Thursday, October 06, 2005

Falling & Learning

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My 'secret admiree'-MAWI AF3

Ever since I watched his video CD..I've fallen in lurve wif this chap.Naahh..not dat kind of gila bayang punya caselah..its just dat i tend to find myself getting so excited everytime i hear his name being e way if u have yet to get to noe him-he's Mawi -winner from AF3.Ok,i noe i'm a bit backdatedlah,while my aunties uncles were talking abt him i was lyke-who is dis guy??Then finally when my aunt bought & gave my Mom e CD,accidentally i saw him & when i saw him singing dat 'Seroja' song i was aldy wishing dat he wld appear in at least 1 out of my 7 dreams.Jijah!! Stop it will you.ok-ok,enuff of Mawi.I wish him all e best in his singing carrer.Guess what! He's ever participated in e Tilawah.No wonder he has good voice.Correction.He doesn't actually has a good voice(his voice is a combi of M Nasir,Jamal Abdillah..) but his is on the sengau side a bitlah.But u shld hear him sing nasyid...makhraj hurufnya sungguh dalam & pekat.

I can't stop,takkan nak minum air eh...=D

At least today I accomplished a lot of things.On one hand i have to keep chasing my colleagues for things which they owe me.I feel bad actually.But putting feelings aside..i have to be a bit 'hard'lah.Very unlike me.

During lunch time,i spent some time talking to Paran.3 things i learnt from him today (pls bear in mind dat he's a Malaysian Indian & a Hindu too)-

  1. Baju Kurung & Baju Melayu are 2 different things.Trust me,up till now i still couldn't accept e fact dat they r 2 different subjects.Ok Jijah,admit it.U r poor in ur Malay!

  2. Nasi Empet = Ketupat which can come either in plastic or janur..

  3. I shld read & deepen my knowledge on Islam.I guessed Paran's knowledge on Islam is very very deep.Urs truly felt so small.

Wif regards to Item 3, i guess i read less these days.I tend to read novels & other english books, always telling myself dat i'll read my school books cum Islam books b4 dozing off to sleep. Books from Imam Ghazali,Yusoff Qardawi..& many more books which discussed on contemporary issues which were highly debated these days were displayed tidily in my cupboard. What telah happen Jijah?A good Muslim woman does not onli cover herself up but she has be Muslim as a whole.As a consolation,I have my Dad to guide me but i can't solely depend on him rite?Alhamdulillah & insyaAllah..the fundamentals of Islam are at e back of my head but to really go out & preach abt Islam-i still have no confidence in it.My dad always remind me dat wif the Diploma in Islamic Studies dat i'm getting soon will enable me to teach but still urs truly is afraid. I wld rather keep a low profile of myself...

ok,another few more mins b4 i can go back.

Hope my lil sis won't call me,otherwise like yesterday she called me to accompany her to buy male & female flowers.Yaahh,dun laugh ok.I actually went to 2 shops at JP to ask the sales assistants to give me a female & male flower.Buat malu aje si Aisah ni.She need those flowers for her Bio practical class.I used to be in a pure Bio class,tak pernah kena beli bunga Jantan or bUnga betina.

alritey,i've to make my exit soon...

p/s i thot i saw PM yesterday...but i nvr smilelah..mana tahu salah org

pp/s I'm craving for Mee Bandung


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