom to sheng siong to do her usual grocery shopping(hai mak,baru Sun g JB??!)Neway, i had to fetch my bro in law b4 datlah. I was super confident dat i will not get lost.I aldy have the 'map' at e back of my head..emm..then..ya lor,u guessed it correctly! I amde a wrong turn-instead of going to AYE Keppel,i went to AYE Tuas.My mom & sis panicked(as if i just had my license e day b4) But like a pro, i just drivelah.hee hee.Ok,at least we reached ITE Dover on time...
ok, me gotta go aldy... (can sense the twins r coming!)

my mom-super duper rajin bersihkan kreta b4 we drove off!

Some of e leafy things we got at sheng siong!

Pilih Mak! Jgn tak pilih!

Monday, September 12, 2005


To hurT & to be HurT

Me not sure y i'm picking up dat title for my post dis tyme round...maybe i feel hurt at e moment & i'm feeling e hurt dat moi fren is feeling rite now...
Half an hour more to go b4 i can pack my bag & go home.Today seems quite an easy day 4 me. Me had a quiet lunch wif Ain...
The twins & Fazilah were fasting.Selamat Berbuka Frenz!
Me had a "good" weekend too.
::Me & bro in law gave Nunu his ferst bath.
::Me ironed my Dad's clothes & tidy moi bedroom
::Me went to J.east Library wif younger sis & bro in law
::Me went to Sun Class
::Me went to buy some car accesories @ Mustaffa
::Me dropped by Aunt's plc...
To my come its so difficult to meet u these days.When i got excited to meet u there u go..cancelled our plan last min.I'm so angry wif u...hee hee..oklah..i noe we'll meet up soon. I do miss ya.Pls take care my dear Kursiah..
To my good fren>>hey..i won't let anyone hurt u ok.U r such a dear & yet many pple try to take advantage of u.I've been in ur position b4.i've been there b4 so whateva i can do to ease ur burden..pls lemme noe.Cheer up dear! gotta continue to do my powerpoint brain juz need to take a rest...

Friday, September 09, 2005

Noorain's bday

A special B'day Party for a Princess wannabe

Actually I've posted the pics @ e sidebar..but for those who r lazy to view all the fotos, I'll just post some here..

Let the pics do the talking..

neway..Happy 23rd B'day Noorain!!!

Image hosted by

Thinking of dat special someone ke??

Image hosted by

The b'day gal posing wif her cake

Image hosted by

A white gold heart shaped necklace just for our little princess

Image hosted by

Dats yam-b'day to the b'day gerL

Image hosted by

Dats me & her

Monday, September 05, 2005

yawn yawn

Yawn Yawn

ok,can u pple out there tell me if tml is a Saturday?? hee hee..hhmm,its onli Mon & i'm talking of the weekend aldy.harlowww..hee hee..
well,actuali i'm braindead on wad to do.I've payment,stats & some follow ups to be done but i'm aint no mood to werk!! anyone wanna gimme an electric shock??grrrr..feel lyke taking leave..
The weekend has been,just kidding.I spent the whole of Sat & Sun @ my aunt's place, having to witness my cuzin's wedding. The sad thing me nvr get to go to e Bride's place on both days so not many fotos can be uploadedlah.I became the chief Kendarat,making sure all my workers work hard.=D
A series of incidents happened dat day..yeah...unexpected, shocking & bad things happened. Think its not rite for me to share it here..i'm so stressed.Onli 1 thing i can share wif u-its not easy to look after an oldie..its just not easy.**shakes my head** I almost give up yet pple around me have been pushing me..telling me to be xtra patient. Thanks.Yet at times all these consoling werds are just not enuff.
Back 2 e wedding- alot of familiar & unfamiliar pple kept coming to me & asked me when i wanna settle down...(shld i hang a signboard around my neck?)But i dun blame them..rileks lah pple.When its time it will definitely happen & take place!InsyaAllah.
ok,me has to continue wif my werk...take care everyone!! Finally i'm going out wif my bf..finally..
Click here for some snapshots for of my cuzin's wedding