Wednesday, January 18, 2006


=feeL like taLking=

*30 more minutes to lunchtime*
Guess y i'm blogging @ dis hr? hmmpp...i'm feeling super duper sleepy..hee hee.Wake up Jijah! Its office hr.I believed i've been looking too hard at my monitor these days & when i look elsewhere, i seem to have these black spots distracting my view.Hope nothing abnormal abt this.
Yesterday, as usual, after performing my solat Asar, i zoomed to my tuitee's place.
We started off by having some lazy conversation. I told him to ask or talk about anything for 5 mins. He began:

Aidiet : Kak Jijah, i need to do some situational writing ah

Me : Hmmpphh, buatlah! What you need to write?

Aidiet : *staring at me blankly* I need to write an email to my fren & recommend him 1 novel that I've read. Then I need to tell him abt 1 fictious-character that I like.

Me : ok...*thinking hard* so, what novel have you read b4?

Aidiet : *gave me that funny look* what novel have you read?

Me : Eh, ur assignment ke mine?

Aidiet :*taking out a VCD from his drawer* Ahh, i think i want to recommend him this this 'novel'..

Me : * grabbing the VCD from his hand* eh,ni kan cerita Cina (titled "The Park")

Aidiet : Can-lah Kak Jijah.Bukannya teacher tahu. I will just need to write the movie sinopsis...

Me : Malas eh!

Aidiet : ok,ok,can I write abt Preter Prank then?

Me : Beg ur pardon? Wads Preter Prank??

Aidiet : U dunno?? Preter Prank who can fly...*smirking @ me*

Me : Peter Pan u meant?

Aidiet : heh heh...ah ah...

In the end...
Aidiet : Alah, since i've watched Harry Potter, can I write about it?

Me : Yes...ur 5mins up.Can we pls start writing?

He took 1/2 hr to come up with his 1st drafted writing. While he's on that i was bz teaching his younger sis, who's in K2, to count.

Nak ketawa pun ada, nak marah pun ada.

And i dunno why on earth i couldn't do my vertical parking properly & perfectly yesterday.There were no cars on my sides & yet i took abt 3 mins to reverse my car into the parking slot.My mind was elsewhere....

My mom has switched on her 'Chinese New Year mood'. Yeah!! She's doing pineapple tarts not for the family but for our lovely neigbours (5 doors).Thats us. Since we are the only Malays staying at that floor, we were close to 5 out of 7 neighbours there.Alhamdulillah. esp during the festive season, we would exchange food & hang baos.Besides giving cookies, my Mom intends to cook nasi minyak for them. Best kan tu??

today me & ain will start to do our workouts again @ the new MND gym.Finally! The last time we workout was when we enrolled ourselves in kickboxing lessons.Bukan malas but due to time constraint we ended up wif this unhealthy lifestyle...hopefully i'll have the stamina to workout later..insyaAllah...

Yesterday, i called Ummi to have a quick chit chat wif her.We ended talking about my dear.I guess Ummi missed him soo much.She kept asking me to come over to accompany her but as I've told her before, I'll come when the time is right.

A lot of stuff for me to blabber but i can't find the right words to spit them out.

ok, gotta go to the washroom..i'm freezing in here -@ my cubby...

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