Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Gone were the days.....

When u would sent me home rite at my doorstep;
When u would just listen to my blabbering & chattering;
When u insisted dat meals shld always be on u;
When u insisted on attending to my cravings;
When u would advise me to listen to my Mom;
When u insisted of not driving u back home;
Seeing the "blur" u taking public transport;
When i would see u in blue, sitting @ one corner of my house,listening attentively to my Dad's kuliah.

Thks dear for gaining dat trust on men for me...thks.

I'm counting the days without u, ya akhi.Seeing u off ached my heart.I do hope i'm strong & i look forward to seeing u again on 3 Feb 2006,insyaAllah.

To my dear frenz,who have dropped by at Multiply site-thks for ur well wishes.InsyaAllah, if me & him are meant for each other we'll be together, otherwise...=D

till then...Salam alaik

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