Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Place where I call my HOME
Waahh, i guess some of u out there are either wearing white or red rite now.Or even if its not, it shld be in lighter shade of red, pink...the s'pore flag color! But not for me.I'm in PURPLE! but,dat does not mean i dun love my country hor!
I was @ Kampung Senang Day Care Centre earlier part of the day to spend some time with the old folks there.Thou i cldn't communicate much (since most of them were non-English speaking) but i did enjoy myself just now! We had orchid painting contest & to see that some of them were actually puting heart & soul on their artwork touched my heart.Most of the time i was taking pictures of everyone & everything.I promised to put up the pixs here once i got them from my colleague.
I'm proud to be a CEO (Community & Environment Outreacher)
To all- Happy National Day okie?

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