Tuesday, February 28, 2006



Hari ni genaplah setahun Allayarham Hj Hussin Bin Hj Ismail meninggalkan kita.Moga-moga rohnya dicucuri rahmatnya & semoga dia ditempatkan bersama kekasih-kekasih Allah, insyaAllah, ameen...

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Dear, I noe its hard for you to lose 2 brothers at a very short time, but let us put it this way..Allah swt lebih menyayangi mereka berdua so kita wajib redha dgn pemergian mereka....

Monday, February 27, 2006

i noe what u did last weekend

I know What u Did last Weekend!

I did not rest well over the wkend.=)
On Sat, after cleaning the house, i went to IMM wif Dear to do some grocery shopping & of course to hangout @ my fave place, Daiso, to scout some cheapo baskets.If you guyz out there are wondering what is this Daiso thingy is all about..well...let me enlighten u with this piece of info: All Daiso products are tagged with price value of $2 only.This shop is must-go for gubahan makers, reaLLy!
When we reached home, i onli managed to rest for 2 hrs and then after Maghrib, me & family (excluding my Dad) headed to Mustaffa Centre to..err...to look for my bro in law's b'day prezzie.My elder sis is very fond of Mustaffa Centre..really..kalau tak control jah rasa hari2 dia ton tempat tu.Its either she loves the sight of the Bangla or she just enjoyed looking at the loads & loads of items there.If you are wondering why on earth i went there despite the fact that i hated that place...the reason, basically, i hate to kecilkan hati org.And the fact that all along i've always tag along with my family for all the family outings made me feel obliged to follow.We reached home ard 2 am..and u can imagine how exhauseted i am, bearing in mind that i'll be attending Pergas in a few hours time.My bro in law try to lure me from not attending class tapi ini jiwa kental tak makan dek hasutanlah.heh heh..
After class, my family fetched me & sis, & we headed to JB to get some medicines & do some shopping.Again, i can say ,I'm not a JB lover but due to the fact that my other family members like going there, i'm obliged to follow.Yipee!! I managed to find the VCD that I've been looking for-Konser Akar M.Nasir part 1.Actually i've been looking for that CD everywhere & finally when i got it i just not only got to listen to his voice but managed to see him 'live'. i'm not an avid lover of M Nasir but in particular i just lurve this particular song ;'Di Jalan sesat'. On a personal note, i think the lyrics were really well written & everytime i read them, i began to feel really really touched.You can refer to my previous entry to see the lyrics.See if they hit you.=)
After some visits made to my doc, i realised that my BP is still high.The simple reason, i'm lacking of exercise & my food intake may not have been healthy all these while.I'm trying my very best to control my diet too.I'm very well known of not taking medicine even when i'm very very sick so when Ummi made for me that 'special juice' & offered me minyak ikan gamat, i nearly fainted. Heh heh, dat bad eh?Thks to dear who tipped his Mom of my high BP who then painstakingly made me that not-so-appetizing juice which to date i've only drank 200ml out of the 1litre she made for me.Belum ape2 dia dah suruh makan ubat..kalau tinggal sebumbung..habislah..jamulah jawabnya.But dun think i'm a fraidy cat eh?I've been consuming Omega 3, jadam...just to get my blood circulate normally inside me. (*scratch scratch* ape selama ini your darah jalan tak betul ke?)
My Director & Malay boss on mc today.I'm left with the rest of the CDD angels to man the CDD fort today...
See the cat below..cute ey? Last Friday, my colleague was about to throw it away, after using them in a recent roadshow, when i saw it & in a flash it was aldy @ my cubicle. Too bad it couldn't stick well @ my workstation so i ended up pasting it on the wall near to me.But its kind of eerie when i'm all alone...i mean..its like someone is staring @ me from a corner. Aiyah Kitty Cat..u r supposed to be my guardian tau bukan nak takot2 kan i!!

oklah..gotta finish preparing my payment today. SayoNara...
Salam alaik..

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Passing the time...

Lets see what shld i blog this time..my brain is really not werking, seperti ada kata org tu- 'Otak tak sihat'..=)

Maybe i've been pretty occupied wif werk these past few days...well, its the end of FY2005 soon so bnyk perkara nak dikemaskinikan.

My tuitee was extremely nice yesterday.Besides giving me sweets to chew on while he's doing his hwk, he did not asked me for any VCD.He was even asking me whether he shld do his hwk on a foolscap paper & he even asked me politely if he could use liquid paper on his textbook.I am so flattered that I gave him 15mins of resting..err, i let him play wif my hp.
Me & my colleagues had our WIT lunch at Secret Recipes @ CPF Building just now.I had fish & chip plus a bowl of mushroom soup.As a side order, i chose to have a brownie, however, since my appetite is not so good these days i decided to tapao the cake back to office.Hmmpphh..now my brownie went MIA already...but its ok, i'm really-really full.(i din finished my main course neway!)

I've always had difficulties recognising people's voice over the phone...especially thru my office phone.Yeah, yeah...Paran,i noe u ever kenakan i before.hmmpph..i'll try to be more careful next time.

ok...think before i doze off i better chew some bubble gum.Oppss,not forgetting, Thks to Dear, he made a surprise visit to office just now..just to sent me the bubble gums. Ingatkan nak merajuk tapi tak jadi sebab dia dah sampai kat my werkplace neway.Actually he thot he wanna bought me lunch but too bad he din knew of my WITs lunch juz now so we ended up meeting for 10mins je.Sorrylah dear...kalau nak surprise pun kasi warning hor...=)
oklah...i need to focus myself on werk..

Friday, February 17, 2006



If you think you are someone who has hurt me in one way or another..read on..=)

Sometimes i do wonder whether i've ever been a goody & useful person to you...
Sometimes i do wonder if the you are genuinely happy for me...
Sometimes i do wonder if you are accepting me for what i am & not what i have...

A bubbly & cheerful person i may seem but deep down inside me..i'm boiled with lots of twists & turns of the facets of life.Even if i'm faced wif the greatest dilemma,i try to make it a point to keep it to myself. And sometimes even if i tried, i couldn't hold it inside me long enuff coz i'm just an ordinary person who needs to be consoled & listened.

I'm really not sure y i'm writing these but for sure i'm hurt..really hurt.
Call me a sensitive lady..but rest assured those who knew me well enuff, you know who I am...& who i really am.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Knowledge Conference

A ConfeRence 4 ExCELLent SerVice?

My half day was spent attending the AVA annual Knowledge Conference on Service Excellence which was held at the URA Function Hall.
U see, we Singaporeans are really damn lucky coz the Government is always there to come up wif loads & loads of campaigns-to urge us to be courteouslah, to drive the frontline officers to go the extra mile (Go-the-Extra-Mile-for-Service =GEMS..errr..) etc. Do we HUman Beings need to be spoonfeed on the very basic courtesy?
As mentioned in the opening speech which was delivered by our dear QS Manager, Dr Hilda Loh,quote "Some of you might ask, why is there a need to provide good service since we are a statutory board and not a private company? The public service in Singapore plays a key role in the lives of Singaporeans and the quality of service we provide contributes to the competitiveness of our economy. Businesses and the general public are not just comparing our service delivery with what they receive overseas; they also compare the quality of public services they receive with that from the private sector." emm...which leads me to come our wif a formulae: Very Good service = $$. True? Hee..hee...
however, i shld applaud the AVA Quality Service Functional Committee (QSFC) coz they are really making the effort to be in line with the Government GEMS to nurture us (the AVA staff).
ON top of that we had an invited trainer from IBMEC who deserved a special mention coz his talk was really enriching & interesting.Its a break-free from the classic conference talk. His name-Mr Nathan. Well, his name is lengthy enuff so i guess once i found it out i'll keep u guyz informed.
I received several mentions during the conference since i was wearing a bright orange tudung today & i think this captured the trainer's eyes..=)
Apart from all these...me & Liana managed to take a snapshot of ourselves & the trainer...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Di JaLan SeSat
~M Nasir

Apakah takdir mimpi ini,Mendatang berulang kali,
Berdarah penuh di tangan,Sedang tangan menongkat langit.
Apakah yang kuperjuangkan,Apakah yang dipertahan,
Apakah aku mesti jadi pahlawan….
Oh! Tuhan…..Tidaklah aku layak,Untuk syurgamu……..
Namun aku tak berdaya,Menahan panas nerakamu.
Curiga di mata orang,Bagai mentari rembang,Bagaikan aku berdosa….Pada siapa saja…
Sedang Tuhan… dimana-mana,Melihat semua dosa,
Dalam serata usia,Walau ditelan Segitiga Bermuda,
Selalu ku mengulangi,Dosa yang telah aku buang,
Diikuti kembali “Mengapa begini?”,“Mengapa begini?”
Sedang Tuhan tahu sesiapa,Untuk Neraka untuk Syurga,
Demi pengertian pada hukum alam,
Dan sesungguhnya aku cinta,PadaMu Tuhan….
walaupun sesat jalan.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine 2006

Valentine 2006??

14 Feb 2006 marked the birthdays of 2 lovely people:
My good fren, Hasmiza & my sister, Syuhadah, who turn 28 & 24 respectively.
Hey, they may seem to have aged but let me tell you, they both look like young gerlz. Really.Just take a peepz at the pics below



I don't actually celebrate V-Day, however I appreciate those 'love wishes' from my colleagues & frenz via SMS & emails.Thkz yah.U guyz really make my day.

My dear also gave me a last minute surprise-thou he's werking, he came down all the way from Jurong West to accompany me during my lunchtime.emm..ni kes cabot but since he has finished his werk early..apalagi...=) Sweet eyy.He told me he may not get me flowers & gifts on Valentine day coz he truly believes everyday is a V-day to him.

Panda biscuits-courtesy of my Dear

To all...Happy Valentine cum Friendship Day.

Monday, February 13, 2006


LoveLy, loveLy..
Cute ey??

This Jack-JacK (still unamed!) is the lil' joyous bundle of Mdm HuzaiMah, my best fren's sis.

ok, i noe my best fren is more excited than me..so..to her...kalau dah timang baby tu try control urself ok!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Your Birth Month is October

You are a natural leader who is able to stand up when no one else can.
Strong and powerful, you tend to overshadow those around you.

Your soul reflects: Gratitude, comfort, and true love

Your gemstone: Tourmaline

Your flower: Cosmos

Your colors: White and yellow

Your Career Type: Social

You are helpful, friendly, and trustworthy.
Your talents lie in teaching, nursing, giving information, and solving social problems.

You would make an excellent:

Counselor - Dental Hygienist - Librarian
Nurse - Parole Officer - Personal Trainer
Physical Therapist - Social Worker - Teacher

The worst career options for your are realistic careers, like truck driver or farmer.

Your Hawaiian Name is:

Kane Kiana

Your Job Dissatisfaction Level is 19%

Sure, no job is perfect - but yours is pretty close.
You're resepcted by your co-workers and boss.
Plus, you usually get credit for your succcesses.
Don't quit, unless you know you've got something better lined up.

Your Hidden Talent

You have the power to persuade and influence others.
You're the type of person who can turn a whole room around.
The potential for great leadership is there, as long as you don't abuse it.
Always remember, you have a lot more power over people than you might think!

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Artis : Mawi

Tajuk : Kian

Kian jauhkian hilang
Kasih antara kita
Nampak tenang pada zahirnya..Tapi batin terseksa
Yang terguris tak nampak di mata,Yang terhiris terluka
Sesekali terbit air mata..Tahan sebak di dada
Kemanakah nak dibawa..Resah kian melanda
Di manakah hendak ku khabar
Pilu di dalam dada
Bila kasih di hujungnya nyawa
Rasa ingin dimanja
Perasaan pun kian tersentuh
Bila rindu ini berlabuh
Apakah yang dikejar dalam hidupmu..Berkali ku kata padamu
Kita singgah di dunia yang sementara
Penuh tipu daya
Yang kekal di sana
Biarlah kita bersama
Usahlah hanyut terus terlena...Kerana dunia
Pada aku masih ada
Kasih belum terhakis
Sebenarnya sudah lama..Ku sungguh berkecil hati