Friday, March 24, 2006

What time is it?

What time is it?

Oh no..i think i can't keep up wif the time now.I stayed in ofis till 8:30pm ysterday & i'm back here, in ofis at 7:30am.Cool huh?I was actually mentally prepared for it since i can't stay back today.Nope, not bcoz i wanted to watch APM but i have my tuition today.
Lemme think..what time did i sleep last nite?2am..3am?Been catching onli a few hrs sleep these days.Not good for my health..*sigh* These video editing thingy is really driving me insane & killing me softly.Looking at the brighter side of thing-it took my mind away from sumeting.hee hee...Alhamdulillah..alhamdulillah...Hopefully, i will get over these things soon.Dun expect me to complain abt my werk too much.I'm paid to werk rite?Like my boss always said-"dun u waste the taxpayers' money" .Tough werking as civil servants eh?
Sweety dear fetched me yesterday.Hilang penat jap.hee hee.Yeah, we took the crazy train together, right dear?sori eh, i was quite switched off yesterday so i was not prepared to talk abt serius things.keep them for err...tomorrow maybe?

Kursiah!!!!!When can we meet again???

Idah aka Cikgu,if ur reading dis..thks for ur well wish eh?Wah, u managed to stumble upon my nonsensical bloggie?Dah lama kita tak meet up..ring me up if u think we shld meet up k?

oppsie..Rosy bos dah dtg!!She looks pretty exhausted too...hmmppphh...
i'm off to werk..bye bye...

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