Friday, March 17, 2006

Fated or simply Coincidence?(Part 2)

Fated or simply Coincidence?(Part 2)

Dear,mlm ni jgn lupa datang rumah ye?
Dear,can come over to my place tonite?

heh heh, i always made it a point for my bf to come over on a Friday, hoping that chemistry might sparked between Mr Bluey & my bf.

There was one late nite when i had discreetly asked my Dad to kena kan si Mr Bluey ni. Yeah, i asked him to send my bf home.Lucky him, he was driving dat nite.Kalau naik motor confirm tak dapat hantar anak makcik.heh heh. Back to the story pls.My bf was sent home, wif her on the back seat, windows rolled down & the music blasted thruout the whole journey.He made sure my bf reached her block safely but still they did not talked much.He merely was too shy @ dat time.On the other end, i was hoping & feeling excited abt the whole thing.When my bf reached home, i quickly called her "amacam, jadi??Ok tak??" eheh, my bf was too shy to say anything.Dun give up Jah! i kept telling myself. There must be a way! I tried to squeeze my brain glands, at the same time coming out wif crazy solutions. How to make them date the 2nd time eh?Jahat Jijah! dat was what my bf always say abt me.
I smsed my adik angkat who studied in the same cohort wif Salamat.Dats the onli way for me to get hold of Mr Bluey.I haven't got the chance to thank him for sending my bf home.I remembered Salamat too was excited abt the whole thing...
I was trembling when i messaged Mr Bluey.I kept drafting & editing the sms.I merely thanked him for sending my bf home & told him if by any chances he's interested wif my bf, i can arranged for some follow ups lah.His reply' 'Terima Kasih'. aiyooohh..this guy was driving me nuts! I then made my final effort to ask my Dad to interrogate him on his reasons of not being interested wif my bf.At the same time I wanted to confirm rumours saying dat he never ever had a gerlfren & his shyness to talk to gerls.Iye ke?hee hee.Further to the interrogation proved that the rumours were 80% accurate.The latter made up the 80%lah. Futhermore he told my Dad he has his Mom to look after & its hard to find a woman who can accept him & his Mom.Then i began to see the whole picture. My bf has her Dad to look after while he has his Mom to take care of.*scratching my head*. I finally realised i can't forced things to happen.Alritey, i told myself to back off & just let nature takes it course.

I remembered he was going back to Melaka & me feeling tak-betul' dat nite smsed him "Awak,mak saya nak gula melaka 10." It was meant to be a joke.The next day he came over & passed to my Dad 10 pieces of gula Melaka & some baulu.Gosh! Couldn't he take jokes?My nenek was like staring at him...and exclaimed..... be continued

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