Wednesday, December 13, 2006

the PinK DoLL

The PinK DoLL

After e csc walk @benjamin sheares yesterday, i felt much much better-refreshed shld i say.thou e distance we covered was much much shorter than e new paper big walk, i must say e whole bunch of us did enjoy ourselves very very much.biasalah, ain & her kipas, sumi & her iron maiden & urs truly at her gila2 mode.i'm game for another walk! we should have brought our cameras man! we saw jumping fish-betul! tak bedek!
belum entry not that short leh!
first & foremost, thanks to my dearest family for their tiredless effort last sun.thou there were some hiccups along e way we managed to overcome them rite?
then, there was my bestfren who was there fer me,unfailingly.i love u to e max gerl.cuma i missed e sleepover which we had planned earlier.lyke i said-i fully understand ur situation tau.thks for e ketupats hor.i ended up not getting u better make one for me. a big one pls.
to all who have came & showered me wif ur praises, this pink doll wanna say
offer me a lil prayer will u? =))

Thursday, December 07, 2006

AnYaMaN seorang KeKasiH

AnyaMan Seorang KekasiH..buat KeKasiH

Cintaku, sebuah perasaan yang datang & hadir tanpa kuduga,

Satu perasaan dalaman yang mampu diserasikan dengan keikhlasan,

Bagai sinar pagi…kau meyinari hatiku,

Indahnya rembulan…tidak seindah bersamamu,

Setiap detik tanpamu… seribu duka kurasakan,

Izinkan daku menyintaimu… untuk seribu tahun lagi,

Kerana daku tidak yakin bisa melewati hidupku tanpamu disisiku,

Dan daku tidak yakin bisa menyintai selain darimu.

Ya Allah,

Apa juga ikatan antara kami berdua yg KAU simpulkan,

Moga-moga is mendapat restu & redhaMU,

Dan dilimpahkan rahmatMU agar berkekalan hendaknya….amin ya rabbal alamin

dis poem specially dedicated to you

Friday, December 01, 2006

LiGhts Lights & More LightS

LiGhts..LighTs & More LightS..

SanTa Claus is coming to AVA again..and e nxt thing u knew...

say cheese!

I've yet to bring my camera to pose wif my fellow frenz!

My ComForT ZoNe

WeLcome to My 2nd H.o.M.e.

Nothing beats more than having a comfy place to work in.hmmpphh, some of u might see it as one messy, chapalang workstation..but for me, this is the place where i called it my 2nd home.

yeah...this place deals risky biz. =B

If i'm not sitting there, it will be my lil monkey who jaga e place

kept most of my souveniers up there..

my pc-can die without it. *heh*

some pixs of the love of my life

my pantry corner

a super bucket of 3-in-1 coffee (always topped up by my kind boss)

my schedule board (i can be quite forgetful @ times!)
so how? wanna exchange place wif me? *wink*