Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What's wrong with U

A sOUL who MaDe my DaY
I was on my way back home when...
I sensed something was not right..
I felt as thou I was followed...
I was trailed...
I was appalled...
and when i turned around...

Cute kan?

This gatal cat followed me from one block to another & when i tried to touch him he ran away(but not so far lah!)

And finally when he knew i'm a one friendly soul..he started to sniff at my shoes & rolled on the ground.So cute!! Photogenic lagi..see how he looked @ my hp?

Ingat nak bawak balik, but he's too big to fit in my bag. Hope to see him around again today.Well, i guess ya all knew that just by patting cats/dogs can de-stress urself.Takpelah, kalau takde kucing, anything fury also can rite? Like what eh?? heh2.waahh..u guys better not wander too much..its fasting month hor!

i better take a rest first.I just recovered from a serious system breakdown..rite Kursiah?

ooh,and before i forget, i didn't know that some of my frens, unknowingly have been reading my blog.Marliana, Ida aka Cikgu, Hasmiza, Rossiana..if u r reading this..HI!!!

And to Ustaz Pasuni ..pls make urself free on 10 Dec ok.Oooh, & pls stop dat mysterious call jokes..kasi confused saya je tau!Btw, i will consider ur June package ok. For the time being just doakan yg terbaik for ur anakanda okie?

opppss..i'll make my exit now.

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