Monday, March 27, 2006

dozing off

DoZing off?

Its just 8am & i'm feeling super duper sleepy.I think i need some caffeine rite now.
I had wanted to blog over the weekend but i ended up very busy dat i've to forgo the idea.
On Saturday morning i went to RP for my sis's matriculation & the later part of the day was spent @ my aunt's place to attend kenduri arwah of my late grandad.
Sunday morning was spent @ Pergas and again, from afternoon till nite we were abroad.Alah, tak jauh, kat JB je.
Thot of taking either morning or afternoon off but i guess this filming thingy has not completed & i dun wanna feel guilty leaving werk halfway done/undone.Last FRiday i did not give any tuition coz i left office ard 7pm.ParaN, thks for ur advice eh.erhemm.Hope things get done soon. I'm just too tired to wif all these preparations for the Staff seminar.Exhausted.
ok, gotta start werk aldy.

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