Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Very AuntY

As I grow older each day...I realised dat I'm becoming more 'aunty'. And how did I know that?

Well, the fact that I'm now extra careful (read : more choosy!) when it comes to spending my $$ on expensive goods. And my definition of expensive good is that the good can cost less than $10! I would keep on calculating & recalculating and evaluating & re-evaluating.I jumped from one shop to another (just to compare the prices) until I'm fully satisfied. No evaluation from 3rd party is needed! Hmmmmpph.

Not auntie enuff? Please continue to read on..

I dressed like an auntie too. So far nobody ever commentedlah but I'm just dressing up coz I need to cover up and not to appear beautiful in anyone's eyes. Of courselah, I'll still try to look pleasant but to spent $$$ just on clothings wld set me thinking twice..thrice and I wld eventually put on the same blouse every week. Who wld notice anyway rite? I just need to change the sequence of my dressing..eg Week 1- I wld put on Set A on a Fri..then maybe on Wk 2 - I wld put on the same set of clothing but this time. I'll put in on a Tues. I still change & wash my clothes rite so...whats the big deal rite? Hee hee...

Still scratching ur head?

And surprisingly, I cld click very well with the middle-aged and golden girls. (its the signs...) And I am serious! When these aunties started to touch on topics like 'what to cook for dinner tonite' or 'i'm having problem talking to my girl'..u can see my pupils dilate and my interest arouse. Then as usual, I wld give them a piece of my mind and sharing with them my experiences.

There u go...my auntie story just ended. But actually, I've more stories to share but like what most aunties will do..they will keep the suspense going coz aunties like to gossip and its not wise to gossip sooo many things at one go...rite???

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The End?

I was caught with abundance of werk for the past few days plus i was down with mild fever & coughs. I wanted very much to take MC but since there was an upcoming meeting then, I pushed myself to the max, in a hope dat i could finish everything on time b4 the big boss goes on leave. Seriously, at the end of the day, the boss made the final call. Deadline became dead-line. But, what more can I say?

On another note, my family & I had a very very short getaway at JB last weekend. It was a last minute plan by bro in law & me. Well, what else can we do out there? Eat, eat and eatlah! A few incidents happened thou.

On our way to enter the JB custom, we heard a loud thud! NUNU's rear light was rammed by a bicycle. I cldnt stop cursing even up till now. That stupid cyclist (man) didnt even apologised to us, and me being so stupid didnt even noticed the damage until we reached the hotel carpark. Futhermore, I cldnt possibly get down to give that man a good scolding coz motorbikes were zooming non-stop on the road shoulder.Seriously, after the incident, my happy mood was put to a halt. But i tried very much not to show itlah. As much as I have taken good care of NUNU, ada je musibah yg menimpa. It's not so much of the money that's going to be spent on the repair. At nite, we watched "Santau" at Cathay CT Square. Again, we made our Dad broke his record i.e to watch a movie with us! hee hee! Also, on Sun, we were approached by this Singaporean man, who claimed that he was robbed when he was onboard the bus when he just reached JB. When I checked his passport, it showed that he has entered JB on 26 Nov 09 and he was supposed to leave JB on 25 Dec 09. Seriouslah ni org, nak bedek pun tak tidak2. Was he trying to say that he was 'robbed' on 26 Nov 09 and he didnt even lodged a police report till 20 Dec? He asked for $5 as he needed it for his fare home. I was aldy nudging my Dad to express my disagreement but Dad just gave him the money. He then thanked us profusely and left. Oh, on a sidenote, this man, was dressed very smartly and carrying a plastic bag and his S'pore passport. In case you meet him, can u just offer to bring him to the police station? Ha ha. I was just about to do that...nasib my Dad ada. I couldnt stand such scamlah. Serious.

I have much to update but since I have not ironed my working clothes..I better end off now. Till then...hope its not too late to wish all my Muslim frenz- Salam Maal Hijrah!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Little Owl Makes a HooT

Time check..its 1252am and I'm still awake. Thou I'm feeling unwell for the past few days, I forced myself to go to werk since I have deadline to meet. My weekend wld definitely be a tiring one coz my family and I will be the orang kuat for my cuzin's wedding! Its great to see one by one of my younger cuzins getting married with their loved ones. No worries, my time will come and I'll sure make everyone rewang & sweat like anything! hee hee.

Somebody had decided to make a cameo appearance, which definitely didn't make an impact on me. Entahlah, I think its time for me to wake up and stand firm on the ground. Let bygone be bygone and fumakila be fumakila..hee hee. All I hoped & prayed for is their happiness.period.

Oklah, I need to check on my fish at Happy Aquarium. Till then...for those who can feel my love...I LOVE YOU!!!!

Monday, December 07, 2009

All it takes is a little bit of patience..

I think I ate my dinner too fast just now. And I think I have swallowed a fish bone. burrppp! I can feel a bit of pain on my throat. Heelpppp!! (sape seh nak tolong??!)

At times when I am all alone, I would start to reflect back on what has happened to my life for the past 30 yrs. Fuyoo!! I'm soo old! hee hee! From a naive lil gal to someone who can be rebellious at times. However, I'm so gadis-melayu at heart. At times, I still do not enjoyed the freedom that every teen/person is entitled to. Yes, I may have my own car, my own room, my own tv set, my own hp...yet I think I still did not enjoy my rights. But I'm not complaining. Its just that I am a lil upset. What more do I need to do to gain that trust from HER? SHE is forever treating me like a lil gal..or maybe she's forgotten that I'm 30? To console myself, I will tell myself to be a lil bit more patient. Hopefully, one day, I shall receive the same equal treatment like what my 2 sisters are receiving. hee hee

oklah, before she starts screaming, i better off my pc and iron my clothes..and not forgetting my Dad's clothes.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Update ~ 6 December 2009


And I know I've not been updating my blogspot. Dah sibuk dgn
facebook katakan?! hee hee. Anyway, I dun intend to make known to the entire world of my updated blogspot so if YOU, whoever you are, happen to stumble on this blog (either you have been my die-hard fan or u have googled Jijah)..what more can I say? YOU have decided to read abt me and by all means, YOU can continue to read & follow me. hee hee. Btw, I'm not someone famous or any known celebrity. This blog is more like a diary to me, and its my decision to write what I want, as along, I'm not affecting other pple's life. Geddit? Ok, for a start..eh, mcm tak start2 plak dari tadi..a lot/load of things had happened to me for the past 6 months. Well..I am glad that sumeting 'sweet' has happened to me and I was glad that I got to feel what you call ~ love even if its for a short while). After living in hibernation (read: devoid of men's love) for almost 2 yrs, I tried, to trust men again. However, when this teeny weeny heart opens a bit to accept man's love, again, I was hurt. Thou, I didn't plan to fall in love again, I thot its worth trying. People say - its okay to get hurt so that u'll get up to be a stronger person. So pls eh, dun ever say that I never give YOU or MEN a chance to love me. Dah kasi chance, its either they amik kesempatan or took me for granted. Aaarrgghh!! Nevermind, that was my past. It toook me awhile to put up a cool front and weave thru all the ordeal. Everything happened for a reason. My doas will always to go to him, him and him - 3 different men who have came at 3 different phases of my life.I'm not someone who bear grudges, who am I to judge YOU? InsyaAllah, I am very sure and very confident, I would eventually meet my MR Right and when that really happen, sujud syukur ku padaMU ya Allah.Even now, I am already blessed wif my family, soulmate and frenz. What more am I asking?? Till then , hopefully i'll update my blogspot regularly.Thou I can actually blog in my Notes in Facebook but i think I have more privacy in here. *wink*

Take care everyone and tomorrow is MONDAY!