Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fever Fever

Finally..i can breathe.I thot of resting during lunch time but with the 'case' still unsolved me has to sacrifice my remaining half an hour.Nevertherless me & bos managed to sit down & sort some things out.ok,will stop yapping abt my werk.oh,by the way,wish me good health yah..i hate to be down wif fever.hee hee

Yesterday i was supposed to bring my mom to sheng siong to do her usual grocery shopping(hai mak,baru Sun g JB??!)Neway, i had to fetch my bro in law b4 datlah. I was super confident dat i will not get lost.I aldy have the 'map' at e back of my head..emm..then..ya lor,u guessed it correctly! I amde a wrong turn-instead of going to AYE Keppel,i went to AYE Tuas.My mom & sis panicked(as if i just had my license e day b4) But like a pro, i just drivelah.hee hee.Ok,at least we reached ITE Dover on time...
ok, me gotta go aldy... (can sense the twins r coming!)

my mom-super duper rajin bersihkan kreta b4 we drove off!

Some of e leafy things we got at sheng siong!

Pilih Mak! Jgn tak pilih!

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