Friday, September 29, 2006

A RoLLer Coaster Ride

A RoLLeR CoaSteR Ride
Gotcha! U think i would dare to take the coaster ride? U pay millions also won't do! chet! b4 i start to blabber nonsense i better get to what i actually want to say.heh heh..(bnyk advertisement plak si Jijah ni)
First & foremost my overdue entries were due to the piling & loads of werk in office.Just last Wednesday i left office @ 7:15pm.Inilah akibatnya apabila seorang hamba kerajaan got to serve 4 majikan.its not easy i tell priotise whose werk shld i clear first.But the more important factor is, I've to make myself dispensable to all my 4 bosses..dats written in my jobscope rite?Nevertheless, thou werk is a lot but its hell lot better having good bosses around.They treated me well thou occasionally office greasing is unavoidable.I nvr regret taking up this job.Never.My dad always drill this into my head- 'Keje tu nak sabar..insyaAllah, berkat'.
enuff abt my office affair..hey..its my elder's sis 28th B'day today! dah besar kakak jah sorang ni.
Kak, thou we have our differences & disagree on almost a lot of things..i still love u ok?Stop calling bass-ball can?..u meat-ball!! What did i get for my chubby sis? All the bling-bling stuff-a bling2 watch , a bling2 brooch & not bling2 hp cover.In return kakak, u must produce a bling2 baby for me ok.I will miss u when u & bro-in-law are not staying in the house anymore.But can i make a request?if i'm bored at home acn i sleepover at ur place?say 1 week?pffftt!!
The other day Dealova was asking me..
"Dear, nanti honeymooon nak gi mana?"
the all-excited me quickly replied
"Kita gi tengok penyu bertelur bole?"
The not so excited then..
"aikk...dalam bnyk2 tempat romantik awak pilih nak tengok turtle bertelur ke?"
we 'argued' & in the end Dealova said..
"InsyaAllah kita gi tengok KIWI bertelur ok" (hint hint)
Thou i ever dreamt to travel to exotic & romantic places i nvr ever thot it would come true hor.Biasalah,member sorang ni kalau dah angan2 tinggi mencecah awan.All i ever wanted..was to lay my feet on that holy ground..@ e Holy Place.I made him promised that we would do our pilgrimage together thou he has done his aldy.InsyaAllah.
Okie, its almost 8..gotta start werk aldy!
Have a great wkend everybody!