Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pesta Perut

For e nxt few days my already bloated tummy will experience a 3 days treat of 'pesta perut'.Tml i'll be having my MFE lunch @ Swensen, Tuesday will be a lunch treat frm my SWC Chairman, Mr Leslie Cheong & Fri nite will be dinner treat frm our CEO for our recent participation in the Bird flu exercise.Best kan?I guess i'll gain my calories again!!

Seriously, i'm missing my other half these days.Not too sure whan i'll be able to meet her but all i know she already book me on Mar 27.Bestie!!! I misshhh u.

Work in office has piled up again.While the right brain needs to workout on the ideas for our staff conference presentation, the left brain was left to drill wif accuracy & numbers.Some pple out there are just being unreasonable & potraying obvious stupidity.Digression was unavoidable.I'm super duper exhausted.I need a break!!!

Above all, 4 fashion babes have decided to come together to create an online shopping just for fashion lovers out there.Till then, do keep a lookout for it!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I cant wait for IT!! May this is the best choice that i've ever made in life. =)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Thought I kneW U..

How I wish i cld see & feel that smile again in you coz that smile used to warm my heart & render my heart to peace.

And those times when i thot i've no shoulder to cry on, YOU were there, holding tightly to my hands & looked straight into my eyes.No words said but our hearts echoed the same rythym and the same thots.

I knew i cldn't bring myself to hate you but i'm pretty sure i wont fall in love wif u again.

Till when shld i let this feeling float..im not sure but all i knew- I thought i Knew u.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


How many times did we ask ourselves if the choices we've made were the ones we shall never regret?

And how many times did we realise that the choices that we've made each day other revolve around us?

And did we ever realise that at times the choices that we've made were the only choice that we can make?

Aiyah,i'm spoilt for choice.Chet!

Personally im grateful for the wrong choices that i've made in my life coz i would know what to do if i cross on the same course of actions in e future.

Eg 1
I used to have loads of guy frenz in the past, both married & unmarried, but as time passes by, i decided to shy away frm them.Besides knowing the restrictions & limitations, i can't tolerate being accused of husband-snatcher.I cldn't even make myself understand why pple can even think dat far coz im not even your next nicole-kidman nxt door kind of gerl.And the choice that i've made? Stay away frm married man or do-not-be-too-friendly sort when u are wif them.uU nvr know whose heel will come knocking on your head.

When it comes to relationship or deciding who u wanna fall in love wif, pls dun choose one who replicate/resemble your ex-love, hubby, wife etc.Worst still u choose to sample on one who fare even worst than your ex partner.I mean, lets do some reality check.If u know u cant tolerate someone who go clubbing or having facebook account behind your back, pls try not to fall in love wif someone who has 38974++ friends in his/her friendster account.You have a choice to continue to fall in love wif him & ended up arguing the same thing over & over again or u can simply find a better man in your nxt cycle of letsfindapartner series.Period

And why am i quoting to u all these examples? Simple.
As human beings, we make mistakes but dun let these mistakes over rule us.Learn frm them so that u wont be the next begok person on earth.

As for now, i wanna make some decisions..and hopefully these decisions that im making are the best choices that i've ever made.

InsyaAllah, ameen.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

...and I wont be in Spore! Jgn jeles huh!

Marina~ I'll bring back e papans for u.Make sure u make small lil house for Dhiya Umairah.

Im bringing NUNU for a wash tonite..pump his wheels to enure a smooth & safe journey tml.

till then...salam sayang frm Jijah's mum

Monday, February 04, 2008

All for a Good Cause'

My blog seems a bit dusty these days as urs truly are super duper damn bz these days.I've tried very much not to blog during office hours or lunch hours due to the fact that we can't use office resources for our own use.Pls do not ask me to elaborate.A lot of strange happenings & unindentified political geeks are popping & blooming @ my werk place.I cant even find myself to trust anyone.Sad isn't it? But dats the facets of life.Its not always a bed of roses all the time.U got pricked & u'll bleed..all alone.
Hmmpphh..lets see, what shall i update u with?
On 31 Jan 08, AVA held its Charity Bazaar 2008 in aid of Straits Times School Pocket Money.This yr's event sure left me with deep & sweet memoirs coz my Mum was there to be my personal chef! Yes, yes, she was the Chef of the day.Besides helping to make fresh-on-the-spot Roti John, she also prepared Pulut Panggang for my stall! Cool kan? And e best thing, her Pulut Panggang were sold out even before the event started. On a side note, i've even take order for my frenz who are still craving for my Mum's Pulut Panggang.If onli i can cook deliciously like her! Ok, back to the Charity thingy, my stall; Yummy Licious & Ezy Fashion managed to raise close to $600 for the event of which $400 was donated to the Fund.Thou its not a huge amount, me & my colleagues were satisfied to the max!I'm definitely looking forward to another Charity event & raising more fund.
At e moment, im so blessed wif happiness & i truly enjoyed my life.Till then.....
Mersing!! here i come!!