Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Passing the time...

Lets see what shld i blog this brain is really not werking, seperti ada kata org tu- 'Otak tak sihat'..=)

Maybe i've been pretty occupied wif werk these past few days...well, its the end of FY2005 soon so bnyk perkara nak dikemaskinikan.

My tuitee was extremely nice yesterday.Besides giving me sweets to chew on while he's doing his hwk, he did not asked me for any VCD.He was even asking me whether he shld do his hwk on a foolscap paper & he even asked me politely if he could use liquid paper on his textbook.I am so flattered that I gave him 15mins of resting..err, i let him play wif my hp.
Me & my colleagues had our WIT lunch at Secret Recipes @ CPF Building just now.I had fish & chip plus a bowl of mushroom soup.As a side order, i chose to have a brownie, however, since my appetite is not so good these days i decided to tapao the cake back to my brownie went MIA already...but its ok, i'm really-really full.(i din finished my main course neway!)

I've always had difficulties recognising people's voice over the phone...especially thru my office phone.Yeah, yeah...Paran,i noe u ever kenakan i before.hmmpph..i'll try to be more careful next time.

ok...think before i doze off i better chew some bubble gum.Oppss,not forgetting, Thks to Dear, he made a surprise visit to office just now..just to sent me the bubble gums. Ingatkan nak merajuk tapi tak jadi sebab dia dah sampai kat my werkplace neway.Actually he thot he wanna bought me lunch but too bad he din knew of my WITs lunch juz now so we ended up meeting for 10mins je.Sorrylah dear...kalau nak surprise pun kasi warning hor...=)
oklah...i need to focus myself on werk..

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