Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Sick Bay

These days, i tend to be a bit inactive due to my fever (which comes to visit me every nite) and my cough which worsened when im in air conditioned places.I wnet to the doc twice but still things have not improved.Im not even a bit frustrated that im put thru this 'test' but its unbearable to leave my students with their exam preparations.But what to do rite?I do hope the MCs that doc given me will somehow put me to some rest & i do hope i will sleep well tonite.
Btw, tml, me & e Volunteer gank will be attending a talk + hands on to some mobility aids used my the oldies.I hope to bring home some knowldege on e maintenance + use of such gadgets in case someone dear to me need to use them.
Actually, something is bothering me these days & i do hope that i will be able to shed some light to this matter soon.

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