Monday, September 05, 2005

yawn yawn

Yawn Yawn

ok,can u pple out there tell me if tml is a Saturday?? hee hee..hhmm,its onli Mon & i'm talking of the weekend aldy.harlowww..hee hee..
well,actuali i'm braindead on wad to do.I've payment,stats & some follow ups to be done but i'm aint no mood to werk!! anyone wanna gimme an electric shock??grrrr..feel lyke taking leave..
The weekend has been,just kidding.I spent the whole of Sat & Sun @ my aunt's place, having to witness my cuzin's wedding. The sad thing me nvr get to go to e Bride's place on both days so not many fotos can be uploadedlah.I became the chief Kendarat,making sure all my workers work hard.=D
A series of incidents happened dat day..yeah...unexpected, shocking & bad things happened. Think its not rite for me to share it here..i'm so stressed.Onli 1 thing i can share wif u-its not easy to look after an oldie..its just not easy.**shakes my head** I almost give up yet pple around me have been pushing me..telling me to be xtra patient. Thanks.Yet at times all these consoling werds are just not enuff.
Back 2 e wedding- alot of familiar & unfamiliar pple kept coming to me & asked me when i wanna settle down...(shld i hang a signboard around my neck?)But i dun blame them..rileks lah pple.When its time it will definitely happen & take place!InsyaAllah.
ok,me has to continue wif my werk...take care everyone!! Finally i'm going out wif my bf..finally..
Click here for some snapshots for of my cuzin's wedding

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