Thursday, January 05, 2006



InsyaAllah, in less than 5 mins & I'll be away from my desk,pc & ...home sweet home here I'll come.
I managed to finish up my Work Review-just nice for my Boss to vet tml-must give her some werk to do after taking a loong break (just kidding boss!)
I just couldn't understand y pple cannot keep to deadlines.Because of this I couldn't complete my Reports.And its just not me to go around chasing pple for inputs.I believed when we work, we work in-action not aksyen je.
I'm supposed to draft a time table for my tuitee but not in a mood to do that.Jijah oh Jijah, whats strong wif u?
Now i'm indulging myself with the teddy biscuits.Yum Yum.I remembered i was craving for the Panda choc-filled biscuits & my dear quickly got 2 big packets for me the minute i reached Boon Lay mrt station.(ni lah advantage org ada motor) Sweeeet eyy.But oppss..he got the wrong oneslah.These are nicer.These biscuits dah travel to Terengganu still i couldn't finish them.Maybe sampai my dear balik S'pore pon the biscuits will still be there.
ok, gotta pack up & go..
till then....Salam alaik

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