Thursday, May 11, 2006

HoLiday agaiN?

HoLidaY mOOd
What can i say? Tml is friday & its a holiday! While some are looking forward to the short break, the opposite goes for me? Why? Coz i still need to do lots & lots of reading for my exams!*frowning*
Ooohh..before i forget, i had loads & loads of fun yesterday coz i got to meet my bestfren.Jumpa boyfren tak feeling cam gini.hee hee.Kursiah-u noe what made u special? Coz i can be myself (read: crazy) when i'm wif u!!Tapi cik adik sorang ni ada pemalu sikit.Take one pose makan beberapa shots.U guyz dun believe me? Wait till i upload the fotos that we've taken! Sorry Kursiah, i had to upload our fotos here, no pun intended.Click here

for more of our gila-gila fotos

hee hee..
To Gusti Adipati: hmmpphh..gimme some updates will ya? hee hee
My mom kept calling from just now...nak ajak makan luar mlm nanti.Aiyoyo..when can i go 4 a diet?Whennnn????My cheeks are really really growing..i looked chubbier...ehh, tapi cute kan?
ok, gotta go..nak kena solve my statistic problemz...

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