Monday, October 10, 2005



Busy Monday but I managed to find out that I've been tagged.Waah, i thot i wld be spared from this virus...emm,thks to Nursha, kan Mak dahnak kena start e list aldy. Ok,to add in e fun, all answers will be spontaneous. hee hee..*grining*

Seven things that sCare Me
  1. The Almighty Allah swt
  2. My Dad
  3. Creepy Crawlers (but i lurve to kill them)
  4. Death (belum cukup amal!)
  5. Immediate/Sudden termination! (my Nunu will be gone first!)
  6. Chi-ko-pek(perverts)
  7. Liars

Seven things that I Like Most

  1. Praying( dats when I feel so close to God)
  2. My Family (esp my Dad)
  3. NUNU (my car)
  4. Making frenz
  5. Babies (still hoping for my lil niece/nephew to pop out soon!)
  6. Kittens (reminds me of my late Pipin)
  7. Joking

Seven most imPortant things in my Room

  1. My telukung (kalau ade sejadah takkan takde telukung!)
  2. My sejadah
  3. My bed (its time to pamper myself coz i've been sleeping on mattress till i shifted to my new home)
  4. TV & Hi-fi
  5. My Quran
  6. My Bags (coz dats where I dumped my books!)
  7. My hp (dat xplain y i always missed calls)

Seven Random Facts about me

  1. Hyper (unless i'm bogged down wif werk & troubled)
  2. Friendly
  3. Caring
  4. Loving
  5. Curious (dis xplain my k-poness sumetimes)
  6. Hardwerking
  7. Always smiling (mcm kerang busuk)

Seven Things I plan to do before I die

  1. Look after my parents weLL
  2. Perform my haj
  3. Have my own family
  4. Produce one Malay noVeL?(gosh!4 kids maybe?hee hee)
  5. Travelling
  6. Open up a learning centre for kids!
  7. Be Someone useful to the country & community (pweitt!)

Seven things I can Do

  1. Pray (of course)
  2. Recite the Quran (but not much of a melody ah!)
  3. Iron my Dad's clothes
  4. Clean & decorate e house
  5. Cooking (pple say my asam pedas is nice tau)
  6. Can smile even thou nothing to make me smile
  7. Sing (bakat terpendam)

Seven Words I say the Most

  1. Emmm
  2. Mak
  3. Bapak
  4. Aishah (my younger sis)
  5. Kak (my elder sis)
  6. Bang Mamud (bro in law)
  7. Nek (my grandma who is staying wif me)

Seven Celeb Crushes

  1. Amr Diab (dats obvious!)
  2. Mawi AF3
  3. Azhar Noor Lesta (always berangan he'll be my hubby..hee hee)
  4. Syah Ibrahim
  5. Nura J
    (lurve her blogging)
  6. Daud Yusoff (news presenter; putih melepak,I'll watch e news if he's reading it!)
  7. Ako Mustaffa (cool man!)

Seven pple i'll love to see doing this

  1. My best fren (too bad she doesn't blog!)
  2. Yuhainis (since u've not been blogging 4 quite some times)
  3. Nursha (since u spread e virus to me)
  4. Mawi (dis one confirm takde harapan) least i rest my mind.Gonna perform my Zuhur prayers.

Boss, hope u r ok?

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