Thursday, August 11, 2005

Quiet moment

Quiet Moment

Yesterday I cancelled my appointment wif my gerlfren (sorry Ina!) & I just spent an hour of quiet moments @ the Library. Yeah, since i went to Jurong East Library last 2 wks i've fallen in love wif the place.I wish i can own the place to myself, indulge myself in the undescricable serenity...coz i just need dat @ the moment. Usually i'll just scout my books @ the Library @ JP but it has not much of a choice so since i've known dis place i guess it will be my nxt 'playground' (bsides IMM as my 1st 'playground'). My sis & bro in law also joined me shortly afterwhich my quiet moment changed to be a chaotic one.*hee hee*.

I'm missing my bestfren dearly.Everytime we decided to meet there're bound to be last min hiccups. I'm sorry dear..we'll meet up soon.I promise.

Last nite i kept waking up every 2hrs or so...y eyy?Not onli dat i kept nudging my sis to ask her to quickly take a bath coz i thot it was aldy 545am.Sorry dik for irritating u.Something is just not rite wif kakak...

ok,gotta start werk...Salam...

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Org sibuk baca buku,dia sibuk amik gambar...

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Sungguh2 si kakak cari buku!

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