Wednesday, August 31, 2005

End of the Month

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How time flies!!err,talking abt time,a snapshot of my conversation wif my tuitee

Me: Can u pls do ur werk fast? Time is flying ok!

Aidiet: Kak Jijah,time can fly? How?

Me:: aiyah, time flies mcm perumpamaan gitu...

Aidiet: Kak Jijah-cannot speak broken english.Nxt time u must say 'Time passes very fast'.

Me: emm..yelah tu..can we proceed??

My tuitee managed to make me smile.=D

And also, thanks Ain for your string of advices yesterday. At least those werds managed to calm me down. At least i noe dat my decision was right.Thanks Ain.

Ok,me gotta go start werk.Later @ 10am i'm gonna be Mina Karang Guni..hee hee.U c, AVA is having this donation drive where they are collecting old clothers to be donated to the pple @ Pekan Baru Indonesia. Me & Ain will help out in the sorting & we'll be models of the day @ the same time..nak pose for magazine gaknye.Its gonna be fun-not the foto takinglah but at least nari dapat pahala tolong2..


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