Friday, February 25, 2005



Morning everyone!!!

ok,be fore i actuali sets off for my another half day of orientation,maybe i can blog for a while huh
Yesterday wewent to MFRD,APHC & VPHL @ Lim Chu Kang.Waah,very tiring but to be frank me & the twins were having much fun.We were hyper & errr..responsive.But unfortunately,our legs didn't give way by 5pm so we just lingered ard the lobby area & took some fotoslah(as usual)
ok,b4 i forget....
to someone out there(u noe who u are)--wish u all the best in ur lovelife ok.C'mmon dear,nvr afraid to open up urself to relationships.N nvr afraid to be hurt.These are all part & parcels of our life.we learnt from our mistakes so dat the nxt time round we'll be much stornger yah!!!I love u so much my dear!!n i promise I'll b ur bridesmaid(tukang kipas) on ur wedding day.Hee hee
to another one out there(u noe who u r too)--thanks for wanting to b my fren.If i seem to be ignorant,sorrylah..but u'll always be remembered!!
ok guys..gotta log out...c ya!!!

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