Saturday, August 20, 2005

Rain Rain


Salam alaik...good afternoon to all!!
Hey,i'm blogging from home!Alamak,baru nak "feeling" my Dad dah dok sblah.*pause*
emm..ok,he aldy went off.
I intend to go IMM Daiso just now but the heavy rain stopped me. I thot of preparing 4 my cuzin's gubahan for his upcoming wedding which is on 4 Sept.My 2 sis & bro in law r now @ JP to catch the "The Maid". They asked me to tag along but i was just too..emm..lemme find the rite werd.. maybe i got no mood to enjoy any movie @ the moment.
*sigh* I wish i have some fotos in btween my entries coz personally i rather read blogs which features lots of fotos. As u noe-a pic paints a 1000 werds so entries without fotos may sometimes be quite dull..oppss!
maybe i shld take a quick nap afterwards. Since my weekdays were aldy occupied with tuitions i may have been deprived of my sleeping hours. Howeva i'm contented if my tuitees can strive well in their studies. It just brought pleasure to me which i can't describe. Like i said b4, u must teach wif passion.
A mini conversation wif my Dad just now set my mind thinking. Again he posed me 'dat question' on when i'm getting married or whether i've someone in mind..etc. U must be joking Dad! To those who have yet to noe me-I'm a very laid back person.Frens who noe me can tell dat i'm those categorised as unfashionable lady. I dun go for brands but i do go 4 quality things. U can c me come to werk wearing a pair of worn out shoes & the same pair of shirts & pants every week.And i never put on jeans even if it meant i've to go tracking @ Bukit Timah. Dats me & those who can accept me as wad i am will stay to be my fren to the last breath of mine.If i'm not out to werk or classes u can jolly well find me at home.Maybe..correct me if i'm wrong..some may thot i'm very choosy & selective when it comes to choosing a life partner.Just look ahead,look just in front of u,ask urself dis-'Is it easy to find a decent guy?' I'm not materialistic but i need to find someone who is fairly financially stable who can support me & our family later on. If now u can't even manage ur own how on earth u gonna feed ur wife & children? Being pious alone is not enuff,trust me-rezeki takkan dtg bergolek dgn hanya berdoa sahaja. Faith,Hardwek & Wealth shld complement one other.Dats the fact.Trust me-i've tasted it all.I felt blessed dat Allah gave me the chance to xperience the ups & downs of relationships coz it then taught me to be stronger & smarter. Being in a boy-gerl relationship isn't easy task. if u just wanna companion- just hook urself in a chatline & u'll find someone. But to be in this BGR thingy is to teach u wads commitments all about , making improvement to urself to better prepare u for a 'new lease of life' with a whole new set of family & the most important thing is to allow u manage urself well. if u can't do all these i suggest u r just not ready to enter the wed's lyfe.
ok,i guess i gotta go now.If in any way my entry hurts ur ego, i'm sorry.These r just my personal rantings & ventings..:D

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