Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Waahh..i'm feelin' soo tired..& best of all i've not prepared any assignments yet for my tuitee tonite.When there's no assignment dat wld mean i've to do a lot of talkings & explainations.Nvm-at least dat will keep me awake.Maybe i'll prepare some assignments during lunchtime later...insyaAllah.

Yesterday me & Yati went to Geylang to get some baju kurongs for our dear Ustaz for the upcoming Teachers Day. We got a blue one for Ustaz Mustazah, brown one for Ustaz Syed Ahmad, grey one for Ustaz Ramzi & a white jubah for Ustaz Hasbi.Pheww, not an easy task u noe! Mana nak kejarkan masa..

I'll upload the baju kurongs' pics wher i've nicely wrapped them yah...hee hee

ok,gotta start werking...

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A quick snapshot of me

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Pose manja Yati

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Senyum ada makna!

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Messaging 'erhem'!

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