Thursday, December 13, 2007


Sleeping late is a norm to me.Sometimes i do find difficulties to put my eyelids together.But when im struck with sleepiness, i will even lie anywhere, just name it..even if its on my sejadah, just to get a 5 mins quick nap.
And now, i think, im like a zombie.Well, i was still at the airport after midnite! I was there to send off my aunt & uncle who will be performing their Haj dis yr.
Looking at them bring me back to the days when me & sisters sent off our parents to Haj.At that point of time i then realised that i'll miss them & had nvr spend enuff time wif them.I was always waiting for their phonecalls & just hearing to their voices will sadden me.
2 of my lady bosses are on leave hee hee...

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sHarkx said...

ah yelar pegi airport smpai pagi.tknk tdo sane pegi terminal 3 skali ker.??wohoooo